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Again two hefty strikes against QM and GR as being most fundamental.

Stronger and stronger already proven best practice proof that Einstein and Louis Carroll were right. As it does so with my model. See lower right hand corner point 1M.

Even though none of the authers (dare) state the obvious, for that is taboo. And even though the obviously always further to be tested alternate scenario is blatently obvious already proven to be best practice.


SPACE 30 August 2021

By Leah Crane

Gravitational waves in my model are simply particles interacting with the fabric of space time. Being a construct made up of the same particles yet those are not in fast spin. Mind: everybody agrees / must agree that when any interaction of any field with particles occurs Einstein’s GR & QM fail as being most fundamental. As Einstein himself predicted.

Even as a kid I would of noticed that the energy packet of a photon must be seen as a submarine creating waves in the medium it goes through.

The M&M experiment only excluded a static aether and not a dynamic one.

My model however has no aether but (local) fields.

When traveling at the same speed through the cosmos matrix from our perspective all particles look like balls causing circular waves on which they seem to creep unless observing those particles whizzing by. Well we are both whizzing through the cosmos at some  100000 km/h and the smaller particles involved are all “out of observation” because obviously > c. For else illegal real magic. The matrix restores the order of the matrix. In so doing creating holographic illusions.


Electromagnetism is a property of spacetime itself, study finds

July 23, 2021 by Jussi Lindgren and Jukka Liukkonen

My model: Magnetism is depected in the lower left hand corner. Matter and anti matter strings break each others surface tension and the former Gluon’s having become Glu-in little black holes in a string become Glu-outs. I.e. maginistism interacting with the matrix in effect being pushed back to restore the order of the cosmos. These Glu-outs are spinning Higgs curving via being deflected by (the fabric of space time what physicists call it) my dynamic matrix yet being the curved dynamic construct of the slowly rotating in Planck scale strings Higgs & graviton field construct.


I’ve used the same R&D method proven by Leonardo da Vinci to work. He not being a mad genius for in this model his instrument brain is a 1/125 DNA talent. I’ve that same talent and have been trained as a kid in Air Crash Investigation being in effect the same as my later job in CSI as a magistrate and lawyer.

Like in real cases I’m in an inverse Schiedammer Parkmurder scenario. Phycisists have tunnel vision on the highly improbable and are not focusing on the probable. For some incomprehensible that, barring absolute proof for inherent incomplete evidence, the inverse is always absolutely true as well.

Only one percent of humanity can spot this sort of dynamic changing geometry requiring artistic talent in far above average complex problems. Problems that on average only arise in the same one percent of cases. A minority that can only perform this when not hypnotically blinded by peer groups having the peer groups having been blinded by succes. Succesfull cutting corners plucking low hanging fruit from the forbidden apple tree.

Yet this concerns the physics of psychology that phycisists lack and my model also provides and proves best practice.

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