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7 minute read: years to study.

To reiterate in other words:

The goal is to prevent war in the nick of time in a practical way. This however requires a fundamental paradigm shift being inherently taboo. The only way that might still do this is doing a test in the Dutch senate. As per snap of the finger of the hypnotizer even Putin and Xi will shift focus on their actual desire. Becoming modern monarchs instead of continuing the path to war as  suicidal dictators blundering the world into WW3. Also a new senate is needed as peer group for spotting the four fundamental speeds of brain. That is the – only – way to abolish global poverty and reach global lasting peace.

Such a new senate is also required as a Peer Review of science as a whole via research and advice to science. Scientists will no longer get away with murder of Lady Justice and Diederik Stapel Pinocchio Black Magic. Science even in Transition is falsified and rectified.   

Per Proven Best Practice Postulate on the most fundamental Deepest Level of Reality.

An ‘all swans are white’ largest circular argument complete consistent proof on the ditto proven best practice definition of science:

A decent systematic search for all the laws of everything and all-inclusive bildung

You may thus freely share everything on this blog.

Even without citation of my work.

(In so doing I already break a scientific taboo. For it implies breaking with an indecent earning model of desire of authority, funding, vanity etc.)

(NB Yet maybe you must by law or custom cite others I “stole” from. For > 99% is nicked by me as old school knowledge.)

You are however requested to pose valid falsification of anything on the blog in a Wikipedia style way by showing:

A. Logical inconsistencies,

B. Invalid and / or incomplete data and

C. And most importantly: Show a better proven best practice. (i.e. provide proof on a higher norm. )

This doodle graphic for the one part holds my Wikipedia style understanding of David A Schum reverse engineering style approach in using the philosophy of the Socratic Yin & Yang Harry Potter illusionist style interpretation of the mathematical formula of Pierre Laplace.

In order not to get into a Lucia de B. murder case type errors in reasoning always (i.e. as per LOE/H!) use this mathematics of common sense philosophy. You comply to this law even when not using it when applying Local Laws such as QM & GR. (LOL’s pun intended.) The paradox lies in the fact that you may only apply a LOL outside where it’s proven to work, by adhering to the ‘break one you break all’ ten commandments of the ten LOE/H’s. Otherwise you are fooling yourself and others.

Quantum entanglement may however as a > 99.99..etc. proof not be used outside the little set theory box where it applies as a local law of science. It is proven not to be most fundamental.

GR & QM outside their respective boxes are fundamentally falsified for not using five axioms.  

The current scientific method even of Science in Transition has also fundamentally been falsified. Even in over kill obliterated. See my earlier posts.   

The leap of faith Bayesian intuitive jump of inherently in the broadest sense of the word religious conviction. Religion being defined as neurologically internalized hypnotics as a DNA survival trait. This is required because via the proof of this model we are all to be seen as incurable idiots that otherwise simply can’t understand each other. An inherent Babylonian confusion at play. This is one of the still paradigm shifting scientific taboo’s to be broken via this blog. (BTW note the hilarious concept of even having ‘scientific taboo’s’)

The other yet to be broken paradigm shifting taboo is that only properly trained and ex 4th LOE/H teamed up decently cooperating humans can perform this task that the 3rd LOE/H Bayes demands.  This has in earlier posts already been proven.

Such a team works inherently exact scientifically objectively correct. This is logical for it is DNA robotics.

NB The wrenching gut feeling you might experience is that of inherent maybe even traumatic feelings of guilt and shame, of having failed yourself, and having failed humanity as a whole. This is dealt with in the post concerning Hitler and the Jews. Traumatic feelings of shame and guilt leading to denial. This all ending up more and more in religious hypnotics in a literally suicidal externalizing way blaming scapegoats.   

No worries, we all are at fault even though some more than others. So we’re all to blame.

Just try to behave like a proper scientist should.

I.e.: Be clinical, or should I say stoic, about it.  

In this post we will look more closely and again best practice at a # higher level of proof # and so again prove Bayes as the 3rd LOE/H. This via showing more closely how this is consistently linked to part of the 4th LOE/H the DNA built Bayesian workings of synapse of our mammal brain.

And in so doing also show the physics of that chip in our brain.

The synapse being more than just a wire connection as science of neurology first saw this.

The doodle graphic also shows my Wikipedia style understanding of what the following medical article of the Bayesian workings of the synapse of our brain publication tells us. This was given to me by emeritus professor of neurology Rien Vermeulen UvA.  The latter publication has been brought back to its high school level systematic basics in the doodle graphic of mine as per this definition of science required operation.

Alas I’ll have to post this pdf file at a later date as a Word Press rookie.

The provided healthy manic overview in this one A4 doodle graphic already proves to any high school kid that such science is per logical stipulated definition the same as Physics Proper concerning in this model the infinite super set and thus better defined as physics mayor.

If you can’t point out what is wrong in the Doodle graphic in a well-articulated way then there is something wrong with you. Don’t try to blame me. Only real suicidal idiots don’t take Dada Easter Bunny serious.  

Ergo:  Science (should always be Proper) = (modeled this way thus) Physics Mayor

As opposed to the sub set ‘physics minor’ or even better defined as ‘physics’ sec. The science that only concerns itself with what can be directly or indirectly observed.   

And thus science in this model being inherently indivisible,  for otherwise being inconsistent thus being conflict evoking anti-scientific pseudoscience. Yet paradoxically it is to be systematically divided. Yet then always keeping in mind that you’ve split the un-splitable.

A ‘Physics’ sec; 

B ‘Wise-skill’ sec (mathematics & logic);

C ‘Humaneness’ sec (Black (fault analysis & train to fool others play (mind it’s addictive!) & White “magic” illusions of artistic ‘n = 0 & n = 1 statistical’ input. Which input is Leonardo da Vinci style proven to work when dealing with inherent hidden variables.)

Again Science proper is per definition humane. I.e. science is an endeavor by humans for humans.

Mind also humans need flowers and bees not only for food, but also to remain sane on any goal.

Do or die!

Please note as facts:

  1. That any and all human thoughts go exclusively  thru the trillion or so synapses.
  2. The fact that all synapses work Bayesian.
  3. The fact that we humans as mammals with synapses have survived, due to being up till now sufficiently adapted to # obviously #  be completely consistent with the cosmos.
  4. That thus most fundamentally be herewith best practice proven the fact that the infinite postulated cosmos is everywhere & thus always Bayesian. I.e. a LOE/H (namely the third)
  5. ‘Survival of the fittest’ means survival of those species that in a durable way adapt to their observable as a dynamic geometry of change painted picture in a timely fashion. I.e. keep their hypnotic religion consistent with the changing cosmos. Do or die i.e. go extinct.

Just as a cheat sheet reminder of the proven ten laws of  everything & humaneness:

The Ten rules: in short (see all earlier posts, mind it is all a never ending development Wikipedia style story),

As long as you live: always strive for an average between 90% and 99% score:

A1 atomos   B1 elements C1 always Completeness

A&B2     Normal Distribution (continuous & discrete) C 2 always Normality

A3 (non-) determinism B3 deterministic probability C 3 always Proof

A&B4 Order function (largest) C 4 always Soul

A&B5 Lego Velcro / Tachyon (smallest) C 5 always logical Facts

 A&B6 Space C 6 always Freedom

A&B7 absolute 4 relative time speeds C 7 always due Timing

A&B8 Strong Interaction C 8 always hold Course

A&B9 Weak Interaction C 9 always go with the Flow

A&B 10 Sameness C 10 always Equality

Again Mind the ‘break one you break all’ character of these in effect ten commandments of the cosmos.

Again: Definitions are Hypnotical Anxiety Wordings

So Absolutely Nothing is Negligible on a most Fundamental Probandum

Put in another way:  ‘Chaos’ is not fully observed or understood order that is mostly not consistent with any human egoistic or social / multi egoistic goal such as bare survival.

I have to whack myself ten times with a stick for not having duly given all required definitions in earlier posts:

‘Intelligence’ as proto intelligence defined at the most fundamental level defined as a ‘domain’. Because of the fundamental ten rules all domains can fit on one A4 doodle graphic.

“Intelligence” is a logical reaction ex the 1st LOE/H (Newton +) on an action.

‘Wisdom’ is the performance on a (wise) goal.

The Five Forms of Intelligence in the domain of the 5th LOE/H.

  1. Reaction on external incoming action.
  2. Reaction on external outgoing action.
  3. Reaction on internal pull action.
  4. No reaction on internal non action. (Rings don’t touch.)
  5. Reaction on internal push action.

This is as shown in the previous post to be seen as a memory of the four speed music as long as not defined dead in the coffin of the pressure vessel on the ‘male’ ‘female’ industrial banging via the Lego function. Stopping the Velcro deformable snowball live internal and external four speed music function.

Proto ‘Consciousness’ is the replicability of the memory music on the quantum digital binary double ring domain level of absolutely identical rings construct interaction.

Proto ‘Sub-consciousness’ is the absolutely unique non-determinable permanent live musical mostly subtle movement whilst not dead. A continuous analog affair of a clock face ring and 499 in 1,2,3,4 construct as four speed hands of a clock push pulling. In the long run and in a crises this always plays a vital and thus not negligible role!  

This is ‘Coherent’ in the deepest domain of reality  only for those that have the DNA talent for grasping far above average complex paradoxes caused by dynamic geometry of change, having had sufficient bildung. And otherwise accepted as true in valid blind trust.

The only ‘Incoherent’ part of this model is inexplicable black magic as maybe real magic. All black magic problems in science concerning the deepest reality, as far as the number salad and word salad have been duly translated by science in motion pictures have been addressed as far as I know.

The rule of all-inclusive bildung by science  requires science to put everything forward in a Wikipedia style way so that every high school kid can understand what science claims to understand. If science can’t comply then science doesn’t as yet understand what they thus arrogantly claim.

Mind any proof must thus show full compliance ergo consistency with the Law of Everything & Humanity. I claim that. You may try to pose valid falsification of that claim.   


Again QED proven best practice at yet another new higher therefor breakthrough level. Study the ten commandments of this model! Yet better take a leap of faith follow the post scriptum below.


(yet to be updated.)

Post Scriptum

Ceterum autem censeo Carthaginem esse delendam

Ergo: Ask Dutch politicians to test the new R&D Oracle Senate!

Any group of scientists or poor third world community can effectively do so. As long as it reaches Dutch media.

It will then quickly, and hopefully still in time, work like a viral domino effect preventing WW3 as per Physics of War Ingo Piepers Amok Algorithm.  

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