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    You wrote “uncontested definition via valid falsification”. It’s uncontested because nobody is taking any notice of it, and nobody is taking any notice of it, because nobody understands it.

    A “mayor” is the head of the government of a city. Dutch “burgemeester”. The word “mayor” is a noun, not an adjective. Your rambling about etymology is irrelevant. All this does explain why almost nobody takes the trouble to read your gospels, because you make it so hard for readers to understand what you are going on about. Too many digressions, too many spelling mistakes, too many ungrammatical sentences.


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    PS you wrote: “We did quantum physics in the seventies at my high school.” That does not mean that your teachers understood what they were teaching you. It certainly does not mean that their pupils understood anything about the subject. One does not “do quantum physics in high school”.


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      Well, that is just to bad then that “nobody” takes note. Which as such isn’t true either. Yet it is going much too slow.

      Within the given time frame I did my best.

      And that then is indeed the final words in the movie “Don’t Look Up!”

      I know that spelling is important for the idiots who are in power. Autistic idiots rule in the exact sciences and hysteric idiots rule in the soft sciences. The artistic idiot minority have let themselves be sidelined in the arts as an irrelevant bunch of mad mistfits.

      The actual truth is that no one dares to take risks hoping that things will sort themselves out. Focusing solely at preventing sparks. The true problem is the overstressed system and acknowledgement of all being idiots. Idiots by very nature don’t want to hear that they are idiots apart from not understanding that.

      And crazy people think themselves normal. Difficult as well to descern with a crazed brain. Thinking the other crazy and indeed spotting the others idiocy.

      I guess the deadline is going to be the begining of this year, that all hell is going to break out.

      China already has an economic meltdown as does Russia. My ideas could help prevent that economic disaster from escalating being the core problem at the moment.

      What I don’t understand (yet actually do understand, but still) is that you actually seeing this don’t take action?

      Well, truth is, you are conditioned to the role of the co pilot and flight engineer of an actuall historic aircrash. Fully aware seemingly that they had run out of gass and would crash but did nothing because the capatin was fixated on what later proved to be a broken lightbulb indicating that the gear wasn’t locked.

      Although they had the power to do so they did nothing and died. Together with a lot of passengers.

      Great crashlanding though showing great pilot skills.

      Don’t Look in the Mirror!


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    “Yet it is going much too slow. Within the given time frame I did my best.”

    No excuses, please. You have to learn to do better in future.

    “I know that spelling is important for the idiots who are in power.”

    Spelling is important if you wish to communicate. Bad spelling causes irritation and slows down reading.

    If the world comes to an end it will be your fault for not having taken more care in your messages to the world. You are never too old to learn.


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