Rambler 10 Topic Cosmology, Consciousness & Quantum Mechanics (two minute scan)

Doomsday and Armageddon? As said in a flow of discovery. First through the gate gets best pickings!

Tachyon & Neutrino?

The perfect imperfection of  six clustered Tachyons being one Graviton, and two, three, four or five Tachyons being my MM faster dustbowl multi particle or Neutrino?  And thus the Tachyon of science my Lego Velcro gods-particle

The other question then is:

What is v and what v max of our brain in the Higgs-field?

What is the actual speed of my brain through the Higgs-field? This model has  a Doomsday speed. Furthermore this model has us accelerating under mounting entropy. Hopefully it’ll take ages, if not there is absolute nothing we can do about it. The curved construct of the dynamic matrix of the Higgs-field can be taken to be as “stationary” seen as a whole as a glacier slowly moving inward.

Same conclusion via a different route.

 Whilst trying to back track on Face book what I’d “solved” earlier via some remodeling this improvement of my model then has vanished. Guess by what I now see some of the same questions made by a former face book friend as a nuclear physicist (?).  Thanks to him I  found out what a postulate is in reference to my use of the word axiom. Yet by being defriended, I  also lost the info on a hole in my model that he made me aware of. It concerns this creeping of particles. He clearly didn’t want to know what his brain was as the instrument he was using.

Anyway this Doomsday Doodle graphic refers to this problem as a cut away of our universe in a hexagon pressure vessel with a dome shaped lid H top right hand corner. When we flip that lid it’s Doomsday. Yet that will be over before we even know what happened.

Armageddon however is indeed a creepy creep problem of the 2nd LOE the Normal Distribution through time is a learning curve. At a point the end of DNA life will ensue and even all molecules will be destroyed. For the larger the lump of strings become the slower the maximum speed of that particle  in the Higgs Graviton matrix is in his model. Point 7 in de Hexagon is where DNA life is possible point 8 is where molecules like DNA can’t exist.

Although the model as I see it now doesn’t require a Tachyon or Neutrino it would however nicely fit as perfect imperfections that can also be observed everywhere. Such as the pimple on my nose. Although no Lego Velcro can escape being caught  in the low pressure faster and slower than Higgs and Graviton phase,  yet slamming into the beehive it can. But it might also be possible that some escape the extremely high  yet slightly lower pressure in the center of our universe at point 15.

Mind this universe is extremely much more absolute nothing than mass. It only seems different because of the whopping speeds > c fill all of the universe everywhere in a for us unbelievably short timeframe. For very fast objects however, that isn’t so. Tachyons might even be able to escape the pressure vessel and thus in part also the beehive.  

 I first thought it to be absolute pseudo atomos, yet now it might even be more elegant if they are relative pseudo atomos.  See my particle wave duality Doodle graphic.

Mind c = 10 quanta of speed so c^2  = 10c = 100 quanta speed.

Mind also that “quanta” means here a “quantifiable same amount” as it is also about the smallest quantum of in this model one ring of five hundred rings of one quanta gods-particle or maybe probably sciences Tachyon.

Because then Tachyons are too fast to be detected (I thought that of the cross of the photon, and was proven wrong.  So indirectly it might in the same way indeed be possible. As in a CSI knowing what to start looking for helps solving these sorts of problems.)

The neat thing here is that by adding one quantum of Tachyon we lose one quantum of speed.

The other neat thing is that then we also get the nice fundamental explanation why all particles seem to be stationary relative to us and neatly causing waves. Akin a Loony Toon film what seems the same frame are quantified frames of that particles strings bouncing and weaving and waving through the matrix. As our strings are also. So highly precise that you’d believe it to be magic. Whereas it’s all a simple optical illusion. At least if you have artistic DNA.

The creepy creep bit caused by the fact that we are accelerating and the Higgs Graviton field slowly losing grip.

Only a Tachyon is fast enough to catch and merge with another Tachyon. Tachyons are deflected by all other particles they hit. Being too fast  and thus above the weak force strength of the Velcro to cling on.

So I guess only a “few” (relative or maybe even not ?!!) are shot out the core, and few find a mate that slows them down from 9.5 c to two at 9c. Just slow enough to just catch a third at  8.5c, a fourth then at 8c a fifth bringing it to  7.5 c and sixth it’s 7c! Then we have a Graviton and the dust collecting of this fast Mother Mary particles  stops in the pressure vessel, where outside the pressure vessel it would go on dust collecting even surpassing the Higgs state at slowest just above c.

EDIT maybe more fit my MM multi particle?

( Side Note please that whilst writing this down I saw the need to correct my Doodle Graphic from a Graviton not having four but much neater six Tachyons/ Lego Velcro’s. R&D is also mental trial and error. And done correctly quickly shared.)

Waiting to be brought back to equality by Gravitons.  Mind the ones formed inside the pressure vessel after the point of lowest pressure will turn to snowflakes / Tachyons / Lego Velcro construct gods-particles of five hundred identical absolute rigid rings in an absolute always in motion absolutely unique deformity within thus absolute limits when the lid at H is flipped.


Again QED proven best practice at yet another new higher therefor breakthrough level.


Post Scriptum

Ceterum autem censeo Carthaginem esse delendam

Ergo: Ask Dutch politicians to test the new R&D Oracle Senate!

Any group of scientists or poor third world community can effectively do so. As long as it reaches Dutch media.

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