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EDIT 1 Every time I have a new post I’ll edit my reader. Furthermore I’ll provide a small caption each time of what the status then is of the old posts. Starting with the first two posts. And a ping back to the edited rambler 8 complete reader. 

You can also quickly navigate via the reader of WordPress, yet this provides a quick link to all my posts with a better oversight on what it’s all about. I.e. how the different posts all form evidence depicting the problem and the solution in the main topic: Science, The Law & The Senate (SCS)

In effect the whole story is told in this one doodle graphic on Trump & corona. Take corona as a metaphor for all mayor problems of humanity being caused by easy to erase poverty via changing the senates. Shared on Face book by Richard Gill.


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Last Post Rambling READER

R10 https://grisblog180460.wordpress.com/2021/09/02/doomsday-armageddon/

CCQM 5 minute read. Tachyon & Neutrino? The perfect imperfection of  six clustered Tachyons being one Graviton, and two, three, four or five Tachyons being my MM faster dustbowl multi particle or Neutrino?  And thus the Tachyon of science my Lego Velcro gods-particle The other question then is: What is v and what v max of our brain in the Higgs-field?

Catch Up Back Log of the Blog Captions

B2 SLS https://grisblog180460.wordpress.com/2021/06/01/me-too-guilty-of-too-much-humility/

5 minute read The five Laws of Everything. Before I later on noticed thanks to questions of Richard Gill on what I meant with the normal distribution, that all five laws need to be viewed both (binary) analog and (digital) quanta physical and thus continuous and discrete (binary digital) mathematical way. Why five laws? Well only later on I noticed four constructs requiring five rigid rings. Common sense reverse engineering proven best practice prime suspect for Fifth law of Everything.

B1 SLS https://grisblog180460.wordpress.com/2021/05/31/more-millionaires-no-poor-no-war/

8 minute read years to study: Intro on the primary goal of the Blog Amok Algorithm avoidance what has been carefully set up by me in Dutch politics. As I saw it then. Like in war a Jihad against the bloody students being one myself, the first victim is the plan. Akin Wikipedia constant adaptation. A slight push and the domino effect will go viral towards a paradigm shift preventing war via eradicating poverty. R&D Oracle Senate test in the Netherlands. You (edit: even poor people in Africa India etc.) need but put it on the media agenda breaking the taboo. Liked by Richard Gill.



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    Why did you write “Liked by Richard Gill”? That is called “using my name in vain”. I helped you set up the blog. I occasionally “Like” your posts about your new blog posts on FaceBook. That means – I noticed them and I wanted you to know I was happy for you … it does not mean that I actually read the content and certainly not that I liked the content. My reaction to *all* your posts so far is that I *cannot* actually read them. Our brains are incompatible. And honestly, you ought to learn how to spell and how to write grammatically. You also ought to avoid that constant repetition of technical words from physics or other specialised areas (mathematics) where I know that you have actually no idea what you are talking about. You also have your favourite catch-phrases (kind of: private language) which are also extremely irritating. Not quite true: you think you have an idea what you are talking about. That is even worse. That’s called the Dunning-Kruger effect. People who are so dumb that they think they are very smart. Now I know you are actually pretty intelligent. But communication is not your strong point. You are very good at communicating the impression that you are a crackpot who just can’t stop talking… Personally I doubt that you are actually a Greek oracle, doomed to warn us of the terrible things that are coming, and doomed that we will never understand the warning. And in the unlikely chance that you really were a classic Greek oracle, your brabblings are wasted anyway, soon to be lost in the ruins of modern civilisation.


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      Everybody knows what a like on Face book means I guess. Take note.

      Indeed and again the main point is that I’m not good at communicating, which is in fact the main point. I need someone to do that for me.

      As long as the paradigm isn’t shifted it’s also the main point why our brains at the moment on these points are incompatible.

      If on an issue, even between two people, all are not talking on the basis of the same paradigm they simply can’t communicate on that topic. That is current psychology since Kuhn. It leads to a Babylonian confusion and thus irritation. Even the Bible shows that.

      On Kruger Dunning or was it Dunning Kruger I’ve had much fun. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning%E2%80%93Kruger_effect

      First off mostly misrepresented.

      Secondly they suffer from what they themselves state. And they also get that wrong.

      Like nearly, if not all psychological research, they prove a position that needs no proof for already n = high common sense.

      Actually I read somewhere that they weren’t even the first to publish on the subject. Yet using two names sells better. A sales trick.

      Science including physicists and mathematicians need to start checking their postulates, axioms and conventions. Even Science in Transition doesn’t grasp the urgent need for a paradigm shift. Neither obviously do you or so it seems? https://scienceintransition.nl/english

      As soon as that paradigm shift happens you will be able to read what I’m on about and forgive me my spelling and grammatical errors. I’m Dutch for crying out loud. And my focus is on development and not on sales. As it should be in order not to get into a Kruger Dunning effect.

      That change isn’t far off in principle. More and more people are becoming convinced.

      People who BTW do know what they are talking about in physics and mathematics. That in itself falsifies your Dunning Kruger position. Yet you will of course / I guess point out that they too are crackpots or what not. In effect then doing yourself what you state that I do wrong. Yet I contrary to you have much experience in those areas of psychological and psychiatric rapports speaking to all involved.

      Yet when I view the way discussions are usually handled in science on the internet I find that quite hilarious.


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        I agree that Science is in big trouble at the moment. But I see different problems. Though maybe actually they are the same problems, but since I don’t understand what you are saying, I wouldn’t know. We should discuss this over a nice meal sometime or at a pub.

        I don’t know anyone in physics or mathematics who understands what you are on about. I do have experience now in psychological and psychiatric reports and in talking to psychologists and psychiatrists and lawyers. I’ve been involved in plenty of legal cases where “experts” from all kinds of different fields communicate with judges and juries and to a smaller extent with one another.


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