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No longer a taboo solution as most people believes that we stand before the Gates of Hell of nuclear winter.

How to force our inherent oligarchs to want to play along in a durable decent way?

Well, simply do my proposed Oracle Senate test with Senators for life.

The decision alone to do the test will immediately enforce a rapid essential global paradigm shift.

The new hilariously simple twist transforming all soft sciences in one exact science is a game changer.

That artistic twist is as simple as the basic rules of chess and printed on one A4 piece of paper.

Mother Nature * observably * has a Godly order function at play everywhere in the Cosmos.

I prove to have found this simple Fourth Law of Everything.

Tried and tested. Check my trackrecord and see.


A challenge to see if it is still too taboo to organize a valid falsification of this claim.

For now most sense that we stand before the Gates of Hell of nuclear winter.

Putting 80% focus on symptoms such as poverty, past slavery, discrimination, climate change, fugitives, winning wars, and loss of power to remain richer than competitors, etc. is suicidally wrong.

Trying to become much richer than the losers and then start doing welfare, is a suicidally stupid strategy and very stressful and unnecessary. Thus it’s also an idiotic tactic.

For it invariably leads to more and more religious polarisation and ultimately amok. This is not only what repeated history shows.

Now the new physics of psychology does that as well. The thermodynamics of war and now peace. The basic rules at play in the latter are easier than anyone believes possible.

More Millionaires, No Poor, No War, in which Peace in a Day is a Piece of Cake is done via the valid argument of authority mass hypnotics. The latter is a DNA survival trait at play.

The science of which has long been in minus a slight new game changing twist.

Most can start to understand this by the law of all nature and one of the ten laws of human nature. That is the normal bell curve distribution.

Everyone, especially a leader, needs to learn to put 20% focus on the problem and 80% on fact-checking the tested way out. This is basic current psychology mind you.

Meeting the challenge to pose valid falsification of the claim that the simple fact of placing the proposed new Oracle Senate test with Senators for life on the political agenda, will hopefully still in the nick of time avert disaster.

(A pingback link to this proposal is provided in post 13 with a recent correction of Quattro Polittica into Cinque Politica in post 63. All the pingback links of this post can be found in the pingback link with all the number of blog posts mostly with headers. All is still a work in progress. A Wikipedia-style never-ending interactive learning process. )

Mind, it only requires an already established authority to simply state in public to have decided to do the test for this seeming magic to work.

The breathtaking loss of control downward spiral will snap into an upward one.

See it as a first flight of a new prototype built out of tried and tested parts.

All hypnotically internalized religious strong gut feelings are to be sensed as the problem when not consistent with the ever-changing biotope. We live in a biotope of playing with nuclear weapons. And thus learning to control these fears is the only solution. A solution that requires discipline. Otherwise uncontrolled fears are ill-advised. Defined this way every human is inherently religious. These are existential fears of loss of egoistic control and economic collapse. A lot of anchors of strong religious belief are since ancient times alas wrong and lead to the corruption of any society. Some more than others. Providing the less corrupt societies with the illusion that all is already best. Whereas the sinister truth is that humanity has been at war with itself since the division of labour came about. Maybe even this war with our DNA started before Homo Sapiens, with Homo Erectus.

I claim of having cracked it.

Many have claimed that before. So, most deem me on that claim alone to be mad. None of those claimants to my knowledge have challenged science via multi-disciplinary publication to pose valid falsification. I have done that. A challenge should be done in a way that can be fact-checked so that such falsification proves to be impossible. Subsequently logic dictates a best practice proof by the fact that no such valid falsification can be presented. That proof is called circumstantial evidence. That is exact scientific proof that most scientists don’t understand or want to understand. Accepting that proof would prove the current scientific paradigm wrong. That in turn scares the current inherent mighty oligarchs in science. Unjustifiably fearing the loss of control over the proper funding of science.

The obvious order function of the cosmos is (of course) the same as the order function of our mammal brain. Yet only when the individual brain is trained and the (still taboo?) collective brain is teamed up in a way consistent with that order function. Most of these laws that govern the cosmos are known to science. Only the law governing the order function eluded us. That is the simple game-changer slight twist. The genius of it is that it isn’t genius. I with a 1/125 talent and indeed the proper Bildung and hard work and having the luxury of enough time to devote to deep thought spotted how to solve the problem akin to solving a crime scene. Simply by following the existing book on dealing with evidence and proof in a common sense way.

My whopping score via this model can be fact-checked on my blog was set up by my friend emeritus professor of Statistics Leyden Richard Gill KNAW. Only now it can be proven.

  • 100% score on my field of more than 58 years of study of war (being 62) & peace and 30 years of being a lawyer and DA magistrate expertise. Based on my new model of the collective brain. For 23 out of 23 essential conditional predictions on what “free-willed robot” Putin would do given unpredictable circumstances concerning Ukraine have still all come true. The * only * expert I know who can prove to have done that. Here I beat all mostly soft science, diplomatic and military experts being under the hypnotic religious spell of the hysterical personality types. The major oligarchs of the soft sciences. The latter have withheld essential evidence. This is the root cause of half of the corrupting earning model. A model that humanity up until now was forced to use. Most inherent oligarchs are decent yet unwittingly suicidally foolish. Taking nuclear winter as a metaphor for the suicidal consequence of not reaching the desired important goal of global peace in our lifetime. Pingback link below and scroll to post 60.
  • Using my model I got a whopping 80% score since 2010 on published predictions outside my field of professional expertise. Namely on fundamental physics including the instrument brain providing a tested model of the physics of psychology. The manual on how to use the individual and collective brain. As easy as the rules of chess. The game remaining unfathomably complex is a paradox. Simply by following the proper CSI rules to catch mostly even unwitting conmen and criminals. Thus actually doing my job as a former lawyer and magistrate. Proving the dominant autistic majority of mathematicians and physicists have broken the simple rules of the game of science proper. These rules are fully understood by most high school kids. This is the root cause of the other half of humans mostly unwitting corruption. Pingback link below and scroll to posts 58, 61, & 62.
  • Taking some historical facts into evidence I most probably have solved the murder case of Napoleon Bonaparte. Which is relevant to understand the physics of the psychology of Putin and Trump. Taking a newspaper NRC article as a fact, this case has eluded many experts. It only still requires a pharmaceutical and forensic medical expert to fact-check if a Russian-made potion of Arsenicum that lost its potency is consistent with the autopsy findings to close the case. The personality type of Putin and Trump are the same as Napoleon’s. When they are put in a situation of great loss of face they become suicidal mental toddlers. We know that poor old Napoleon attempted suicide after his first forced abdication. And, we know that he had stomach problems later on. Putin, Trump, or any politician behind the red nuke button is thus a problem. A problem that is easily cured pending getting rid of all nukes. A pingback link is provided below this post. Scroll to post 20.
  • NATO countries should build Putin and the more dovelike mobsters in his ex-KGB inner circle a bitter pill Golden Bridge way out. Via dived and rule put the other mobsters before a tribunal. Not having forcefully advised that openly is a professional blunder by our (former) military leaders. For instance, offer Putin that most monarchies of the world will accept him as the new modern monarch Tsar of Russia. Provided all these mobsters play along and surrender the nuclear weapons to the new Oracle Senate of the EU. Then Russia can join NATO and the EU. After having whispered that in Putin’s ear start playing bad cop. This is done by giving these worse-than-Maffia mobsters a proper stare-down. Threaten to use air power in Ukraine and threaten to make it clear to all Russians as well, that it’s not a war against Russia but against this neo-Nazi mobster group. Play the Lenin leader for a new Russian revolution. A simple proven to-always-work trick as repeated history shows. Also a simple civil lawyer conflict-resolving solution at professional play. The global economic meltdown has been caused by our oligarch leaders acting like idiotic cowards. The economic meltdown is the root cause of wars erupting uncontrollably around the world. If you are afraid of (nuclear) war you will get (nuclear) war. Mobsters exploit such weakness. Never deal with mobsters but deal with them!
  • All it needs is to convince our inherent mighty oligarchs in the EU, the USA, and NATO of their interest in not having this spiral further out of control. The simple trick here is to not endanger any position of power as long as they play along nicely. A trick the ancient Romans and colonial powers knew how to play. The same mass hypnotic/religious trick works just as well and even better when enforcing decency. By now actually ending the mental slavery of humanity that causes the thermodynamics of domestic conflicts and world wars. Mind, in a democracy a one-year-old toddler crying from hunger and cold is a mini-oligarch. The cost of war is unacceptable also for many billionaires that might lose all. The cost of having now very corrupt and bankrupt Russia in the EU is low, in my new economic model. Easy to understand. Countries that perform less have different taxation than the ones that perform better. All can have the Euro or not. No problem. Billionaires can remain to have the say over and security of their money. Protected by but also limited by the laws of Nature being also the laws of human nature. Unless billionaires would like a shot at civil war.
  • The main insight is that all humans are different sorts of idiots. All easy-to-assess in an exact-scientific practical way. The tests are reproducible when for instance registered on video. The testing of irony, abstract logic, and speed of reaction are all it takes. Everyone needs an easy-to-identify other to perform any self-test. I’m an idiot that needs to try to convince other idiots that they are idiots and what sorts of idiots they are. This is a truly all-inclusive model that is also highly exclusive for the thousand different sorts of highly giftedness chairs that need to be filled on all important issues confronting humanity. Ultimately a network of Oracle Senates with an optimum of a thousand part-time senators for life must span the globe. No longer lawmakers but well-informed advice to all and forcing oligarchs to give evidence and hearing whistleblowers in secrecy. An oracle speaks with only one voice. A Cinque Politica. The first power is the people with a free independent well-paid press. The second is the power of well-informed advice and representative of all minorities such as youth, slow thinkers, and the artistically creative and well-funded science proper. The latter is scary for the current oligarchs of klepto-science stealing ideas and being the boss of funding and determining pseudoscience. The latter is due to their honest unwitting idiocy. A Christian might say: “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” Anyway, a quick takeaway trick is that clear resounding voices such as Barak & Michelle Obama have, are always artistically creative ADHD idiots with a talent for irony, and potentially highly gifted in complex paradoxical abstract logic in dynamic interactive geometry systems and complex reasoning. Most physicists and mathematicians not having a talent for paradoxes such as irony are deep idiots in the latter fields of rheology, astronomy, cosmology, aerodynamics, climate and climate change, and the ‘Yes Minister’ BBC series of irony in politics and courts of law. The takeaway here is that any such exact scientist that is authentically authoritarian or lacks testable by 60% of humanity the talent of irony is an arrogant idiot that can’t be taken seriously on stated matters. However many glittering scientific prizes the mighty scientific oligarchs have bestowed on them. Other than taking this honestly mistaken idiots in being seriously criminally insane. Please think about that when listing to their great authority when stating how they see it in science. Ask the impertinent Socratic question about what instrument brain they think they have. A killer question they can’t answer and already proving them wrong. All 40% of humanity’s autistic personality types unwittingly fear the infinity of space. They feel they can’t grasp and control that. They religiously demand a quantifiable local space. Even when by theorem it’s proven to be incomplete and thus inconsistent with an axiomatic completely consistent cosmos. The latter I also give a proven best practice proof that any high school kid can understand. Posing valid falsification of current science on the most fundamental (set theory) domain. A domain that must be correctly dealt with or else end up in World Wars. Because of the danger of extinction per logical definition that is anti-scientific pseudoscience.

For the interested a further 30-minute read.

SUMMARY OF THE 63 Posts of the BLOG

With a few extra recent insights.

It will deal with:

  • History of Idiocy
  • The Social Contract with Humanities DNA
  • Since the dawn of mathematics idiots doubt on the fifth axiom of Euclid due to DNA
  • Occultism
  • Narcissism
  • These personality type differences dictate a fundamantal change in politics
  • A few case studies
  • Word Salad, Picture Salad, Course Number Salad, Fine Number Salad, & Mixed Salad.
  • Conclusion
  • Pingback link


More than 99% old school methods * that history shows work * adding a new small game-changer twist. The latter is needed because history also shows that this old-school method never works in the long run.

Unless stated otherwise all that is stated here can be googled on Wikipedia. My model is not on Wikipedia. The latter is more and more under the spell of harder-working autistic and hysteric types. This I prove on my blog as well.

Modeled correctly humanity has been at odds with its DNA since maybe even our Homo Sapiens ancestors Homo Erectus started dividing labour. The latter is the root cause of win-lose slavery and thus war.

The famous historian professor Ian Kershaw as I have done here on my blog makes a personality analysis of dictators, especially Hitler. He’s like me pessimistic according to reviews about the chances of democracies surviving in the long run. Well, I agree indeed if we continue on this road to disaster.


Because the new twist of the block model shows that we are all different sorts of idiots, including myself the problem is to have an idiot explain to another idiot that he or she is an idiot. Especially challenging when it concerns the 20% authentic authoritarian personalities. Even more so when it concerns large cultural groups of idiots who honestly are convinced that it’s all grand on their much-improved Titanic.

As history shows us this can only be communicated as the Holy scriptures like the Bible have successfully done. It can only be done via the use of metaphor. In this way, any idiot can fact-check that they are indeed idiots. The metaphor is not the proof but only points the way to all idiots where and how to start investigating. A bit like a wanted dead or alive poster with an approximation picture of the suspect.


On the Social Contract with humanity, every human must by fact-checking learn not to pester others. Any idiot already knows that. What most idiots can’t even compute is that they are only true deep one to two-year-old idiots on 32 of the 64 neurological tracks of mind. The latter stems from modeling it on the eight departments of a factory that can produce anything important such as justifiably content humanity. Every problem position chair in those departments has a corresponding DNA talent group to properly fill that chair. And all are as more than 99% truth potentially highly gifted as DNA genotype on 1/64th of the gameplay board. Not everyone has the talent to become a specialist MD.

Even worse than that as a nurtured phenotype having been forced to make choices in life on all important issues facing mankind anyone is at best only highly gifted on 1/1000th of the gameplay board. Not everyone is a highly gifted neurologist in the different fields of neurology.

This block model is the only truly all-inclusive model and at the same time most exclusive in the correct way. Everyone has a crucial yet different role to play. It doesn’t matter if the model shows that you are now on the wrong chair. If you have the power it’s in everyone’s interest you stay content with your position and help you make the best of it with decent advice.

That by tyrannical dictate requires justified trust in the division of labour.

Akin to the game of chess any player must know the rules/laws of the game. Only by abiding by those rules may the fun win-lose game be played in attempting to fool the other and hone both opponents’ mental skills. Be it with the game Go or any other mind sports game. Only then is chess a fun win-win game. Because god is mathematically ‘identical’ to mother nature ditto identical to the cosmos and is everywhere modeled at the deepest domain of truth, it can also be correctly modeled on a dog turd. Study my blog.

The basic rules of the game of life dictate that a decent softball win-win base economy needs to be established a.s.ap! Freeing all enterprises with most and if need be all labour costs. The latter only reemerges in the level playing field of hardball competition in the correctly organized free market.

Proper taxation is the trick via proper evidence and proof.

It doesn’t matter which country does that first. The success will be copied.

As does the rules of chess force the game to be properly set up before the start of the game.

Mind, with any serious problem, always first set up the game of proper reasoning.

Well, the idiots in exact sciences forgot the instrument brain and forgot to write the manual on that.

Subsequently having great success in becoming inconsistent with the cosmos. The latter is internalized as a scientific religion via foul play. Honestly not able to spot the error due to this religious idiocy.

This is thus a valid falsification of all current peer-reviewed science. Mind, that only means that current true science can only be found in small Ivory towers with jargon moats. Moats as a metaphor for the set theory domains with their protective hypnotic seemingly magical wordings. So don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, thinking that I chuck all science overboard. Science is seriously sick and needs to be cured.

The decision by any current sufficient authority to perform the Oracle Senate test does just that.


Predictably ending up in Alice in Wonderland occultism.

Remaining thus a postulate (proven suspect) as opposed to an axiom (a proven culprit fit for review).


Judging mathematicians and current mathematics on the social contract with humanity in a truly fair trial.

I provide a well-received comment post on my view of mainstream fundamental physics of the Copenhagen interpretation in a pingback link below.

As part of the manual instructions for using the instrument brain, I remodeled the current psychiatric bible DSM-5 into the five correct mind settings. DSM-0, DSM-5TR, DSM-6, DSM-7, & DSM-8.

Having posed valid falsification of the current scientific paradigm, that is together with the current DSM-5 thus flung in the dustbin DSM-5 TR. TR stands for the terminus. Game over, unless review is required via showing nova (new evidence).

When we take my model as a fact with the simple rules of law of the Grand Law of Everything (GLOE) then the fourth Law of Everything (LOE) ‘The block model’ dictates as a proven by circumstantial evidence best practice proof that 40% of humanity ex the DSM-6: mostly-mad-world statistical model are mentally (fairly) healthy autistic types. Autistic personalities are 80% male persons such as Putin and 20% female persons such as Angela Merkel.

The 2nd LOE the normal bell curve distribution dictates that a fault rate in an optimum society DSM-7 situation should be below 0.9%. Because of this correction of taking a pinch of salt with everything I state, we can dispense with continuously mentioning this. The elementary reason is the little interaction between the few of the very many neutrinos cause.

The 2nd LOE that is undeniably always at play in n = high statistics in the correct set theory box is an obvious matrix of a Galton board at play. All high school kids should know about the Galton board. Yet the matrix is dynamic and not static for the latter as an aether has been falsified by the M&M experiment in the 19th century.

Mind that in my model the theories of Albert Einstein are elevated to Local Laws (LOL pun intended) of physics. They only apply in small set theory boxes with different postulates. They can only be integrated in a completely consistent way via classical mechanics and adding the 5th axiom. My model is a classical mechanical string theory type model by proving the postulate of infinite at the same time all the time both absolute and relative space-time orderly infinite mass-atomos construct interactions as an axiom.

The latter is proto RNA and ditto DNA life inert construct of mass due to the Dzhanibekov effect providing a classical mechanical seeming heartbeat. A leitmotif of life. This is due to the excentric mass distribution of absolutely rigid and thus absolutely conductive unbreakable constructs identical rings. Simple reverse engineering all known constants and laws we observe in our biotope bubble into this Fifth Law of Everything. The latter must exist as a logical consequence of the proven Grand Postulate now Grand Axiom. Splitting the unsplittable GLOE into the ten dualistic laws of everything, logically dictates that all laws are always and all the time present in any such dived law. Only the degrees vary. This stays true in this model from the largest imaginable sphere of spacetime even up to the smallest nigh infinitely small sphere observational focus point of interactive space-time. It excludes singularities as elementary for being occult which is per axiom illegal.

Viewing it from DSM-0 deterministic systematic model viewpoint with no free will or meaning to life humans are robotic lumps of symbiotically cooperating cells that stem from bacteria in the primal soup. It simply logically emerged in a way I paint the complete small set theory frame per set theory frame movie of life and the multi-verse.

Take for instance the following opposition by a physicist. He asked me how my model deals with the problem of creep in the Bose-Einstein condensate. After a night’s sleep, I solved this in a very nice elegant way. In so doing I again strongly improved my model.

As current physics shows, we get a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) when reaching near zero degrees Kelvin. The waves of most elementary matter become one. i.e. most simple. All matter has per definition gravity. As we spiral on spaceship earth around the center of our Milky Way at a whopping average speed of 825,000 or so km/h, this Bose-Einstein condensate creates the illusion that only spotting the particle in one observation and the circular static waves in the other observation that this is particle-wave duality. Polarisation creates this illusion as the measurement problem of only observing half of the picture through the bars of the polarisation filter. Racing through space following an absolutely conductive particle is akin to following a pebble flicked over a ditto pond with the camera. Only taking the same photographic frame per bounce. It seems static with a slow creep. The latter is because in my model we are slowly accelerating toward the maximum speed of strings in the Higgs Graviton matrix field. Our biotope even when humanity reaches full balance is in constant change requiring on average 20% proper out-the-set theory box R&D. The latter requires that artistic and spiritual leadership DNA talent be guaranteed well organized. Science measures mounting entropy/chaos. The latter is seen by DSM-8 as having an egoistic or social/multi-egoistic goal in life as preventable by free will errors. Ex DSM-0 without such a goal all chaos and errors are the order that is not understood. Not having absolute proof, the 3rd LOE Bayes dictates the dualistic DSM-0 versus DSM-8 mindsets only leaving the smallest possible inherent doubt of it all or in part being contradictive magic. The latter is religiously excluded by thus proven best practice assumed axiom. Yet at the same time providing the tyrannical dictate of having freedom of religion.

BEC is pointing towards my idea of having only one sort of infinite amount of god particles with absolutely rigid mass as a movable construct in non-curved infinite space. Gravity and curved space are thus dynamic constructs. The speed of light constant is an obvious average with the idea of the cosmos indeed having an incidental maximum speed of the 1-neutrino god’s particle in a classical mechanical string theory type model. That maximum incidental speed as per a slightly better-validated concept is 10c.

Slowly that max speed drops in more spin in a quantified step-by-step way. This happens when the Velcro function weak force interaction creates spin. Kg.m/s^2. Slowing down on the 5th axiom vector by waving along its axis in uncurved nothing of the 3D cube of space. By dictate of the 1st LOE Physica-minor classical mechanical Newton, it’s all kg, m, s, kg.m/s, and kg.m/s^2. In five-order dualistic both analog and quantifiable function interactions. Simple common sense logic deduction via induction sequence of proper reasoning via the 3rd LOE Bayes.

The logical consistency and completeness can be fully tested and is thus an exact science as long as all data is taken into evidence.

The 5th LOE needs yet to be incorporating not only the smallest set theory domain but all the subsequent set theory domains of deepest truths. Our curved space is an obvious dynamic hexagon construct sphere matrix. Moving inward like a glacier. Requiring a whopping hexagon pressure vessel with a dome-like lid as part of a whopping beehive. Having an infinite multi-verse of beehives in which all possible scenarios are played out all the time, this time as in indivisible times before and past.

Because the 4-way connection of the identical rings causes a four-speed differential there are four speeds of the brain * that anyone can learn to observe (!)*. And thus fact-check. Mind, consistency always works both ways. Thus my model produces YOLO. ‘You only live once’ for every god’s particle is ‘alive’ in a unique way built up in an identically constructed way. Hence the duality contradiction illusions we observe. Alive in the sense that any intelligent external action gets an intelligent external reaction. Being a construct the same goes for internal actions and reactions. The latter is proto consciousness for it works like a memory bank storage. By thought experiment, the film of what happened can be played back to see which uniquely deforming gods particle did what and when. The rest logically emerges from that getting ever more complex. The latter is because Velcro construction acts like a uniquely deforming snowflake that builds ditto-deforming snowball particles. Yet to build a matrix and gravity via pressure as hits per time frame. Simply add two time frames a cosmological one much slower than astronomical and a faster > c smallest domain timeframe. Dictates of logic, for the * only * way it can all be made to fit in dynamic geometry. The latter is circumstantial proof.

Mind, the 2nd LOE the normal bell curve distribution dictates that taking a quick and dirty 100% model that less than 1% deviation is reachable in a mostly normal world DSM-7 viewpoint. As stated already for simplicity, I take the following to be a DSM-7 situation and take it to be flawless as well unless otherwise stated.

The eight flavors of the gluons are consistent with the eight problem departments in the factory of life and the eight personality types. The eight different-sized matrix gluons are Higgsparticle snowballs that are transformed into golf balls and brought into the much larger than Planck scale strings with six Glu-ins per string. As little black holes. Causing a more curved space perceived as gravity. Two counter-rotating strings produce one photon. Akin a Chinook helicopter’s max speed is dictated by the tip of the rotor in forward motion at the speed of sound. It’s a surface tension scenario. When that is broken we get Glu-outs as Higgsparticles spiral outward arcing above the speed of light reaching the speed of light constant in the straight flight path. Hence the illusion of electromagnetism.

Anyway, it’s not difficult but only a long story of small focus steps.

This is a Wikipedia-style model claim of proven best practice common sense on the most fundamental probandum of human existence in the cosmos. Showing complete consistency throughout. Getting a whopping 80% score on my predictions in 2010 and brought them to the attention of multi-disciplinary scientists via publishing them in 2015 in NWA.

And, again I got a whopping 100% score on what Putin would do in Ukraine. In my field of long-years expertise based on this very model!


GLOE forces by tyrannical dictate of the physics of human nature to also take the inverse DSM-8 diagnostic statistical model view that life has meaning and we do have free will. It only excludes true magic and occultism. Based on the axiomatic assumption that we humans exist as part of an infinite cosmos. Occultism is the belief in the improbable when a simple common sense completely consistent solution is available. Even when the latter is done by a stated verbal idea that can’t be falsified validly. It then has an exact scientific justified claim of 99.9% probative value. Even though it has very little validation. A quick and dirty geometry doodle graphic concept has higher validity than a verbally stated idea. Especially when it claims to tackle all known problems in current science on fundamental physics and cosmology. With a deterministic explanation so simple that any high school kid with sufficient Bildung can be made to understand it. This is indeed what I claim.

Contrary to what most people I’ve tested think, my claim isn’t claiming that much. I simply followed the correct CSI procedure. First, paint the whole dynamic picture in a testable way. Then verbally communicate that in your brain and with other brains. Only then do ‘shut up and calculate’. Then repeat the never-ending Wikipedia-style learning process.

Having falsified science in this most fundamental part of science all I need to prove the best practice is to state a non-falsifiable idea of a completely consistent cosmos. Gödel’s theorem can’t help current science. Gödel proves that mathematics has problems with axioms, postulates, definitions, and/or conventions. This idiocy is rife among mathematicians. Gödel proves with his nigh-infinite proof algebraic theorems that the area where the 2022 Nobel prizes in physics have been awarded is unsolvable. As the late John Bell also theorem has proven with his Bell inequalities as has my friend Richard with his Gill theorem.

Anyone can learn to fact-check if any human has the DNA talent for paradoxes such as irony. This can be registered even on a digital camera and is thus reproducible. I.e. a (potentially) exact scientific method thus.

Because the block model has not received a valid falsification since 2014 and publications since 2015 we must take the model to be a fact. I.e. absolutely true, until valid falsification of any part of it ensues.

Any human and especially politicians can demand a valid falsification by the science of the model. Becoming angry isn’t a valid falsification. Quite the opposite it provides further strong evidence that such falsification isn’t possible. Again this exact-scientific proof is called circumstantial evidence proof. All proofs even theorems are ultimately circumstantial. Namely based on the axiomatic circumstantial assumption that we and mathematics exist as part of the cosmos. An inherent circular argument. A best practice proof simply proves unfalsifiable as yet complete consistency with all or most data presented systematically.

The block model as the 4th LOE dictates that 10% of humanity are authentic authoritarian autistic types and 1% of humanity are far above average fast-thinking authoritarian autistic types. The latter is the one logical consequence in the statistically strongest position to hypnotize all 40% of humanity being the autistic personality type.

Hypnotics are a DNA survival trait and a religion in the broadest mostly non-spiritual sense when neurologically internalized. Hypnotical religion is the only way the collective brain of idiots can function.

Authoritarian people mostly at the moment unwittingly fear disrespect the most. They are always specialists in a few fields and thus potentially the best in going by the (religious) book. When in combination with being autistic then they are relatively best at algebra, average at geometry, and deep relative one to two-year-old idiots on all paradoxes such as irony but also rheology, astronomy, climate, climate change, and dynamic geometry. Such as also complex reasoning especially when the book needs to be written on the bare pages in proper R&D. They lack healthy manic oversight. Thus they lack the required artistic oversight over the entire problem. They also thus lack the required super-focus pounce on the testable way out. They sense this text as a word salad. They simply can’t compute it.

These types have as an Achilles heel the danger of tunnel vision narcissistic control freak perfectionism. This leads to burnout in any group where they have their unchecked strong will as the ruling force in power. They feel being contradicted is disrespect they fear most. Thus misusing their power by surrounding themselves with yes-men and ditto women.

Being best at numbers and only average at painting any picture and idiots at painting the whole dynamic picture in a testable way, but the brain demanding to be in control makes that even the ancient Greek autistic mathematicians being the majority hate infinity. Infinity is rife with paradoxes their instrument brains can’t compute. They intuitively sense that they can’t control that uncountable postulate that ensues when taking the 5th postulate of Euclid as a proven. And thus herewith proven to be an axiom.

They demand a local cosmos of nicely curved nothing of space. The notion of curved nothing is inherently hilariously occultism leading to belief in Alice in Wonderland, conflict, and war. Instead of the 5th axiom, this is a definition of a straight line as I was (incorrectly with the best of intentions) taught in high school a circle with an infinite radius. The latter is an approximation that doesn’t fly in trying to grasp elementary physics. I was taught this incorrectly with the best of intentions by my maths teachers.

Since the ancient mathematicians, the authoritarian autistic types rule the exact sciences, by going by the book. Producing ever better Titanics via stealing good ideas from the artistic ADHD 20% minority that have proven to work. This is done by those artistically creative ADHD types after ‘illegally’ breaking all the (idiotic) rules, by trying, and testing by the rules of Mother Nature. Current basic psychology also states that people who score high on the personality trait of openness in the Big Five assessment are seen as strange. And when successful are sidetracked as mad sometimes genius idiots. Science and life are dictated by scared oligarchs in science as to be taken seriously. They simply can’t compute the paradoxical relativity of it all. Humanity must learn asap that the artistically/spiritually best talented are not only for fun and games but an essential survival trait that needs to be kept in play.

The 4th LOE block model proves that Sir Isaac Newton stole the dynamic geometry idea of the falling apple from Sir Hooke. Who seen as the Leonardo da Vinci of his time claimed that Newton had done that? Calculus is indeed by Newton. Hooke was too idiotic to conjure up the required ‘shut up and calculate’ formulas. Newton to idiotic to grasp the dynamic geometry.

Invariably authoritarian autistic types will become more and more dictatorial leaders.


Autists simply can’t compute that computors have an inherent garbage in garbage out problem. Tell the computor that we are in a global warming climate change and the computor will prove that. Absolute idiocy even when bestowing a Nobel prize on such work.

The same goes for more than a 3-dimensional space topology. Absolute religious idiocy is caused by the fact that the majority of mathematicians and physicists are mentally healthy autists. Complex dynamic and thus paradoxical geometry is totally beyond them. As is also the case with all hysterics that can’t compute the required level of abstract logic. Lacking thus talent for all complex mathematics. Mind, this is true for 80% of humanity including most truly expert scientists.

Yet the great talent of hysterics for the essential HRM/Sales problem areas requires a seemingly illogical sales logic view of reality. The essential view of the herd. A herd to which we all belong.

The latter is an abstract logical dynamic set theory geometry problem only the artistic/spiritual ADHD brain can correctly compute. Being best either at geometry, average at word language Delta type or best at words, average at geometry, and yet all ADHD types are idiots with numbers. The latter is always the case when scoring high on the personality trait of conscientiousness. So good are ADHD types at out-of-the-box intuitive associative guesswork that it creates the illusion that they can go by the book. We simply can’t other than by knowing that and working very hard at it.

Hysterics are talented as UN-systematically being able to compute in a very conscientious way nonsystematic data. And remember that. Remembering after a long time the name of a client, what his birthday is, and which words he likes and doesn’t like. knowing the ever-changing fashion as a dedicated follower of fashion. Dutch published legal jurisprudence is for > 99% truth simply showing a fashion trend that types as I see as all the same. Knowing the importance of using non-allergy words that autists and especially ADHD types keep forgetting.

Hysterics are thus best at numbers, average at words, and idiots at all geometry.

Ask such autistic idiots to make a picture of the deepest reality of a chess game you get this vison on the right side and vehement opposition to what is on the left side.

Hysterics simply take the view of their peer group either on the left or the right as the truth. especially so when the current mainstream fashion dictates that the deepest reality truth of the chess game of life is depicted on the right side by the herd. Which is indeed the truth. That is the way the herd sees the game of chess at the moment.

Okay, this is too bewildering to start with. To explain this you need to know basic mathematics and basic classical mechanics in physics. So, let us make it more simple. Yet, even with this picture, when you don’t know how to play a simple game of chess, I could just as well try and explain this to a lamppost.

To communicate you need a base reference.

If you want to play along with this game you need to get your Bildung in order. The social contract with humanity demands that you properly study to which end every human has the elementary right to an excellent education. For if you don’t study you will start pestering others and that is forbidden.

Instead of seeing a (nearly) proper setup depicted on the left, any chess player judges the right board as wrong. Having hysterics as lawyers countering the experienced expert chessplayers supporting the autistic setup. For instance, with the word spin. Like them stating the right board is obviously right and thus not wrong.

The left board isn’t completely perfect indeed. Yet any chess player must agree that the setup here makes a basic chess game conforming to the basic rules of chess that can be presented on one A 4 piece of paper possible.

When we get a mighty Grand Nobel Prize from the Global Chess Committee mostly unwittingly wanting the power of authority the problems start. By adding all sorts of rules as to the size of the board, pieces, the required color, etc. they get ever more authority. Making a nice thick bible of chess rules if you like. In so doing blocking the view on the elementary i.e. most fundamental rules of set up of proper reasoning. On a goal of bare survival.

This is exactly what has happened in the exact sciences as in the soft sciences.

To be a ‘scientist’ you must have a piece of paper stating so. You must have a lot of footnotes on anything you state. You must have a high situation number of publications in peer-reviewed papers. And these papers must be in authoritarian journals. You must be a professor at a prestigious university or institution.

Indeed it is an exact scientific truth that this is the current way of science. In so doing by ignoring and not funding anyone not following the right side’s depiction of correct chess playing and ridiculing deeming the left side’s way of playing the game mad, the mainstream religion will deem in time the right side the correct way to set up a game of chess.

The current mainstream fundamental physics with the Copenhagen interpretation ended up in a muddle that they hilariously agree makes playing a simple game of completely consistent chess impossible.

Hidden variables depicted by the eight white pieces hidden in the back are not allowed to be taken into consideration. Physicists start ridiculing and ignoring anyone that dares to state anything to the contrary. They feel trolled when someone dares to do that.

That this is a muddle on the white side of the board should be clear.

On the other side, on the black side, the game is correctly set up to make some correct opening moves that are for me incomprehensible. But, if it works it works. So I simply nick that part of the board and place it on my side as setup.

To explain the reason for the muddle on the right side we need to go back to the picture with the mirror.


Only by using the fifth postulate as mathematician Lewis Carroll stated can you prevent from ending up in Alice in Wonderland as depicted on the rightside board.

The Bayesian formula provides the possibility to work with incomplete evidence. It thus dictates that you fill in all the problem boxes. The latter is an artistic associative testable guess. Using four instead of five axioms (proven culprits fit for review) is a 1/5 the difference. Even when we take it at first as postulates (suspects).

Assuming that all fundamental laws of Nature are observable everywhere as a postulate I took it that 20% of the places can’t be directly observed in our cosmic bubble. These must be hidden variables. 5 times 12 is roughly 64. We all agree that we humans can’t observe all of the cosmos. Neither the extremely small nor the extremely large cosmos.

Everyone agrees that there is a seemingly magical mirror-like sort of illusion at play.

Bij assuming and observing the cosmos we can by observing four different speeds of the brain in all humans and reverse engineer the rules at play. Assuming it’s all simple intuitive classical mechanical interactive weights of mass constructs of sorts. All in an interactive space-time paradoxical dynamics.

Well, my model simply deduces how many hidden variables we need. Fill in all the empty spaces that the Baysian formula provides the ability to do, provided using the correct artistic scenario/composition. The rules here are complete and all the pieces fit like a glove in this Galton board matrix.

Okay, it isn’t all that neat and perfect yet. And, all the required science isn’t in. But we can play the basic game of chess and see if the subsequent track record adds up. Rember my 100% claim on Putin and 80% on the cosmos predictions? That I can prove to have achieved this via this way of modeling the cosmos.

The chess pieces are depicted here as still small for as yet further to grow via validation. The basic rules of chess fit on one A4 piece of paper. I thus claim a valid best practice complete consistent picture of the complete cosmos. Only multiply by infinity. Thus my model has a valid 99.9% probative value. Anyone is challenged to disprove by showing incompleteness or inconsistency or coming up with a better model. **Including mind you of the collective brain like I have done.**

In so doing current physicists and mathematicians have climbed into an algebraic indeed possible occult loophole. These paradoxical loopholes are indeed true and I earned a living as a liar, oops, a lawyer by successfully jumping into them in my many court cases. Thus without lying. My task as a lawyer is to point out the possible pretzel at play. For the judge to rule against that. Then it would entail an occult improbability. It takes a thief to catch a thief.

Being 5th axiom deniers using only four axioms in geometry the mainstream Copenhagen interpretation assumes via number mathematics the local cosmos is a geometric pretzel form.

Nicely safe quantifiable and local.

Using multi-D (> 3D) topology the mathematical idiots state that the board on the right depicts “reality”. A furball of incomplete pieces leaving out 20% of them. Doing statistics in say counting in several games how often certain pieces are used. And then drawing hilariously wrong conclusions on how the laws/rules of chess play out. Reasoning that the bureaucratic administration doesn’t show that this 20% of unobserved pieces are used. In this depiction, they have 8 axes in an 8D space. The algebra numbers indeed add up. Thus concluding that we have to dispense with them. The geometry of assuming a 3D space reality of the game of chess is of course idiotic. Having unobserved ‘hidden variables’ is deemed religious pseudoscience. This is in their extremely religious anti-religion but a mainstream cult. Believing it not to be a cult because they in the part shown to play brilliant chess games. Yet only by using the black pieces on the side of the board where indeed they play conforming to the rules.

There they add 0.199999999999999999% probative value to my integral 99.9% proof that I may nick from them by their valid disqualification. Faul plays with such a setup as any high school kid knows. Provided the kid can play a bit of chess. Incorrect game setup from the start.

Please do note that in reality my model of the order function of the collective brain and later on showing to be the order of the cosmos was inspired and modeled on a chess game! As stated it also would have worked on a dog turd. Proof: dog swallows apple, produces shit as manure for a new apple tree. Formation, deformation, transformation, destruction, and reformation dynamics. When modeled correctly and brought back to its essence.

Like chess, morse code, sheet music, or Chinese you need to learn the bloody language before you can judge it. Ergo, you need to study my model to attempt valid falsification.

Also please note that every time a physicist can be proven to have been shown my model and ignores it adds to the validation of the claim that it can’t be validly falsified. The small chess pieces on the left side of the board grow a bit. A dictate of Bayesian logic.


True narcissism is a nurturing trait in the block model. An inverse at the nongenetic DNA level is caused at a young age. It is not a mental disorder. Standard narcissistic coping behavior can be a curable mental disorder. Being narcissistic is using more ego than is required for a stated goal. Most people are sometimes when angry or as coping act narcissistic. In our crazed world, narcissistic management style culture is more and more the undesirable yet true norm for success.

In my model having too much stress on many of the essential neurological tracks of the mind for reaching any important goal in society will produce stress hormones such as adrenaline. After conception and at a young age this can flip the nuclear spin in DNA. The friendliness of the Mars algorithm, flips and so does it in the Venus algorithm of DNA. unfriendly Venus becomes friendly and friendly Mars becomes narcissistically unfriendly. Tunnelvision gets more success. Putin and Trump’s autists and Hitler and Franco-type hysterics are ever more successful. Invariably as repeated history also shows ending in mounting conflict and war.

Unless of course, a counterforce is organized. That is the new Oracle Senate. Even the decision to do the proposed test will break the hypnotic taboo spell.

All slaves are slaveholders at least of themselves. Being all slaveholders addicted to keeping the slaves enslaved. Simply put: a survival trait went wrong. Predictably, a positive pyramid game will ensue having all oligarchs who want to remain in power scrambling to be the truly good oligarchs.


They are in the lead in the soft sciences and the courts of law. Making unwitting horrendous mistakes due to their idiocy concerning meeting the required levels of abstract logical thinking in questions of evidence and proof.

They vehemently oppose all mathematics and abstract logic. 80% female and 20% male. In the same way, they also oppose all nature models such as this one in favor of nurture models. This is serious for in this way such men as Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Maximilian de Robbes Pierre, and Franco aren’t recognized as the devils on all authoritarian hysterics’ shoulders. Then they can’t keep their devils in check. This is also the reason why hysterics get extremely angry when anyone mentions the war. It’s too uncomfortly true. Most Dutch judges are correctly selected authoritarian-type hysterics. Talent for Human Resource Management of the Sales Department. Most hours of work indeed is performed in courts on these issues. Idiotically convinced that they are the best sorts of judges. Desperately wanting to cling to that power.

They are best at mass hypnotics. Telling the clients what they want to hear. They talk the talk of the inherently uninterested uninformed peer group herd. A herd to which we all belong. That is when we are preoccupied with other stuff or tired. Believing the simple framing stories that are told. It has all become too complicated to fact-check everything. We are inherently forced to divide labour and thus trust in our institutions. That is also why even the Romans knew that bread and games work. Only now we have to still learn that it should be decent bread and decent games.

In current soft science as far as I’m aware the fact that most women are good at knitting and most men aren’t is seen as a cultural mistake. The block model proves that to be *mostly* untrue. Grasping via the study of the English literature, the jurisprudence, and glossy magazines the 10% male and 80% female hysterics can as a > 99.9% truth get what their peer group herd thinks on in-the-set-theory-box problems. And which subtle words to hypnotically use to sell required HRM to the herd. This is the sales logic of a non-systematic heap of data to the other 60% of humanity’s mystery. Knitting with strings is also extremely complicated geometry mathematics. To perform that task well on in-the-box problems by learning this requires the same talent. That fewer of the 10% male hysterics do knitting that indeed is cultural. ADHD types like I can at best learn hypnotically a few knots like tying my shoelaces. Only when types like I would delve into the complex geometry and understand the system at play would I remember how to knit at the high-level hysterics can learn to perform. Types like I then develop new knots in the process. Autistic types can learn to knit via their photographic memory. Yet like the ADHD types and contrary to hysterics must then work disproportionately hard at it. For the latter demanding to be very well paid. The problem for ADHD types is they enjoy making music, theater and flying aircraft so much, they are willing to be exploited to do so at barely sufficient wages to have a decent life.

Akin to Linnaeus is it a plant, a shrub, or a tree the question in assessment is: is it an ADHD, hysteric, or autistic mentally healthy personality type at play?

Using my block model can assess what personality type and intelligence any baby has. An exact science of which the complete consistency of the model must always be scrutinized if indeed (still) best practice. The model dictates always to treat an individual as a unique individual that belongs for the time being in an appropriate set theory box. Mind, survival is inherently dangerous.

And then finally which of the four speeds of synapse do I observe? Contrary to a chip in a computer, the fastest synapse is an idiot at solving far below-average complex problems that on average Mother Nature throws at us in 10% of cases. Murphy’s Law the ten percent fastest thinkers will overcomplicate the issue. And both can’t communicate on serious issues without the help of others.

Authoritarian types are the best mass hypnotic populists that can only remain in total control by having no more than a 50% + 1 vote majority system. Holding maybe even since Homo Erectus humanity in its slaveholder grip. Always ending in a constant up-and-down conflict.


This I provide with the new Cinque Politica model:

  • First Power The People represented by voters with a decently paid free independent press. Mind, even a one-year-old toddler is a mini oligarch when crying for hunger destabilizing politics.
  • The Second Power of well research is one voice of independent advice to all also per dictate organized to represent all minorities such as science proper by the Oracle Senate.
  • The Third Power of chosen majority rule represents the parties (such as farmers) within the people by politicians.
  • The Fourth Power of the executive government including the head of state and civil servants.
  • The Fifth Power of the Judiciary includes independent decently paid lawyers.

This is an improvement in the Netherlands for the only then restored Trias Politica. Explained here as a quick and dirty triage:

The Fourth Power of the executive is a mostly far above average complex thus requiring mostly far above average fast thinking authoritarian personality type in the box Production Department questions by experienced experts in those fields.

Ministerial fields such as Finance, Health care, Defense, Infrastructure, Farming and Fishery, Environment, and Economy. This is all going by the experienced expert book production department requiring autistic leadership.

Fields such as the Ministry of Justice, the Interior, Social, Education, and Foreign affairs are more for experienced diplomates, ditto social workers, and ditto lawyers requiring healthy authoritarian hysterics as the optimal leaders.

The PM only requires artistic & spiritual leadership creativity of a PM such as Churchill/Zelensky/Lincoln Delta ADHD personality type when in dire straights of war emergency such as corona pandemic. Or sometimes a great communicator below average fast thinkers such as Ronald Reagan, or Nelson Mandela, being out-of-the-box Gammas best in marketing. I.e. dealing with taboos. This is to restore or keep a justified order. Thus those types of leaders are needed when things are about to or have indeed gone wrong.

This is a situation, especially when playing with nukes, humanity should organize to avert.

The Fifth Power of the judiciary contains all personality types yet most of all authoritarian hysterics. Albeit that a 50/50 male-female distribution must be upheld. Maybe some more females as judges and more males in prosecution both as magistrates as long as a 50/50 balance in total are kept.

It’s also about representation in courts. You don’t want all-male or all-white juries. Or all black for that matter. Mind, article 4 of LOH, the block model shows that trial by jury will vanish in the future. A new prediction of mine.

Mind, that most hours of work in the courts require authoritarian hysteric talent. However, all require the correct mix of DNA talents in ALL cases. This model in that sense does have the different DNA talents to be a judge, prosecutor, or lawyer. Yet all those few talents MUST learn to work together. That the proper proceeding has been followed can ALWAYS be fact-checked as an exact science!

The latter is new for only now possible via the 4th LOE the Block Model.

Humble and slow-thinking talents are also required professionally in the courts. It requires too much detail here to explain this. It was at least reasonably well dealt with in the Netherlands. The problem is not working as a correctly formed team in all cases. This a problem that inherently can’t be solved in the courts as such for the legal system can only function in a current paradigm. It can’t and shouldn’t change it. Yet, never say never. Nothing prevents our Supreme Court to rule that all judges must be independent and should THUS always * also in administrative law cases * establish independent facts. In the Netherlands whopping problems have happened that was predicted by me years ago.

The Second power of well-informed advice of the Oracle Senate has the most focus time on far above average complex out-of-the-box issues. Per definition in this model thus R&D. That requires mentally healthy ADHD-Delta types and the ADHD-Gamma types to deal with the inherent taboos that go with that. The latter is per jargon Marketing and Advertisement problems. This is where the artistic and spiritual leaders rule.

All powers check themselves and all others all the time.

Ultimately every province in the Netherlands and the world should have a smaller or larger Oracle Senate. With a member representing that Senate up the pyramid. All EU countries have one or more of their Oracle Senators in the EU Oracle Senate. And one or more EU Oracle Senators are in the UN Oracle Senate. A global network that hands-on knows wtf is truly going on and giving well reasearched independent advice to ALL in a timely fashion. Oracles speak with ONE mouth. Impossible to bribe.

The only thing is to teach and force our current mighty oligarchs to grasp their self-interest here.


Dutch Minister of Finance Sigrid Kaag.

The assessment via the new physics of psychology of the current Dutch Minister of Finance Sigrid Kaag shows how the block model does this. She is a far above-average fast thinker when watching videos of her speed of adequate reactions. Within this 10% of humanity’s fastest speed of brain group she is highly socially competent. She has a talent for irony and also fully understands the financial fashion of incomprehensible for 60% of humanity do’s and don’ts in her inherent D’66 party oligarch peer group. Yet she is a mentally healthy adult one- to the two-year-old idiot at that highest level as the norm on all abstract logic. She like justifiably most Dutch magistrates has the same genotype mammal brain as Adolf Hitler. Contrary to Sigrid, Adolf had a narcissistic phenotype. For Sigrid, this being narcissistic or not is for me as yet unclear, yet I feel it is unlikely. The relevant evidence is all easy to find by studying her track record. But also easy to stealthily check by testing her ability to reason properly in abstract logic. Outside her field of in-the-box correct knowledge of abstract logic, 60% of humanity can learn to fact-check this observation and see the per-block model conclusions as true and correct. Simply state a thing concerning arithmetic that is very untrue. When she doesn’t react you query why she didn’t react. Adequate reactions in important cases she thus also won’t be able to give when cabinet members that want more money than is advisable to play out the same trick on her. Especially when her financial chaperone isn’t readily available. Once an authoritative person is committed, they’d rather bite off their tongue than change tack. Thus she simply can’t intuitively grasp what she’s doing in finance. She’s a bloody disaster. Thinking that her advisors can keep her on track is an illusion. She’s truly not a joke and worse than having a cauliflower as a minister. Cauliflowers don’t ever actively make mistakes. Always requiring a competent chaperone to say what the cauliflower wants.

A high school friend of mine Detlev Cziesso has just ended a ten-year-long term as a financial alderman. Detlev is a politician of the left Green party in Apeldoorn. An experienced NIVRA accountant. Contrary to many Dutch cities he left the financial state of Apeldoorn behind in good order. Even though not a female and not of the same political party as Sigrid it would be wise to immediately ask him to become the new Dutch minister of finance. The Dutch current system is hilarious in not having experts in their fields as ministers. The minister of justice isn’t a lawyer. Bloody hell! My model dictates that you don’t want nonexperts on seats that require experts! If you want artistic or spiritual change do that experiment behind the closed doors of the Oracle Senate! Proper R&D can only perform in a safe environment. Otherwise, you will scare the mighty oligarchs and stampede the herd.

Hysterics being dedicated followers of fashion believe that thinking in terms of in and out-of-the-set-theory-box is old-fashioned. Indeed that is the way idiots reason for the laws of gravity are also old.

This illusion comes about in believing authoritarian autistic mathematicians and physicists mighty majority influencers claiming to grasp complex dynamic systems with topology and computer programs.

Topology is performed by autistic idiots honestly thinking to grasp the problem and always getting it wrong. Alas only always proven to all other idiots in the long run. Always to only close the gate when the horse has already bolted.

A political Facebook type private group discussion

All new political parties as is Wikipedia and any organization are always taken over by hardworking authoritarian or ditto-playing authoritarian idiots. It ends up in emotional blackmail mob group behavior.

In a closed session on an internet site akin to a Facebook group that discusses politics in a claimed-to-be liberal way, In English, I discussed my blog with a young Dutch mathematician. He studied my blog and after some time in so many words wrote that there was no glossing over the fact that he deemed me delusional. He stated that I ticked all his boxes.

At first, he tried to hide the fact that he was a mathematician deeming it irrelevant. It didn’t take me long to find that out having his name. I explained to him that I communicate differently with a mathematician than with a lawyer or a high school kid.

So, I asked him what sort of delusion that would be. I know to be a 62-year-old very experienced lawyer magistrate with much training in the job of psychology and psychiatry and having done much research and study in those fields. Hardly a delusion then. I pointed out to him that he on the other hand was deluded in thinking to be a 62-year-old very experienced psychiatrist. it is the internet it might even be so. At least he obviously behaved in that way. This is discernable because by showing a lot of egos he presented himself as very knowledgeable in that field. He probably isn’t for not grasping even basic psychology. Furthermore, as a former prosecutor, I pointed out to him that even if he was a psychiatrist he then would have broken disciplinary, civil, and even criminal law by his actions. Anyway being young and probably having been asked by others in the group he was posturing as a coping behavior.

He took offense when I pointed out to him that he needed to learn to read. Every time I unbeknown to him tested his ability to grasp obvious irony. He thought I stated A, not B whereas 60% of humanity would potentially grasp I stated B, not A.

I also tested him on complex set theory and asked him why he made a constant hash out of that. His argumentative skills didn’t exceed a Monty Python Argument Clinic sketch. Acting like a great authority stating that “nobody” would understand this. And, that it was all “unclear”. Everything he stated as unsubstantiated on what I for instance claimed that Putin would do has now come true. Akin to a member of the flat earth society no evidence in the world will rock his beliefs. Only when his peer group shifts will that ensue. And the latter only when one or more of the mighty oligarchs that have a grip on that peer group shift will a paradigm shift ensue.

He used a form of argument that would only be valid when he is the Boss of God. He objected to that. Even though the only argument the gave was that he vehemently stated otherwise. When I claimed that something hadn’t been falsified by him, he pointed to his written lines where he posed a denial sec. Even a mathematician never grasped that a valid falsification is only when any errors in logic occur or data is misrepresented.

He didn’t answer. I told him that by the unalienable right of self-defense now he had judged me I could judge him. Quid pro quo, tit for tat.

So I stated that * taking my model dated 2014 as a fact * that was based on the written evidence of that thread, he is a far above average fast thinking, authoritarian mentally healthy autistic male. Thus best at algebra, average at geometry, and an absolute deep idiot at all paradoxes such as irony and dynamic set theory.

He didn’t react to this. So, didn’t state that he was best at geometry at his university.

Then he demanded that I should be “clear” in what I was stating in my blog. And demanded that I explicitly react to all his questions. Which I did. In as short as possible and as long as needed post, I copy pasted each of his questions and answered them. He had the moderator silently remove that post and was backed by a gang aggressively attempting mob rule stating I was much too aggressive.

Hilariously he still had the gaull to demand I answer all of his questions. Pointing out to him that he just had the moderator remove his request didn’t get a reaction.

The moderator acting in an illogical authoritarian way said that she had removed the post for being “disruptive”.

I explained that I had the right to defend myself at the same aggressive level they attacked me. Even though I wasn’t aggressive but assertive. The latter I forgot to mention.

I also explained that current internet norms in moderation are wrong. I explained that bad habits never constitute Just law.

I also explained to the moderator that in removing the post she had also committed under Dutch penal law a crime that carries a maximum penalty of four jail sentences. Slander.

I gave the Dutch young thus inexperienced mathematician the text of the law. I offered them the possibility of proving in a TV show court that what they had done was illegal. A bit difficult to want to become a politician and thus a lawmaker when you don’t understand a law that I guess even the Babylonians would have had.

I can always still file a formal complaint or sue them in a civil court case. I might even just do that just to teach them a lesson. For they again stealthily removed work on how to treat taboos behind closed doors, I’d done for them. That too is illegal.

Now, most established political organizations have internal rules. For instance, having a quasi-democratic jury system. What they subsequently don’t grasp is that any system of rules must not be in breach of the law. So, you may have a free fight rule cage fight group. Or a verbal abuse group like my fraternity club Minerva. Yet, when you adevrtise your group as a parelmentary democratic decent liberal group, then those rules apply.

Clearly simple common sense on decent behavior is not taught anymore to our youth.

I know everybody does this wrong, and this paradigm exists maybe since Homo Erectus.

Yet it MUST be changed.

Anyway, the young mathematician said that it was “word salad” to him.


Well here is a doodle graphic in which I in a later post will explain picture salad, word salad, course number salad, fine number salad, and the mixed salad algorithms. And that you then have split the unsuitable for even algebra is always a mixed salad. Our case study young mentally healthy intelligent autistic mathematician who religiously can’t compute and what emotionally trolls him is that this is a complex dynamic set theory that is far too complex for him.

Dutch Mathematics & Arithmatic Scholing case study

The Dutch Freudenthal institute has ruined Dutch arithmetic in primary schools and all mathematics in high school. Teaching the kids an anti-scientific pseudoscience way of misuse of statistics. What makes statistics difficult is set theory especially dynamic set theory. Hysterics don’t grasp the required level of abstract logic and autists don’t grasp the inherent paradoxes. Bad statistics sell like hell. Anyone can get very rich and powerful via this sort of pseudoscience.

Autistic types only like empirical/frequentistic statistics and hate the probabilistic reasoning of Bayes. They simply can’t follow the irony of Baysian ramblings. Honestly believing that my 100% score with 23/23 major predictions must be some sort of lucky strike.

The same luck also with my whopping 80% score in predicting the now accepted experiment Higgs field, the gravity waves, the detected cross of the photon, and the destruction of the standard model via splitting the muon proving it not to be elementary. This all puts the mainstream Copenhagen interpretation in physics that I described on one A4 in an evermore precarious situation. Any unbiased kid will spot that of course, the photon is a particle waving thru a field: the Higgs field. That will immediately prove Einstein correct that god doesn’t play dice.


The Nobel prize quantum entanglement of the Bell inequalities that the late John Bell proved by theorem to be unsolvable. The Nobel prize laureates are getting in effect John’s prize. My friend professor emeritus statistics Richard Gill KNAW who started my blog should also get part of that prize for his work in the same field as the Gill theorem.

My qualms with the Nobel prize as such are irrelevant as is the question of whether the Nobel prize 2022 in physics is correctly given or not.

Anyway, these Nobel prizes are the last gasp of the authoritarian autists in power to deem what is science.

Science is the decent systematic search for all the laws of everything and all-inclusive Bildung.

Current science doesn’t even have a definition of science and thus doesn’t know what pseudoscience is either.

The autistic and hysteric 80% majority keep society in a split personality disorder not being able to compute that the cosmos as per 2nd LOE normal bell curve distribution on average throws 20% out-of-the-box problems at us humans. Take modern social media. That posed new out-of-the-box problems that were not solved promptly. Proof: when you take an unaltered Facebook algorithm as a fact that got Donald Trump to be president.


Force any authority in power to force politicians to decide to do the proposed Oracle Senate test.

Urgently! Do or Die!

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