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14 if new to the blog or 8 minute read: years to study.


To reiterate especially for the new to my blog in yet again other better words for all:

I’ve on average had, and still have a truly fantastic life. Given experiencing an often crazy world.  Which I can prove, and anyone can copy. With hindsight I simply intuitively happy go lucky followed the Ten rules of Everything as the most fundamental paradoxical ‘break one you break all’ rules of humanity. Easy rules that every high school kid should learn to play with. Rules that are completely consistent with all world religions including science proper. Rules that are for > 99% old school. Yet with only recently fully understood by me, a few essential slight game changing twists. Without me taking the weight of the world on my shoulders. Carpe Diem!

The urgent goal of my blog is to prevent war in the nick of time in a practical way. This however requires a fundamental paradigm shift being inherently taboo.

Mind, only extremely taboo for politicians, not so taboo for the disenfranchised! This knowledge is power! Use it!

The only way that might still prevent war is doing a test in the Dutch senate. As per snap of the finger of the hypnotizer even Putin and Xi will shift focus on their actual desire. Becoming modern monarchs instead of continuing the path to war as  suicidal dictators blundering the world into WW3. Also a new senate is needed as peer group for spotting the four fundamental speeds of brain. That is the – only – way to abolish global poverty and reach global lasting peace.

The world will follow the Dutch lead also in the EU and hopefully in the USA still being on the brink of civil war.

Yet that requires especially the peer groups of humanity to observe what I’ve learned to observe unaided: the four speeds of human synapses as the different four speeds of brain. This can be reproduced on video and is thus an exact classical QM science! A collective brain that needs to work together. That requires a base economy providing everyone a decent income for life in order to keep humanity in balance with (human) nature. How to do that can be left to science and the new senates to sort out.

Such a new senate is also required as a Peer Review of science as a whole via research and advice to and proper funding of science and everyone. Scientists will no longer get away with murder of Lady Justice and Diederik Stapel Pinocchio Black Magic. Science even in Transition is falsified and rectified.

Only if everyone including scientists have a decent income will they robotically via ‘free will’  act decent. 

Per Proven Best Practice Postulate on the most fundamental Deepest Level of Reality.

An ‘all swans are white’ largest circular argument complete consistent proof on the ditto proven as far as I know new best practice definition of science:

A decent systematic search for all the laws of everything and all-inclusive bildung

You may thus freely share everything on this blog.

Even without citation of my work.

In so doing I already break a scientific taboo. For it implies breaking with an indecent earning model of desire of authority, reputation,  funding, vanity etc.

NB! Yet maybe you must by law or custom cite others I “stole” from.

For > 99.9% is nicked by me as old school knowledge.

You are however requested to pose valid falsification of anything on the blog in a Wikipedia style way by showing:

A. Logical inconsistencies,

B. Invalid and / or incomplete data and

C. And most importantly: Show a better proven best practice. (i.e. provide proof on a higher norm. )

Just as a cheat sheet reminder of the proven ten laws of  everything & humaneness:

The Ten rules: in short (See all earlier posts, mind it is all a never ending development Wikipedia style story),

This is a back to basics common sense approach. A more than 99.9% proven best practice use of old school methods and techniques yet with some slight but fundamental twists. High school level stuff on the postulate and axiom level. Spotting the ten easy rules of the game, most of which were already known.

As long as you live: always strive for an average between 90% and 99% score (C2!):

A1 atomos  * This post will add to this *  B1 elements C1 always Completeness

A&B2     Normal Distribution (continuous & discrete) C 2 always Normality

A3 (non-) determinism B3 deterministic probability * This post will add to this * C 3 always Proof

A&B4 Order function (largest) C 4 always Soul

A&B5 Lego Velcro / Tachyon (smallest) * This post will add to this * C 5 always logical Facts

 A&B6 Space C 6 always Freedom

A&B7 absolute 4 relative time speeds C 7 always due Timing

A&B8 Strong Interaction C 8 always hold Course

A&B9 Weak Interaction C 9 always go with the Flow

A&B 10 Sameness C 10 always Equality

Again Mind the ‘break one you break all’ character of these in effect ten commandments of the cosmos.

Again: Definitions are Hypnotical Anxiety Wordings study the different definition jargon in the blog

So Absolutely Nothing is Negligible on a most Fundamental Probandum for in the long run during a crises the cosmos will present you with your otherwise bankrupting bill!

The New Post:



Containing an excellent video of what the Muon-g-2 experiment is about. They are a hairbreadth away from meeting the statistics required to be by current paradigm convention sufficiently certain that ‘New Physics”, as they call it, is around the corner. Hopefully the coming year will show this.

Seeing this evidence I’d say a proven prime suspect that the Standard Model is busted. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_Model

The only reason science doesn’t dare state that is because of not complying with the ten LOE’s especially due timing and goal. They have been mucking about with the SM and the Theories of Einstein for far too long. Einstein, Hubble and Louis Carroll had warned them.

The prediction as what the legal interactions that are possible consistent with the in my models lingo Local Law (LoL pun intended) of the Standard Model that up till now unexpectedly has reigned supreme  are inconsistent with the experimental results.


Again: first off science and physics need to get their definitions in far better order.

An elementary particle is one that is most fundamental or an atomos i.e. unsplitable or when it can only be split into the same sort of particles. I.e. a snowball into snowballs and not a snowball into snowflakes.

An atom is fundamental to the periodic table of elements yet not elementary. As the name incorrectly suggests. It can be split into different sorts of particles. Something Fundamental should always be defined as being in relation to something. Elementary means it must stand alone as most fundamental.

A ‘virtual particle’ as is a ‘massless particle’ is in my model already an illegal real magic particle as per Grand Postulate when being used in the context of a claim as being elementary. It may be used as a fundamental not understood observation in a Local Law. So a Muon in the SM may be seen as fundamental to the LoL of SM yet no way be stated to be elementary. That should have been clear even before this experiment.

Anyway again this experiment of the Fermi lab provides again strong evidence in support of my model. The “virtual particles” that pop up and vanish in unpredictable way as the video so nicely shows confirming to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle are in my model real snowflakes and snowballs with a maximum of six snowflakes. The latter being the Graviton.

Why does the SM provide them with so much mass? Well in the SM c is v max and v min as a constant. High energy impact thus. Well if c is your maximum limit the mass must go up to account for the energetic bang that is registered.

Basically science hasn’t followed the ten basic rules of game play.

Had they done so then even Albert Einstein would of immediately spotted that his predicted photon of his must be interacting with a dynamic matrix of sorts. That would of immediately collapsed the whole QM church  religion from the get go. Immediately even he as a baby would of spotted intuitively that the waves are in a medium and the packet is the particle boat. Thus as a high school kid he would of immediately easily spotted that c is an obvious average.

The SM built on an incorrect procedure of interpreting evidence and reasoning, by plucking easy to get low hanging fruit apples from the forbidden tree of real magic. Using only four instead of five axioms is easier. And taking the short cut of, for instance, stealing from the bank to solve financial problems can be quite successful until ending up in jail. That is the way the cosmos continually n = extremely high & without exception in the long run proves to work. Selling your soul to the devil seems to pay off  in the beginning but the bill will be presented at the end. That by not providing the opponent all the pieces in correct game play set up.

That what is achieved is extraordinarily complex and a great result doesn’t take away the fact of having cheated.

I (posing as humanity) won’t win at all playing against Yuri Kasparov posing as Mother Nature / God even when he constantly gets 1/5 less pieces to start with.  Yet Yuri might get religiously convinced that he can beat Mother Nature / God at chess  when being allowed by Mother Nature / God to build up a debt of foul game play. Providing unreasonable success at first yet a catastrophic failure in the end when getting justly disqualified.

Just to reiterate the unsplitable atomos being the only sort of particle akin a snowflake uniquely deformable built up out of probably 500 absolutely identical absolutely rigid rings of mass. A proven via a proper valid proof of “circumstantial evidence”.  (A BTW incorrect term for a proper best practice proof, for all proofs are inherently circumstantial. So as a definition it doesn’t differentiate. Yet as said it’s undoable to change the Babylonian confusion on all hypnotic anxiety wordings.)  

In so doing conform my Air Crash Investigation upbringing and Crime Scene Investigation working life, I reverse engineered in concurrence with the original evidence based medicine  making wise use of my gut feelings in a rational way.  As described in the book of David A. Schum. This is conform science being identical to physics mayor as opposed to meta physics and physics minor or physics sec and in current paradigm. The latter incorrectly uses a production department algorithm in R&D. The primary language in R&D on physics mayor is picture salad. Or dynamic geometry of change. First paint the whole dynamic picture in a healthy manic oversight way with testable implications. Inherently in the end the only remaining test will be completeness, and logic. This requires ex the 4th LOE/H the DNA talent of being a male of female Leonardo da Vinci type like Michelle Obama and myself. Yet also nurture like I had and she probably hasn’t had to that extent.

The first Law of Everything is Newton +.  Why the ‘+’ ? Well add infinite atomos interacting in infinite space. + Super conductivity and c as an obvious average. + Atomos, Gravity, curved space are obviously constructs and thus paradoxical. All LOE’s and LoL’s are logically derived from this First Law of Everything.  

Due to formally on the social contract with humanity forgetting to state and register what instrument of brain scientists have used in experiments they are again disqualified for foul play. Peer review is falsified having failed humanity causing probable extinction via nuclear winter as the greatest acute danger of humanity. They are required to redeem themselves. So please state personality type and intelligence ex the 4th LOE or prove that DNA talent in that sense is irrelevant or show a better model of the brain. Otherwise shut up, and humbly bow your headless head.

I’ll attempt to screw it back on even though you might feel very much screwed.

Taking this model ex the 5th LOE/H as a fact i.e. absolutely true then it must be held that Albert Einstein as a healthy ADHD-i4m* thus Catch 22 slightly mad because in a DSM6 mostly mad “number salad” for literally suicidal in the long run  incorrect “shut up and calculate” nuclear world war world religiously incapable of computing properly what he “observed” concerning his predicted photon.

Had he been freely allowed to with “childlike openness” view i.e. interpret the data with his great out of the box talent for dynamic geometry of change yet only one quantum talent for spotting the social multi ego impact on the working of his instrument brain, he would of readily and immediately spotted that the constant speed of the photon in curved space must be in a dynamic curved space of something waving thru it in interaction. He had success in using only four instead of five axioms and ended up with spooky actions at a distance and rotten constants that he correctly disliked. Knowing and stating it couldn’t be. “God doesn’t play dice” Albert dixit. Well in this model God Yin does, and Yang doesn’t at the same time. A simple logical consequence of the postulate(s) worked out into the proven best practice concept or prime suspect as the Lego Velcro particle as the 5th Law of Everything.

That you have a Law doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep on interpreting and adapting the law based on new unexpected observations. Bloody idiots! Get your definitions in order on what a ‘Law’ is. A law is a most succinct way of systematically describing a set of interactive observations. As a Law of Everything it should always apply without any exceptions.

An absolute rigid ring is one quanta mass with a form and volume. Yet the form is static geometry infinitely smooth thus  inherently cannot be absolutely quantized. Nor can the interaction between two quanta rings be seen as other than absolutely unique in the nigh infinitely shortest timeframe let alone when taking the push pull no pull music of 499 other rings into consideration during the live music faze.

Time is what the clock says. The arrow of time points forward. Time is because of always four speeds both yin relative and  yang absolute at the same time all the time.    


1 ring is 1 quantum mass: qm.

1 Lego Velcro probably Tachyon or 1Neutrino has thus 500 qm. And an incidental (2nd LOE) v max of 10c; v average (va) 9.5c v incidental minimum 9c in space and 0 & < c! dependent on classical billiards spin at maximum pressure just before v max 10c.

(BTW You might want to choose 1  LV as 1 qm and one ring as 1/500 qm. Whatever is more practicable.)

The simple combining the notion that the cosmos is also digital and inspired by E = mc^2 this taking artistic liberty as an educated guess that the incidental repeating max v of one Lego Velcro must be 10c. I took that as a logical fact testing that hypothetical idea. Lo and behold the dynamic geometry of change again fits like a glove. 

The Velcro function Law  is a logical dust collectors function. The more mass is added the more spin you get the slower you go. The more dust you collect.  Yet the energy state as mass in straight or circular (acceleration) movement stays the same. Simply Newton. Being the First Law of Everything. A law that can logically be split in many sub laws.  

Neutrinos are formed in  large enough black holes that are formed in large enough planets or stars. Black holes are like furry balls  in which the Higgs pressure in the center is much higher than the Graviton pressure. They are shot out the center in a spin and probably given opposite spin going thru the outer layer of the black hole that must be counter rotating to keep balance. That is why all detected Neutrinos only have left spiraling spin when detected.

When seeing a black hole as a mathematical singularity maybe okay in certain LoL situations, yet a serious error in observational interpretation and logical reasoning when claiming anything elementary. Please then go back to elementary school.  

Neutrinos can’t penetrate the pressure vessel. Logic with Lego as any kid can understand. And they do fly absolutely straight along a virtual center mass vector in the Euclid’s 5 axiom space.   

2 LV = 1000 qm; v max 9c.    2Neutrino

3LV = 1500 qm; v max 8.5c   3Neutrino

4LV = 2000 qm; v max 8c       4Neutrino

5LV = 2500 qm; v max 7.5c    5Neutrino

Neutrino’s hardly interact with the larger particles such as the Higgs & Graviton fields unless their speed drops below to c or lower. Only then do they become detectable for us using larger than Planck scale strings.

Outside our pressure vessel larger than Higgs particle Mother Mary particles must logically exist. For only in interaction with especially Gravitons being in fact a 6Neutrino are they bashed ex 1st LOE/H Newton into the 10th LOE/H Equality of the trinity Higgs, Graviton and space containing this not just nothing in this again revised model but also Neutrinos. Neutrinos hardly play a detectable role of change other than that they account of much of the missing mass incorrectly deemed Dark Matter. For matter has gravity as per definition to distinguish mass from matter. Gravity is an obvious construct.

This also explains that there are hardly any particles to be assumed between the Graviton and Higgs particle.  They are all bombarded into the matrix of only these two particles.


6LV = 3000 qm; v max 7c = my Graviton snowball. Although flying on an absolutely straight vector it interacts more often with the Higgs field, (and might thus best not be named a (6)Neutrino) pushing the slower much larger Higgs particles into two counter rotating Planck scale strings of six Higgs particles each in a dynamic matrix.  A simple logical consequence. Bow wave push stern wave pull in the Graviton medium in which the Higgs particles are being constantly bombarded as the pressure keeping the snowballs together in a double Yin & Yang balance. Both snowballs are like billiard balls in slow (whopping high for us though) spin.

Now the number 137 probably stems from the maximum length of a fully stretched Lego Velcro ringed particle. (Or any other part of the nippy bugger.)  Having the diameter of the ring as 1 quantum length, the inner diameter thus 8 ql and the outer ring diameter 10ql I guess building the 500 rings that max length or average length will be 137 ql.

The Lego Velcro probably has 10% double connected rings and 10% five-way- ringed connections. 40% triple and 40% quadruple connections. Providing four different speed reactions when interacting in any action and reaction way. So the most fundamental way providing the subtle music via speed differential as a dictate of Newton. As long as the weak Velcro force is dominant and not the most strong  force stopping the music on the Lego function max pressure.   

As an educated associative guess the mass of one Higgs should be (maybe only on average) exactly 137 times a Graviton =>

Higgs: 411,000 qm and Yin and Yang half way 10c v max  = 5c as a 1/12th part of two Planck scale strings probably seen as only one yet to be formed Gluon in effect proto photon just by adding mass to the 12 mini black hole fur balls in the making.

Being a photon in this model having 2 x 6 former Gluons as Glu-ins in larger than Planck scale strings. The photon can only be produced at the start of when the yet to be formed galaxy is slowly pushed into the crust of our universe matrix or as split off part of matter. At ‘arm’s length’ having been pushed against the tide only just reaching the crust from out of the core.  

The problem is that the mass of black holes is always steadily rising and always in balance. The photo being at c is indeed also in this model thus a bit of an odd one out.

To sort this out further is the task of scientists especially physicists. My task as a lawyer and magistrate is to point this out. Thus only if need be do what scientists should of done.

That the magic Planck scale number isn’t exactly 137 isn’t a problem due to inherently a combined function of linear dynamic geometry and circular dynamic geometry having Pi in the Newton Apple Pie. Taking artistic liberty compare the Leonardo da Vinci squaring the circle  Vitruvius man. Pi being the reason a leather football can’t be made by one sort of patch. The Lego Velcro is in constant situation of average n = high change having both absolutely straight and absolutely circular properties built in by reverse engineered educated guess work. With testable implications. The way you solve a crime scene in a timely fashion. Preventing amok.

Seen this way the 5 neutrinos keep the Higgs particles and  the Gravitons ‘well shaven’ of acquiring pimples. Clearly the weak Velcro force in slowing down the particle combined with the billiard ball spin the dust collecting function beats the being shot to bits function.

Once a Graviton or Higgs is formed I guess that even when  a hit by say a Tachyon i.e. 1Neutrino in such a way as to defeat the weak force splitting part off, is far more rare than quickly acquiring a replacement neutrino at lower speed. Hence they act as near perfect billiard balls.

Higgs versus Graviton bashing never has bits fly off. They are in equilibrium balance with each other given that the whopping hexagon pressure vessel holds.

This would also nicely fit the always present interfering background noise. A noise that is obvious to me when in 1981 as a conscript gunner observing my PRTL Anti-Aircraft  target acquisition Doppler radar scope. Uncanny looking the same as a DNA profile in a CSI case when looking at part profiles i.e. maximum zoomed in. You get a ‘grass type’ image. Which up till then still required a human to spot the true stealthy target from an artifact hiding in the weeds.  As it still is done to this day as far as I know in DNA profile analyses.  

In so doing it isn’t a great problem to get all mass and gravity to match all the data. Gravity, DM and DE solved in principle.

Yet DE should be defined not as dark energy but as say Dark Hubble. It’s otherwise incorrect use of the instrument brain.

Also DM should not be defined as Dark Matter but as Dark Order or any other correct definition.

Speeding up matter it will gain mass from the mass of the Higgs-field causing a  gravity under pressure. The more you speed it up, the more gravity and gained mass. The slower the matter decays. The larger the blob of strings the slower the v max in the Higgs matrix. So under mounting entropy perceived as falling apart, the Milky Way is slowly accelerating yet always the form will be held nearly constant. Ever so slowly all being slightly weak force sucked and mostly strong force pushed into the largest black hole in the center. Which of course is accelerating towards the low energy side of the CMB. Long before that DNA life will have ended for only Neutrino’s Gravitons and Higgs-particles and photons can escape the grip of gravity that the galaxy exerts.

Spaceship earth is boldly going where we have no way of knowing by the past what exactly is happening. Akin a Chuck Yeager flying thru the sound barrier, maybe only causing the climate to shift to which we humans can still adapt, if we use the collective brain properly.

Akin the history of flight, new barriers such as high speed instability at Mach 1.5 and temperature barrier for aluminum around Mach 2 will be encountered. Contrary to aircraft using steel or titanium we can’t change our DNA to comply to the new situation. That end of our times probably won’t be that pleasant. Yet please don’t panic. It might be another million years of more.  Getting this wrong is a problem as is getting that date right is as well. And please mind this is only a model. I.e. a proven prime suspect of which much is still unclear. So it might be the wrong suspect.

In truth we know hilariously little via direct observation of that of what there is to know in order to be certain about just about anything.


Having topped 4000 words I’ll go in to this in a new post. What mathematicians do wrong. It’s not one synapse yet a trillion, ponder that before you think that rambler 16 is wrong.


Again QED proven best practice at yet another new higher therefor breakthrough level. Study the ten commandments of this model! Yet better take a leap of faith follow the post scriptum below.

Footnotes: https://grisblog180460.wordpress.com/2021/08/31/my-blog-post-reader/

(yet to be updated.)

Post Scriptum

Ceterum autem censeo Carthaginem esse delendam https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carthago_delenda_est

Ergo: Ask Dutch politicians to test the new R&D Oracle Senate!

Any group of scientists or poor third world community can effectively do so. As long as it reaches Dutch media.

It will then quickly, and hopefully still in time, work like a viral domino effect preventing WW3 as per Physics of War Ingo Piepers Amok Algorithm.  

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