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Just back from a wonderful vacation to  one of my favorite cities in the world: Rome.

Having thus had time to think how to organize my blog.

After having now thanks to Richard getting started as a blogger and learned by trial and error how to best do this, and having made a tour d ’horizon on how to save the world via organizing proper reasoning. Feedback shows it has to be done step by small focus step. Even though I maintain that it should be enough what I provided up untill now. Anyway:

1st I’ll first off later on provide a legend diagram to what posts of the past deal with what.

2nd The main topic will be:

Science, The Law & The Senate.

3rd Topic will be my post per post step proving my complete integration of                         

Cosmology, Consciousness & Quantum Mechanics.

4th Topic will be the Physics of Psychology.

5th Topic will be showing how the model will be Rewriting History.

6th Topic will be using the model on any current interest topic.

For instance I’ve two current interest topics in mind  having just experienced a 42.5oC heat wave on the way back from Rome. So what’s cooking and what to do about it?

And the second: history repeating itself in Afghanistan and the Taliban.

Both seen from the perspective of what could and should have been done and still can be done.


Science is the decent systematic  search for all the laws of everything and all-inclusive bildung.

Ceterum autem censeo Carthaginem esse delendam

Ergo: Ask Dutch politicians to test the new R&D Oracle Senate!

To quickly find what I’m talking about if you are new to my blog, you need a legend diagram. Well, working on that.


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      A legend diagram is probably going to be a doodle graphic or info graphic that is yet to be thought out by me that is irrespective of the Dutch, or English language showing how all the topics interconnect.


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