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Again consistent with my model.

Akin solving real murder cases as I’ve done, that’s actually reverse engineering. When on the right track the evidence without the need of complicated explanations in a way that gives us lawyers justly a bad name, the simple evidence keeps on piling in. Without an obvious confirmation bias, owing to just that obvious elegant simplicity of it all.

Religiously in the non-spiritual sense of the world not believing in magic. And thus demanding complete consistency that in the simple laws that govern it all can be explained to any well nurtured high school kid as a > 99% truth.

Gödel et al simply described the current sick science state of affairs that makes it indeed unsolvable and seeming ghostlike magic.  This is hilariously simple kindergarten, elementary school and high school level science class stuff. As one with bildung as lived thru general knowledge would know and expect.

Science proper being:

The decent systematic search for all the laws of everything and all-inclusive bildung.

This definition was developed in this blog over several posts in a Wikipedia style way. You may and are even required to attempt to falsify and improve on this definition. It readily falsifies current Science even in Transition as being in breach of this goal of science, that ex the 8th LOE the obvious strong force of the laws of nature or stated goal as the same logically derived local law as the 8th Law of Humanity. Inherently being local for only existing where humans can exist.

Contrary to LOE’s that per definition apply everywhere as a “all swans are white” best practice for obviously largest circular argument covering most for completely all known data in a consistent way.

Had science done what it should of done in the first place namely rigorously follow proper proceeding  as dictated by the 3rd LOE Bayes then they would of searched for and found the 4th LOE the mathematical order function of physics of life and death, intelligence and consciousness. The soul of the cosmos must be the same as the order function of the (after having found it indeed collective) brain. The four actually five algorithms showing how to organize the human thinking process in a decent way preventing in an optimum way inconsistencies such as poverty and war. And preventing anti-scientific pseudoscience that more and more learn to distrust averting to flat earth societies.

As a dictate of the 4th LOE the Block Model all humans suffer from a lack of memory space being that the largest of all mammals.  Only 1% has the artistic DNA talent to grasp the far above average complex problems  concerning paradoxes such as irony and optical illusions at play and see through the simple laws that govern the un-fathomable complex consequences.

It’s not so much difficult akin building a cathedral. It’s just a lot of work in doing every little focus step after focus step. Miss one and you end up in Alice in Wonderland belief in real magic. In part if you don’t have the talent, for say abstract logic even though belonging to the 10% fastest thinkers i.e. most intelligent types in that sense,  mathematics  could just as well be real magic. Then you can’t learn this other than to learn that you should refrain from stating position on matters concerning those issues.  That would indeed be very arrogant.

The same goes for the problem of the article and new findings.

What ghostly matter and anti-matter breach of symmetry are we looking at here?

The problem starts with the religious honest belief of most physicists that the constant of the speed of light is v max. Whereas it obviously is an average for else illegal magic.  This stems from the occult “shut up and calculate” cult that still is the dominant religion as neurologically internalized hypnotics as DNA survival trait robotics with an ex 3rd and 4th LOE dictate of yin no free will and at the same time yang a true free will at the same time paradox.

Most mathematicians and physicists belong to the 10% fastest thinkers ex the 4th LOE. The new physics of psychology. 40% of that containing 20% females (ex the 2nd LOE Normal distribution (10-40-40-10 or 20-80) both yin continuous and yang discrete) who are best at going by the book number salad such as most of algebra, and average (compared to the best at that) at picture salad (such as most of geometry) and below average mental 6 year old relative idiots at word salad (relative dyslexia q.v. idiotic IQ tests) and deep idiotic mental and intellectual at best two year olds at dynamic geometry illusion paradoxes such as this topic concerns and even worse 1 year olds at best at paradoxical inter human communication paradoxes such as irony. Easy to register and reproduce on video and thus an exact science. Game over it’s all DNA & classical QM nature even the nurture.

Survival of the fittest means that only those survive (8th LOE goal)  that adapt quick enough (7th LOE timing)  keeping their nonspiritual religion (4th LOE) completely consistent with the ‘break one you break all’ ten laws of everything together forming the One Grand Law of Everything Newton +.

Again that there is a (5th) LOE a yin & yang atomos that is both absolutely rigid for super conductive and deformable this a construct of sorts is neigh absolutely proven true for a valid circumstantial proof. I.e. the only most simple way to describe and predict in a testable way what we observe.

As a proven prime suspect there of as a proven best practice concept which has yet become via this added evidence in Japan more probable.


The Lego Velcro taken as a fact ex 5th LOE is probably sciences tachyon or 1 neutrino snowflake with deformable super conductive rigid massive ringed deformable construct. Incidental v max is 10c. Yet for where we are in the Lego domed hexagon pressure vessel the v max is 9.5 c. The more it is akin a billiard ball brought into spin via the 8th LOE strong force linear hits the slower ex 1st LOE ‘Newton +’ it goes.

Collecting other snowflakes via the 9th LOE Soft force Velcro function it also spins more (ex 1st LOE) yet then only one quantum less speed each time due to adding one neutrino building a 2 neutrino(500 rings is 500 quanta mass.) This goes on until we get a 5neutrino for a six-pack is a graviton that does interact with the Higgs & graviton fields at an incidental v max of 5c.

The Higgs particle probably has 137 snowflakes and is found in the dynamic matrix playing follow the leader with six other Higgs with graviton bow push and stern waves pull double Planck scale strings. A proto larger scale double string photon each containing double six former gluons as Planck Scale strings brought into more spin having more mass pushed in as little black holes becoming Glu-ins.

A survice tention scenario that when broken make for Glue-out magnetism > c arcing back in the matrix being pushed back by faster gravitons and slower unspun Higgs in smallest strings.

Well, the 5 sorts of neutrinos and maybe gravitons as well, can easily be mistaken as very energetic ghostly pop up out of nowhere and disappearing ghost like things if you’re religious brain forbids you to view anything > c as the answer. So what does your non free will sub-consciously do? Tells you it’s a very massive Muon that systematically fits the standard model all c = v max = v min constant.  Oh dear oh dear, when it’s actually the same energy not with magic massless particles yet with less mass and much more speed.  

All our instruments including our brain are larger than Planck Scale strings observing things at our deepest directly observable level in a due to the dynamic curved construct of being in the crust of a whopping sphere of local space of which we only observe a laughably small part, (this is even simple high school non dynamic geometry) in a quantized way. Yet there must be an even deeper hidden variable level at play for else occult magic.

The matter anti matter symmetry paradox is due to classical mechanical counter rotation gyroscopic effect holding position in a matrix that reforms back to order above c.

Well when a say 5 neutrino is brought via a strong force hit billiard ball hit at or below c it not only becomes detectable but also more easily a “6neutrino” or graviton breaking the symmetry with other 5 neutrino’s that when detected are pushed in our quantized “understandable” matrix of thought and observation of paradoxical optical obvious illusions.  

Having had success by cheating by the authoritarian majority wanting to go by the book, Science and humanity run aground. Instead of seeing this again new observation as an obvious falsification, strong traumatic even feelings  of ego guilt and multi ego social shame prevent the brain of  the religious to by strong gut feeling to spot the blatantly obvious. Having brought part of the world great success and having enslaved the greater part, now on the brink of WW3.

Only when humanity learns to put the team in the correct order via studying ter fine of valid falsification especially the 4th LOE claim can the mad world be cured hopefully still in time.

Support my proposed experiment of a new oracle senate starting in the Netherlands for our way of having a modern monarch and a nonjury  appointed professional magistrates for life is the already in part proven by n = high test way out. For me it’s not so much an experiment but a first flight of a new prototype with all tested parts.

Science and humanity will snap out of it once we get more millionaires, no poor and no war. Poverty is slavery and a simple mindset problem. Do as the Romans did, don’t threaten any existing power bases as long as they play along. Always leave them an honorable way out. Including all current scientists.  All world religions including science proper are correct as long as all are consistent with the stated definition goal of science.

Maybe humanity has run out of time. Maybe not. Just support the test. I nearly had our PM Rutte propose this radical plan for a new culture for humanity.


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