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Well, simply start doing what NATO should have done in 2014.

But this causes traumatic feelings of guilt and shame that have not prevented this. However, then we make the fallacy of hindsight. Nobody, not even Putin knew that his forces were so bad and that the Ukraine forces and Zelensky were capable of standing up to him. On paper, NATO wasn’t in a position to protect the Baltic states, so playing the tough guy was a great risk then.

It’s now both much more dangerous to do it wrong, and on the other hand, much less risk to get it right. This game-changer has come about thanks to the Ukraine armed forces giving Putin a whipping.

The mobster Putin is now feeling weak and therefore a desperado. Indeed reaching for desperate Nazi measures that though pre-planned were only measures of last resort. Again, let it be clear Putin is definitely not bluffing about using nukes when forced to.

NATO’s mission should be:

  1. Get an immediate ceasefire and a win-win deal.
  2. Prevent the war from reigniting or spreading into WW3. To that end, Putin and his former KGB thugs must be neutralized immediately. And a win-win peace brokered immidiately.
  3. Guilty parties must be brought to justice.

Granting Putin and his KGB thugs amnesty and Putin even an elevation to the higher office of a modern monarch tsar is a necessity as a raison d’├ętat. A bitter pill. Yet priority must be given to points 1 and point 2 above point 3. If you oppose this then you are acting just as criminal as Putin. Above that, you are also then acting like an idiot. The risk of nuclear war rises the longer this war lasts.

I’ve thirty years of hands-on experience with these sorts of thugs as a lawyer, D.A., and judge. As I know decent narcissist as well. They are not mad, yet only act that way when not kept in a correct team. Surrounded by yes-men they go off track. You need a Napoleon Bonaparte, a Douglas Bader, or Peter R. de Vries in war, and preferably on your own side.

As stated all along this war can literally be stopped in a day. Have the Royalty of the world enact their historically proven to work role. Tell Putin behind closed doors that he will be accepted as the new Tsar of Russia provided he becomes a modern monarch and heeds the demands.

Amnesty should only be granted in a lifelong provisional way. They all then can still be imprisoned with life sentences.

To prevent a repetition of the yes-men problem with new presidents in Russia the new oracle senate test with senators for life must also be part of the deal.

NATO only subsequently must show its teeth threatening to slowly start intervening by hitting Puttins’s forces in the air and on the ground where it hurts. As long as the attacks stay within where Russian troops are in Ukraine or Belarus Putin won’t even threaten with going nuclear.

This way peace in a day is a piece of cake. All with the lowest possible risk of WW3 and this nuclear war.

Being scared of nuclear war will cause a nuclear war. Akin that being scared of getting mugged heightens that risk considerably. Having a correct team prevents that whilst still in a crazy world Catch 22 scenario. Only the new oracle senate can in time change that as the test will show.


Putin will now rest, resupply and redeploy his forces on a smaller front in the Donbas and around Mariupol.

Are we going to let NATO again stand idly by whilst Putin de-Nazifies Mariupol?

As I’ve been stating since before the start of the war in Ukraine Putin is a mobster. He actually gave the prior warning in his mobster talk that he would use nuclear force and would de-nazify Ukraine. This is as I also pointed out purely rational yet completely anti-social criminal behavior.

Because having been whipped by the Ukrainian armed forces Putin used Nazi methods to prevent mass desertions that are probable for in large part unmotivated disillusioned conscripts when in retreat after having been beaten. By indiscriminately killing civilians the hatred on the Ukraine side will be thought to be so great that they don’t even dare attempt desertion.

The actual reason that Putin and his big brother Xi towards Taiwan were on a warpath, is that their positions to stay in power were under threat due to economic problems stemming from the idiotic way the world dealt with the corona issue. The economic sanctions made it on the one hand even worse. Yet also might have woken everybody up.

The EU needs to become a nuclear power a.s.a.p. which is in everybody’s interest. Especially that of the USA. The simple reason, that Putin dared try this suicidally dangerous gamble war is the holes in NATO’s nuclear umbrella. So Biden had best give the 22 Dutch nukes with the keys to use them to the EU.

Conventionally Ukraine has proven that NATO can whack the Russians. Putin knows that full well.

Because of the success of the battlefield on which the tables of fortune can quickly shift (!) the new deal should be that Putin agrees on a new federal state of Donbas along the south coast of Ukraine up to Crimea including Crimea. All Russian forces out and UN forces in under the protection of NATO.

Also as part of the deal kicking all Russian forces out of Belarus might topple the clown, Lukashenko. Russia has to stay out of it.

All this in turn will protect Taiwan and the world from silly actions on the part of Xi.

As stated in this post of mine on the ten articles of most fundamental human rights. On serious issues always follow the correct procedure. An introduction on that.

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