Rambler 5

Topic Cosmology, Consciousness & Quantum Mechanics (CCQM).

Standard opening and end.

Having falsified the current science in overkill on the instrument between the ears, which will be dealt with further in the topic Physics of Psychology the quest for the most fundamental truth continues.

This is all necessary in order to show how to solve the urgent problems in the main topic of the blog: Science, The Law & The Senate. As per social contract with humanity:

Science is the decent systematic  search for all the laws of everything and all-inclusive bildung.

I need to whack myself with a stick again for having made an error in the drawing of the length of the different speeds > c past ten. Anyway that error put me on the right track to spot why the last and first quantum jump only provides a half quantum.

Well logic for the Mother Mary particle being a dustbowl vacuum cleaner outside the matrix is both the largest thus slowest above c as it is the smallest having only two Lego Velcro particles and thus needs to shed one more Lego Velcro to attain 9c as maximum velocity of 10c being c^2 of the E = mc^2 formula. That this is only part of the formula is irrelevant for what we understand as to grasp what “c” actually is, is the object of argument. Where the artistic liberty of being inspired by comes from is irrelevant to a degree in this phase. Other than that it stems from an artistically trained and talented instrument between the ears.

The other thing I since then saw was that the center of mass (gravity in a field) of the rings of course doesn’t coincide with the center of the circle. And then we get all sorts of effects such as the Dzhanibekov Effect as well.

I spotted this while working on a new doodle graphic.  You just wait for it!

To end of course:

Ceterum autem censeo Carthaginem esse delendam

Ergo: Ask Dutch politicians to test the new R&D Oracle Senate!

Any group of scientists or poor third world community can effectively do so. As long as it reaches Dutch media.


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    Can’t you take a course on how to write simple English? I need to read many sentences many times over before I can make grammatical sense of them. They unfortunately, at that stage, still seem to be free of any real content. There are lots of websites with tips on writing English for non-native speakers. The first tip is to keep sentences very, very short. I would also suggest you replace private catch-phrases with ordinary words. I get sick of hearing about “the instrument between the ears”. It is usually called “the brain”. Use your catch phrase just once, that’s a nice joke. But repeated ad infinitum sounds like a parrot with limited vocabulary. Especially when used ad nauseam in un-parsable utterings. By the way, English sentences have a subject and a verb and sometimes an object. You write strings of words separated by full stops, which are not sentences. Bad writing usually signals lack of coherent ideas.


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      Seen in one way I indeed should of taken more time to write a better worded post. Yet as stated I’m working on the doodle graphic. Difficult problems sometimes lead to difficulties in quickly formulating new ideas that need further thought, as you so aptly point out. The jest of this post is that I need time to formulate this new idea and will have to sleep on it a bit more. A course on proper English won’t help for under these circumstances I’ve the same problem in Dutch. Actually as does anyone. The only thing to do is couple the given video to my depiction of the Lego Velcro particle to grasp the great implications of constantly changing movement given super conductivity. Yet as stated in as yet impossible to get correct wording, it needs some time to clarify my thoughts knowing I again am in a flow of discovery. I do however think it wise to post all the same. Something that is worded in a better way is coming, hopefully soon. As stated on Facebook this is a R&D and not a sales department problem. The interested reader can observe how a developer actually develops new ideas in an inherent messy way. No-one forces anyone to observe how in the same way actual murder cases are correctly solved. This is no different.


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