Rambler 2


And thus I’m in a mindset split. Whilst I should do the chore of systematically improving the blog before continuing, as we Dutch say “ the blood crawls where it can’t go”.

I’m an inherent artistic developer at heart. So Murphy’s law struck. Thinking on how to best to organize all this, I again have my attention – being focus – drawn towards a new breakthrough in defining and also more succinct way of showing the first step of the order function of the cosmos.

As per the core of what this method is fundamentally about, it’s team work.

I need help in this getting organized so I can concentrate to do what I do best and that is develop.

So I’ll take the artistic liberty to follow my heart and first doodle graphic this new breakthrough which is step one anyway. This in order to step by step explain and now deepen the insights into the most fundamental smallest building block of the cosmos of my earlier post providing a quick and dirty tour d’ horizon.

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