The Five Laws of Everything: Three best practice proven culprits, Two best practice proven concepts or proven prime suspects. Translation or better explanation in the post.

(I follow the advice of my blog coach 1 doodle graphic: yet a naughty 1500 words triple the advised A4 length. Always breaking all the rules.)

For I’m  also guilty of hiding my light under a bushel. (Christian Bible quote, by a non Christian)

My Block model dating 2014 is the since proven  Fourth Law of Everything.

This only dawned on me in 2021.

To grasp this just see the alas Dutch  Doodle graphic on the Grand Postulate.

In effect the Grand Postulate only states me excluding all real magic. In so doing I also in a very damming and humiliating  falsification correct current science  on its goal. For it should be:

A decent systematic search for the Laws of Everything.

That is the proven best practice correct scientific probandum.

Well at the deepest level of reality one must systematically have Nature identical to the Cosmos and to God.

Only at a higher set theory domain should they per definition be allowed to if you like exclude each other. See the picture mathematics in the center top of the Doodle graphic how that works.

The main problem is the inherent religion as a survival trait set theory point depicted in the top left hand corner of the doodle graphic.

Your brain unwittingly – for unobservable by you directly – does its own thinking for you. Only indirectly can you learn to verify that others can observe things you can’t. So you will have to learn valid blind trust in a correctly formed and trained team. You can do so with help of the Fourth Law of Everything on just one A4. It shows the setup of this “chess” brain game. Like chess the setup is easy. That post with the A4 of the Block Model is yet to follow.

Science messed that set up as a false – ergo disqualifying – start of the game. Predictably and predicted by Louis Carroll science ended up in Alice in Wonderland.

Using only four instead of five axioms in mathematics is like depicted in the Doodle graphic in effect plucking the easy to pluck low hanging fruit. Akin playing a game of chess against Mother Nature and giving this opponent 20% less pieces from the start of the game. Stating incorrectly that providing these hidden variables would be illegal religion. While quit the opposite is true. You need the extra restrictions that using one more axiom poses to be able to pose valid falsification of an Euclidian geometry in stead of curved space that is indeed observed. People with my 1/125 prevalent even as a two year old would sense intuitively that this curved space must be a curved something and not curved nothing. The latter is religious belief in magic and thus illegal per Grand Postulate. Literally deeply idiotic religion thus. A situation stemming from having had success in small set theory boxes becoming neurologically internalized in a peer group network. I.e. per logical stipulated definition religious as a survival trait being outdated.

Mind you most work as complex as needed and as simple as possible. Working within the confines of the respective quantum mechanical and general relativity boxes as local laws (!) indeed using only four axioms works most simple. Yet it is possible even there to use five axioms. That doesn’t work vice versa!

Train your brain to spot the DNA skeleton algorithm of yourself and others of the required group think team. As a quick triage for novices, distinguish:  

R&D wolf pack (= herd)  wolf: resounding voices, bad book memory = out of the box artistic survival (!) trait conjuring up block models like music compositions that work! Proven by Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci to work in educated guesses.

Production herd cattle (no jazzy irony, yet top algebra)

HRM/sales herd mountain goat (gender neutral female logic = top hypnotics = sales logic)

As a fairy tale metaphor the herd simply doesn’t compute the possibility of a trained wolf jumping a two meter high fence or tunneling underneath it. Yet vice versa photographic memory via training eludes a wolf not being able to stay within certain boundaries set for the herd. And the wolf doesn’t without training learn that he jumped out of sight of the herd, that simply can’t follow / compute what happened. And again vice versa. Much more concise stuff to be posted on this later. The model is all inclusive. Humanity really needs everyone! Literally even as mind set or go extinct.

Systematic proof goes five way from a proven idea, concept, theory to local law and ultimately one or more Laws of Everything.

Naming everything “a Theory” is an unwittingly applied hypnotical HRM/ sales trick by current paradigm science to avert the focus away from the problem and thus solution.

This then readily provides the neigh proven best practice Theory (for it still in the probative bandwidth of a concept) of The First Laws of Physics of Newton and the Five observational postulates Kg, m, s & strong and weak interactive forces.

The psychologists already knew that there is no such thing as an objective observation. So it are postulates. And that this is objective for the Fourth Law of Everything shows we are robots that require a correct DNA ant heap team in order to operate properly.  That post will follow. Robots without a goal or free will that must believe in free will on a goal. The only doubt remaining is then that it indeed is more or less real magic or that there is a god that doesn’t leave traces on the crime scene. That is excluded per Grand Postulate and thus illegal. Yet a dictate for religious freedom, if we want to survive!

This is consistent with the five illusions of observation: healthy, unhealthy (me before 2014 thinking we are all “wolves”), ill (like a mental flu it will pass without professional medical aid), sick (requiring medical attention), at the moment (R&D!)  incurably sick. (Later on I’ll post much more on this)

A psychoses in this model of the brain is when the dream state illusion walks thru the awake healthy illusion state in a sick way. Because they are both illusions this is scary for they are indistinguishable. Sleep deprivation & drugs can induce this as such unhealthy / potentially dangerous situation. In those cases you need to take care if you don’t want to end up getting sick or worse. In this model it is simply the inverse code classical mechanical quantum level pressure wave that in the correct day night rhythm needs to cancel  the other one  out. And that in a low energy way in order not to boil your Egghead brain.  Even a virtual thought is dynamic (gyroscopic even) mass relative to other such mass in a medium of a dynamic mass matrix. Only with the DNA talent to be able to visualize such stuff can you compute what this wolf is communicating. Study the painting of ZIEL. The whole Wikipedia style story as I saw it in 2018. Like Wikipedia it has changed since then for this is a never ending testable and in part to the claimed extent tested story.

No-one has ever literally observed a photon at the speed of light! That the speed of light is a maximum cosmic speed as a constant is a logical deduction based on incorrect postulates. Namely following the M&M experiment. The error is that it doesn’t exclude a dynamic ether or better in this model dynamic Higgs and Graviton fields.,Michelson%20and%20Edward%20W

Given the Grand Postulate it must all be deterministic. “God doesn’t play dice”. (Einstein dixit) Yet God does play jazzy music on the walls of the Nirvana box that wolves like Einstein/ Bach or Leonardo da Vinci/ Mozart can spot as a thin red line in too much and at the same time infinitely too little box of data.   The best practice proof of the hypothesis of needing five most fundamental limited maximum speeds higher than c, even for the speed of light, is a logical consequence. Posts on that later.

The constant of the speed of light is an obvious average of a dynamic entity of moving mass having a volume and form in its inner moving through a medium interacting with the now probably found Higgs-field.   This thought even scares the shit out of physicists as I’ve repeatedly tested. Many cool artwork to show on how to see that will follow. I saw most of this in 2010 and thanks to a physicist moderator on a physics forum called Swansont.

The proof of the concept lies in the reductio ad absurdum only way to describe all the data known to me in a consistent way.

Mind: inconsistent means conflict, meaning the acute danger of nuclear winter thanks to nuclear physics!

Science having been subjected to a valid falsification may venture to pose valid falsification. 

I.e. show any black swan or any illogical point or come up with better best practice proofs on any Law of Everything.

If not: shut up!

Science should of first drawn the whole bloody dynamic picture in a testable way and tested that.

I.e. in the way Leonardo da Vinci and Einstein showed that it is possible te do. The genius of the Fourth Law of Everything is that it isn’t genius at all.

Every time an attempt has been made by physicists to pose valid falsification of my model, only showed problems that weren’t known to me and thus not as yet addressed in the model. After some remodeling every time proven to be  an inverse Schiedammer Parkmoord murder case scenario.   I.e. tunnel vision. Focusing on the ever more improbable that – indeed (!) –  is absolutely true. The far more probable Bayesian inverse is hypnotically blocked out. Even in the peer reviewed quantum mechanics church. Don’t worry you can be forgiven (Jesus dixit).

Do worry about nuclear winter in 2022!

All the pieces of the puzzle fall more nicely into place making the model more elegant as well. And as one should expect, once it is solved it becomes childishly simple to explain to any high school kid!

The proven Second Law of Everything the Normal Distribution has not been contested via valid falsification. It always applies in any dynamic system. Which is an “all swans are white” claim of proof. The basic science of the normal distribution as the piece of the puzzle bridge between physics and mathematics is and was already in. That the cosmos given he Grand Postulate is an integral dynamic system follows the five postulate / observations of physics. Namely the weak and strong interactive forces prescribes a dynamic cosmos and thus per current scientific paradigm the normal distribution as observed fact. The normal distribution is the n = highest Mother of All Distributions. Any n = too low observations of nice other distributions can’t falsify that. As the Doodle graphic depicts you need to model it correctly like solving a Rubik’s cube. I.e. also in the correct larger or smaller appropriate set theory box. To do that requires artistic out of the box talent.

The proven Third Law of Everything of all mathematics being thus logically based on five axioms and not just four. The latter only applies in small local set theory boxes. Per Grand Postulate of an infinite space filled with an infinite amount of atomos the mathematical way of describing this is thus an infinite amount of elements that are not singularities or point masses but being atomos must have a volume and geometric form and or geometric dynamic deformability. The ever larger box required to get the Second Law of Everything in the required Nirvana box in which it can always be modelled correctly leads to an infinite box that logically excludes a local thus not infinite box.

So my brain having been trained to solve many also real murder CSI cases akin David A. Schum  that the late prof Nijboer gave to me has thus the proven prime suspect single atomos snowflake i.e. gods particle construct in his sights as the Fifth Law of Everything. A post on that will follow later.

A reduction ad absurdum in effect based on reverse engineering and testing intuitive associative guesses that work for the soul of the collective mammal even ant brain must be identical as a physics / mathematical order function to the soul of the cosmos. Otherwise we would of gone extinct for even our ultimate DNA grandparents as bacteria needed to be cooperating in a symbiotic robotic way.

We still must do as humans with ourselves and other nature like bacteria or go extinct!


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    You successfully create the impression that the text is a maniacal stream of consciousness of someone who is barely conscious but whose brain is just regurgitating associatively fragments of earlier impressions. Spelling, grammar are dead. For a few hundred words it has some poetic or theatrical effect but it does not lead to information transfer from writer to reader. It would lead to a headache if I continued reading so I don’t. There is free software which can correct your spelling and grammar! If you want to suggest that you are actually a smart guy, you should use such tools. If you don’t you suggest you are not very smart.

    I refuse to make comments on the contents of what my students write for me if they are not able to make it a pleasurable experience just to read. Students who can’t read or write should go back to primary school. Of course I make exceptions for students with exceptional background but, dear Gerhard, I expect better of you.

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