Rambler 12 topic: Science, The Law, The Senate

Dear Dutch Politicians,

We humbly request you as a wealthy peer group of world leaders, to test having a counsil of wise former politicians in your senate.

A test with senators for life.

Appointed akin the procedure of assessing your magistrates.

We hope and believe that it will in our lifetime lead to:

More Millionaires, No Poor, No War.

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    Yes Richard a (counsel was wrong thanks) counsil is for giving counseling or advice. That is just what is intended. The senate no longer a lawmaking body but an investigative and advisory body. Yet with the power to force everyone and anyone to testify in a safe environment also whistleblowers. Yet also to keep that secret so they hear the truth and the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    If you don’t keep that secret you will hear what the peer group of the witness wants you to hear.

    During the test say that 50 of the 75 senators actually join the test, then they by renouncing their political party allegiance in effect stop being a lawmaker in the material sense of the word. Formally they will have to ratify everything the second chamber of parliament wants to become law.

    Yet, of course when the council of the senate has advised against the law and deem it important I guess the will reject the law. That in itself wouldn’t mean that the test has failed. It will take years and years of testing to evaluate. At least that is what I think.

    Yet part of the test is of course also to investigate that indeed they can sort it out themselves. For the counsel can become larger than 75 adding non senators as part of the test by normal law.

    So even you can become a senator for life. Yet after 72 you are no longer required to sit. Yet when you want to give your opinion you will still be a senator.

    I’m now going to try and get this under the attention of someone with the talent to put the idea into the right pitch in order to sell the idea.


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