The proven best practice Concept of The Fifth Law of Everything: like solving a murder case the proven prime suspect.

Because it costs too much effort at the moment to correct past mistakes in spelling and grammar, I’ll fix that at a later date. (edit, still to be done)

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In order to keep the blog going as a teaser I’ll now post several doodle graphics such as: the proven Fourth Law of Everything and the proven best practice concept of The Fifth Law of Everything together with the newest breakthrough A4 showing how the 4th and 5th laws coincide. Even though especially the newest breaktrough doodle graphic  will suffer from the pixel problem. Hopefully I can remedy that in the text and of course later on via solving the pixel problem.

As said it has some urgency. For solving this is essential in order to prove that the first post of a base economy is based on the four speeds of brain.  Which stem from the claimed to be proven best practice Fourth Law of Everything i.e. the Block model.

As said it would be political suicide for current politicians even to propose to do a test of having them become senators for life. A task that science should do in the nick of time. Being a task of science that any citizen can enforce on to the press to pressure by Socratic impertinent questioning of science…..

Well, here’s some ammunition:  

Another reason  for doing this is a very recent discussion I had with Richard on my claim of having proven the Second Law of Everything i.e. the Normal distribution.

Having talked about that with mathematician Hans Waalwijk and after a Facebook discussion I see that the problem here too is a legal one. I.e. which “democratic” chosen peer group of group think rules should apply as conventions?  Is the language to communicate this all per current convention mostly the number language i.e. algebra not already falsified by me? Current science is proven to be wrong. In R&D topics it should on the correct probandum first be picture mathematics and only later on is full consistency required with all other languages.

Proof: does anyone deny that the following is a valid mathematical dynamic picture best practice proof of the theorem of Pythagoras if it was the first one of many even algebraic proofs?

Furthermore does anyone dispute that if a later algebraic i.e. number mathematical proof is placed in the memory bank of a human brain and via a synapse of the brain in a Bayesian way is compared to another memory bank of that same brain, and sensing no inconsistencies with the dynamic Pythagoras proof, that this non inconsistency sense is a proof?

Not only is this a necessary proof to bring the picture mathematical proof to a required higher level of proof. It in so doing also is mathematically proven that in a scientific thus decent systematic search for the laws of everything, that what is in set memory banks are part of the integral all mathematics encompassing Bayesian algorithm / formula seen in the only  – for consistent – way. Ergo mathematicians define this in a nonsystematic way. Inconsistent mathematics is illegal per Grand Postulate.

In so doing proving the best practice of the Third Law of Everything Bayes. That further proofs are required doesn’t falsify the claim in any valid way. 

To perform these mental jumps you need to take in all (actually best all five) laws at the same time.

Let’s start off with current science via Wikipedia.

Let’s then continue with the most fundamental claim of the proven best practice suspect that warrants further investigation the Lego Velcro Gods-particle atomos. To investigate this claim one must first take it as a Bayesian prior odds fact. I.e. taking it as a hypotheses.

The Lego- Velcro Gods-particle atomos in a virtual average cube of non curved space times infinity.

In a later post I’ll elaborate on how I solved this like solving a murder case. And also only then will I explain all that is drawn in this Wikipedia style development still containing some of the corrections.

Given the Grand Postulate the only way for the most fundamental particle not being illegal magic is that it needs to meet two Yin & Yang (binary) specifications following the ten observations of the First Laws of Everything infinite cycle:

Yin: a space timeline

  1. Unique formation. 2. Limited Deformation. 3. Limited Transformation. 4. Inevitable Destruction. 5. Infinite cyclic Reformation.

To produce this in the crime scene factory of Mother Nature / God / the Cosmos we need:

Yang: an atomos timeline

6.    Always present infinite Mass. 7. Ditto Volume. 8. Relative movement construction also in itself (= relative time and non DNA “eternal life”). 9. Possible weak interaction pubic hair Velcro round spin. 10. Possible strong interaction rigid straight superconductive banging.

Having an infinite Euclidian geometry  space with an infinite amount of  these atomos as thus per logical stipulated definition Gods particles we have an absolute “white” all pressure and  absolute “black” non-pressure dynamic space filled with all dynamic  “colours” in-between.

A simple adding of post historic Newton observed super conductivity and higher yet limited speeds than light is possible  with intuitive use of non-magic deterministic  Newton. Just a short teaser for now.

Having elegant absolute rigid and absolute identical massive rings linked in five ways as two unbreakable elegant marriage rings, triage ring pubic Velcro hair, four for a sexy Vagina hole, five for the minimum building block lemma Olympic chain mail central construction core rings, with both a half square outside and circular inside.  We can then build a Lego particle using as best guess 500 rings.

Why 500 as an educated guess? Well the Block model has the ADHD-i Top Gear 4 Einstein & slow gear 1 “Vader Abraham” Dutch sing a song writer and the ADHD-h 4 Shakespeare and 1 far below average fast thinking type all as the least prevalent types in 1/500.

It’s all repetitive.

Doing the test in the new senate for optimum durable group think will most probably thus require a thousand part time senators for life.  Adding twenty new twenty two year olds each year on active service until 72. More on this later.   

Reverse engineering reduction ad absurdum building a dynamic curved Higgsfield of something with a non-curved flight of the graviton, all larger particles being in effect deformable snowballs of this gods-particle snowflake.

Because as per claimed proven best practice  Second Law of Everything the Normal-distribution is built into the Lego Velcro particle as depicted in this picture, and the normal-distribution given dynamics is uncontestably observed as the all swans are white proof of the n = highest(! ) distribution that can be replicated as any high school kid should know via a binary flip of the coin logic matrix of a Galton Board.

Thus the normal distribution is the Mother of all Distributions.

Disputing this is akin historically claiming that the then say yet to be split atom is the most fundamental Gods-particle. And then being told off that you know nothing on the subject “trees” of which there are far more than known at that moment. I.e. the set theory problem of not seeing the forest for the trees. At that moment it would have been the proven best practice bet as the route for science proper to test. Ergo keep the correct probandum in focus!

In this model all algorithms and thus most refined distribution of gods-particle atomos are all of course in the n = highest observed normal distribution. This applies for all mentioned distributions seen and described in Wikipedia and probably much more. For it also applies for all music of Bach ADHD-i4m, Mozart  ADHD-c4m, AC/DC and………..the Block Model as claimed proven best practice Fourth Law of Everything.

The proven Fourth Law of Everything The Block Model.

Don’t worry this will in later posts be proven to get extremely complicated in a normally distributed way conforming to the learning curve. I.e. the Second Law of Everything. Yet the basics of this any high school kid can and most must train their brains on.

The Fairy Tale of the Human Algorithm Brain.

Note from left top to right. The instruments between the ears; “gods / planets”; mental pressures; magic hypnotics; Leadership; Speeds and ditto particles > c in a matrix Loony Toon comic film.

Note the non-destructive (& destructive) measurement of mental pressure via a non-acted / un-controllable start of anger and five forms of delusional madness of an at first healthy brain: 1. Depression, 2. Manic; 3. Fear; 4. Rage; 5. Psychoses.

Much, much more on this in later posts. For now mind these are different sorts of compounded functions:  

  1. Chess clock relative time split out in four types of trains. That particles change at different speeds assuming they change at the same rate is an observational error and ditto error in reasoning. Akin four speeds of chips in the brain computation of data and limits on book wisdom, yet needing all four sorts of trains as all-inclusive model!
  2. The Slide ruler comparing linear and logarithmic scales of “gyroscopes” holding position in the dynamic matrix as information in memory banks. Faster less accurate computation healthy manic oversight. A good 4 + dito 2 = probably 7 yet never no way 42!
  • Digital Camcorder 2 + 4 = 6 okay when book wisdom religion is correct. yet when fashion € 2 + € 4 = € 24 when unwittingly proven wrong honestly correcting that profitable flaw into 4 + 2 = 42.
  • Saturn Digital Specialist Calculator  going by the book photographic memory i.e. algebra talent when combined with average Mars talent and Hypnotizing talent when combined with average Venus algorithm.
  • Rings of –us (Dutch joke Saturnus) Digital Generalist Calculator unwarranted feelings of inadequacy for always looking up to the specialists being better and thus the authority they crave and follow. Unwarranted for essential broader applicability actually being able best to use humble leadership!
The ant and reptile brain. Pray that humanity learns to fold both hands properly in time.
The newest breakthrough proof linking the Fourth Law of Everything to the proven concept of the Fifth Law of Everything The Lego Velcro particle. The five algorithms of life and death of the Gods-particle, and DNA life and death ant to mammal brain robotics.

Only recently did in dawn on me that explaining what  the Big Five personality traits on acronym OCEAN actually mean at the most fundamental level in this model. (As said sorry for the bad pixels. Working on it in which you can offer help!)

First of all lowering pressure:

< == MULTI EGO or SOCIAL SIDE                   versus                  EGO (as part of multi ego) SIDE ==>

I Openness (versus closed)  1. Max pressure Lego Formation Hexagon =>  2. Deformation Kink => 3. Transformation concave convex lid cell closed => 4. Destruction Flip Lid end of our cosmos => 5. Reformation weak force interaction Velcro snowballs => Back to beginning of new unique times.

II Neuroticism 5 speeds of Ant Reptile brain multi species symbiotic cooperation function. In this model magnetism = Higgs speed >  photon speed > electron speed > atom speed > molecule melatonin sleep & adrenalin turbo. => Yin Base Economy! A TGV brain with correct diploma must earn more than a Metro brain with a correct diploma all doing their best.  (BTW Mammal brain guts versus courage is more complex etc. etc.).

III Agreeableness  Normal distribution deformation Lego Velcro & Golf ball Higgs “snowball” eight flavours of little black hole Gluons by Billiard ball  “snowballs” in Higgs graviton field.

IV Conscientiousness = Egoistic! Narcissistic  => other side!   Mounting entropy chaos the lower the pressure gets on the egoistic goal of keeping our valued order. Pressure drops until inescapable cataclysmic end of all our cosmoses “little” hexagon cells times. So not a C but an X for the E was already taken.

V Extraversion versus introversion ego side. The whole versus the individual. The seemingly moving whopping beehive will move on with a high pressure bow and at this destructive side stern wave of reforming Lego Velcro snowflakes.

QED!      Not the sociably hypnotically desirable anti scientific pseudoscience of Big Five assessment psychology OCEAN yet systematic ONAXE  

Thus via Bildung based on human robotics the building of lasting peace via

the Yang Limited Liberal Economy on top of Yin Base Economy!

Hope this is enough teaser to warrant valid falsification!

The Glass Ceiling Fairy Tale. Alas in Dutch a gender neutral tale, yet 80% versus 20% by Second Law of Everything.


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