Mutual Assured Destruction is extremely probable for Putin is under the religious spell of his Rasputin.

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This makes the conclusion that Putin needs to be taken out of office all the more serious and urgent!


When I take this Wikipedia as a fact then Aleksandr Dugin is the Rasputin of Putin. Dugin has achieved this via extreme flattery. The latter is something that always works with autistic authoritarian people like Putin. Especially when they are narcissistic like Putin. And all the more so when like Putin they are under great stress. Autistic people like Putin are most easily hypnotized this way. Like anyone all the more so when under stress. Even more so when things keep on going wrong all the time.

As I stated earlier the Kremlin is a black box to me. As it also is a black box to Putin. However, Putin knows much and much more about the goings-on in the Kremlin than I will ever know. Based on this new evidence I must revise my earlier conclusions. As stated it’s a Wikipedia-style learning process. Like I had to revise my first idea on the oligarchs. For they are less of a driving force behind Putin than the inner circle of ex-KGB mates are. So, these were and are all serious driving forces for Putin. Because my model (as does any Just law) requires strong evidence before assuming and taking as a fact that someone suffers from any mental disorder, all of Putin’s actions could up until now still be seen as the actions of a serious crime mobster. That conclusion still however stands.

Yet, we need to add to this that Putin is now to be seen as a criminally insane mobster.

So please mind, that when stating “I knew this all along” and thinking this proves your gut feeling was right, and that thus your actions of stating that Putin is mad without this sort of evidence was also correct, then you are seriously mistaken. And in fact, indeed suffering from a fairly contagious mental disorder that is prevailing in most societies. You are in breach of Article 1 of the Fundamental Law of Humanity ‘Completeness’.

As Bertrand Russell also pointed out, only use your first instinctive strong gut feelings to investigate. For it otherwise invariably will collide with Article 10 of the Fundamental Law of Humanity ‘Equality’.

Only when you can show to have followed the correct procedure can you claim to have been right. So having a strong gut feeling that someone is insane, is okay, and even stating that you strongly feel that is okay. For that ‘your feeling’ is a fact. You however may never jump to conclusions not even via mob rule that everybody says that, in bypassing proper procedure. In proper proceeding as now, the truth as to in this case this Rasputin of Putin will out.

If I want to explain the physics of psychology and psychiatry to a high school kid who knows the history of Nazi Germany and some biology I would state this:

Often psychiatrists and psychologists state the diagnosis of “mass psychoses” towards the mental goings-on in Nazi Germany. Taking my model of the brain as a fact (i.e. as absolutely true) a ‘psychoses’ is a serious mental disorder when the dream-illusion state ‘walks through’ the healthy awake and ant-brain alert state. This leads to the inability to distinguish between fact and fiction, which can have different levels of madness. The problem is that sometimes madness is real. Such as the actual goings-on at the moment in Ukraine. One would hope it to be just a nightmare.

It’s a mental disorder when not caused by the development of the brain at a young age, sleep deprivation, or use of drugs and resides when these causes are taken away.

It is very scary for the patient because the trust in one’s own brain can be lost.

When suspected immediate consultation of an MD practicing regular medicine or a psychiatrist (always also an MD) is in order. (That is not to say that current regular medicine hasn’t also gone seriously astray, yet first things first. This is based on evidence-based medicine as it was originally intended. The rational use of one’s gut feelings and also that of others. My model shows why that didn’t then work, and how to get that working again.)

We can thus conclude that the diagnoses of current psychologists and psychiatrists of “mass psychoses” concerning Nazis in Germany before and in WW2 are dangerously wrong. The other diagnosis of mass hysteria is for the greater part correct, yet not so important to solve the problem. I.e. to prevent and cure the situation.

The correct diagnosis is individual ‘hypnotics’ in the case of Hitler and Putin. ‘Mass-hypnotics’ is correct with part of the then Germans and now Russian people. This becoming more and more neurologically internalized and thus religious in the individual or group. ‘Religion’ as per the stipulative definition in the broadest also a nonspiritual sense of the word. Hypnotics and religion are in my model to be seen as DNA-based survival traits at play.

Survival of the fittest means the survival of the best adapted to a changed biotoop.

Given that the situation in Ukraine warrants the qualification ‘mad world’ my DSM6 model based on a mostly mad world applies. Due to an inherent Catch 22 situation of being mad when not playing along in a society and that playing along in a mad world is mad, we are all to be diagnosed as mad. That is until we put a quick end to Putin’s mad world that is.

As a quick triage, the way anyone loses it: i.e. goes more or less mad is as a > 99% truth either like me and Hermann Goering ADHD. Or like Hitler’s ‘Hysteric’ (which is better than the current “borderline”). Or like Stalin and Putin ‘Autistic’. Any high school kid can quickly learn to spot all 64 different types. It’s essential to know what your and everybody else limits are on what they can and can’t do. Otherwise, it leads to overstressing the system. That ultimately leads to the thermodynamics of war.

Everybody has wittingly or unwittingly the ability to more or less hypnotize others or to be hypnotized. In the same way, anyone can thus become more or less religious. This is also meant in the most nonspiritual sense of the word. For instance, my conviction that real magic doesn’t exist at any level is indeed deeply religious for me. When going out for fun seeing a magician, I love to be duped and start to laugh like mad sometimes.

The best practice modeled on a factory we get four main groups each with a specialist and a generalist.

First: R&D the Delta talented. Idiots in spotting what the herd will mostly do. The incurable “Oops did I say something wrong” in sales and HRM issues idiocy.

Second Marketing and Advertizement the Gamma talented. Below average strong at abstract logic and also sometimes saying silly things stampeding the herd.

Third MT and production the Beta talented. No talent for paradoxes such as irony.

Fourth: HRM and sales the Alpha talente. Genderneutrall female logic. Hopeless on abstract logic.

Please bear in mind the ten articles of the most fundamental human rights as stated earlier. These are of a ‘break one you break’ all nature. Especially here Article 2 ‘Normality’ seen in the light of desirability shows the required balance. This is to stay within the appropriate bandwidths that intuitively must be learned to apply.

The artistic i.e. out of box talented are as one would expect the in this model the sixteen ADHD types. These are the least easy to hypnotize and more or less average in hypnotizing most others.

Mind also that always everybody is best at hypnotizing the exact same intelligence and personality type. This is especially so when trained to do that. It’s what teachers and parents do. Culture is religion in this model.

The Delta R&D types have a lot more ego-personality traits than social multi-ego. Hypnotics are per definition of course multi-ego. Baring self-hypnotics. In this case with Rasputin, Putin, and the Russians self hypnotics is (mostly) not the issue. The way a talented developer works is akin to a military drill instructor. Or in law a litigator. I.e. legal combat. I’m proven by my track record a hell of a litigator. It’s a paradoxical war of breaking open a new neurological market. Call it brainwashing if you like. Actual war does the same BTW. Not having excellent litigation (i.e. R&D) causes war as you might gather.

What litigation / R&D does is diagnostics. Establishing the (best practice) real truth that can best be taken as absolutely true i.e. a ‘fact’. Until further evidence or insight leads to a review. Facts speak for themselves. Facts work therapeutically. Yet only when there is a neurological consistent market for those true facts. Religious taboos include in the western thinking on nukes is that any use thereof will always immediately lead to MAD or mutually assured destruction is wrong. This I stated in my last blog post. Whilst posting that I was still believing that Putin is a fundamentally rational mobster. Ergo a near-suicidal gambler only wants to prevent losing face. For that indeed will probably topple and kill him.

The problem of being under the religious thus internalized hypnotic spell of a Rasputin type means that the goal of strong mental desire is not only not to lose face but other religious goals. Like saving the Slavic people. I touched on that mounting externalizing problem earlier. When things go wrong the traumatic feelings of guilt and shame are put on a different track of mind. That is a slowly mounting problem when things go wrong. As it did with Hitler and the Germans blaming the Jews for all the bombs on German cities. In so doing intuitively blocking out that it was their own fault.

Putin akin to Hitler will predictably become more and more unpredictable i.e. erratic. Volatile in the extreme. More and more he will be losing touch with reality. We know that Hitler, in the end, was moving “divisions” and generals around the map with a nominal strength of say 15000 men but in truth sometimes having a combat strength of fewer than 3000 soldiers.

The “Rasputin” of the hysteric narcissist Hitler was the authoritarian autistic probably narcissistic Martin Bormann https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Bormann. Having gained more and more of Hitler’s trust he could and did whisper things into Hitler’s ear. Near the end to control Hitler one had to either bypass or control Bormann. Well, the same will be true about this Rasputin of Putin. He probably is of a different personality type than Bormann, but the problem and thus the solution are the same.

Mostly the agenda of such Rasputin types is self-interest in furthering their parasitic prey in this case Putin to further their own desire.

Golden bridges for Putin will thus have to trump the possible advice of this Rasputin of Putin!

Well, even Rasputin of Putin can’t trump Putin becoming a Tsar! Even when it means only becoming a modern monarch. No Rasputin will ever dare to even try to counter that way out. Especially when it includes him as well. The bitter pill is that amnesty must then be granted on the record. What we do behind the scenes, in reality, is of no concern. Namely that it is a golden jail on the pain of both a life sentence or death if they don’t play and keep playing along nicely for the rest of their lives.

This cancer of Rasputin and Putin needs urgent removal or WILL go nuclear. For god’s sake grasp that these are now more and more religious zealots as well as mobsters.

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