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The proof in short entails that all military analysts agreed that Putin had sufficient forces before the attack to take all of Ukraine.

I on the other hand predicted that Putin would not attack all of Ukraine for that wouldn’t solve his problems concerning the economic sanctions. In the long run, an evident do-or-die problem for Putin.

I’ve vehemently argued against those sanctions from the start. Illogical for neither being neutral nor effective quasi combattant. The latter in providing weapons. Already deemed a caus belli by Putin.

Who now as all can see is proven to be not bluffing in anything he has stated.

Such as concerning de-Nazification. As stated by me earlier most people including politicians and even the top military of NATO simply don’t understand mobsters and their mobsertalk. I’ve more than thirty years of hands-on experience with these types as a lawyer, DA, and judge.

Our politicians and military haven’t. Neither do psychologists grasp the abstract logic of the statistics involved to be able to do a proper diagnosis. This I’ve observed many times in court cases. Narcissists of the sort like Putin are not mad, but highly rational, yet socially complete idiots. When surrounded by yes-men, as Putin is, they take literally suicidally stupid risks. Only * at first * getting away with that because no one in their right mind can believe someone can be so cruel or stupid for not in their own interest as well. I’ve come across quite a few of these types as my clients.

Mind, when I mention “NATO” you will have to discern from the context whether I’m talking about the countries including the USA and the EU members, or what I say the military organization should be ordered to do.

Well, Putin also stated to want to have the Baltic states out of NATO and more as he also stated to want to go nuclear on this topic. This is thus no speculation but stated facts.

The sanctions are not only indeed now proven ineffective for sanctions don’t directly affect Putin at all. He is still eating as much as he ever did. And it hasn’t affected his bad extremely criminal behavior in any positive way at all. But worse the sanctions will prove to be even much more disastrously counterproductive.

Actually, the sanctions have already proven to do just that.

If we take as a fact that Putin overestimated the quality of his troops as he also underestimated in his eyes clown Zalensky and his Ukrainian forces, then why did he only use 30% of his forces in the initial attack? What were the 70% extra forces needed for? Forces that were nominally sufficient to grab all of Ukraine. 70% of forces that he didn’t use in the first attack?

Okay, 20% as a reserve. That leaves 50% with no task. Forces he could have fed in on the fly so to speak if his original plan to topple Zelensky and put in a puppet regime in the first days failed. As it did fail.

Putin’s minimum goal with hindsight confirmation as I stated beforehand was to grab the Donbas and link up with Crimea. Well, that is exactly what he’s doing right now. This calls for a different kind of war in open fields requiring tank forces that Ukraine doesn’t have enough of. Wars are inherently unpredictable. Ukraine might lose this very quickly in the south. Donbas is maybe more ground for a successful guerrilla-type war.

Well, given that Putin said he found the sanctions a casus belli and that he would go nuclear on this, and that only grasping Ukraine would only aggravate the sanctions, he logically had to do something else. Well, that was of course sending that 50% to the border of Lithuania and threatening NATO into acting neutrally.

If that didn’t work, then a simple false flag to not have the Doema provide him with the right to declare an ultimatum of war, for then it akin to the false flag used by him in Ukraine would be not a war but a self-defense conflict with NATO.

As I stated earlier the goings-on in the Kremlin and the Doema are a black box to me. And, might I add even for Putin. Even though he will be far better informed than I ever will be on that topic. Putin akin to Stalin is not paranoid. For there are forces that would love to topple him given half a chance. Especially when such a leader loses face then he like any mobster boss needs to watch his back. As he clearly has done in using Stalinistic style actions.

This false flag stuff is purely for Putin’s internal propaganda use. And also explains the reason why it is a crime in Russia to talk about a “war” in Ukraine. It’s a self-defense ‘conflict’. It doesn’t bother Putin in the least whether the rest of the world sees that it’s a blatant lie.

The seriously acute thing is that Putin can and will play this game. Either when his military attempt to grasp what he needs as a minimum to show success.

Or when that fails!

A mobster boss needs to show having success. Success in this conflict towards his people in grabbing the Donbas and linking up with Crimea. Failing this will probably cause him to lose his grip on power and probably cost him his life.

That is why he now is a desperado who has nothing to lose. Being killed by a firing squad or in a nuclear exchange is all the same to narcissist Putin. And again the main problem is, that he can’t conceive that his great idea in tunnel vision won’t work. So as long as everything is still in concurrence with his tunnel vision plan he will keep his cool.

Knowing by now that Putin’s threats are to be taken seriously he doesn’t need 50% of forces on the border of Lithuania. A false flag in Kaliningrad will suffice to provide the opportunity to nuke NATO into neutrality. At least in Putin’s mind, that is. I’m not saying that it’s going to work or not this plan of Putin.

The only reason to have a war/conflict with NATO is to force them into real neutrality. Ergo drop all sanctions and stop all arms aid. The absolutely only way that Putin has to do that is to use a small tactical nuclear weapon anywhere against a military target in NATO. Putin knows his conventional forces are not up to scratch. Hoping still that they will prove the best in the open fields above the Crimea. When not muddy excellent tank country. Putin also knows that conforming to his doctrine the use of a nuke will at best consolidate the situation on the ground. So it is not his current plan for he wants the entire Donbas and linkup before the status quo kicks in after going nuclear.

However, when Putin’s offensive also comes to naught, then he still will go nuclear.

Of course, he won’t hit France or the UK for they have nukes themselves for a counterstrike.

Well, what will Putin think that Biden will do when he nukes the Maasvlakte near Rotterdam as a perfect military target? There are many more possible targets. Yet after the MH-17 trial in effect calling Putin, a terrorist we Dutch are on top of Putin’s shit list and the target is uninhabited as a military target. Namely, the place where NATO troops are shipped towards. At least it will be in Putin’s mind.

At the start of WW2, Rotterdam was bombed, and probably at the start of WW3, it will also be. Unless of course, Biden does what Putin in tunnel vision believes Biden will do that is throw in the towel. Then WW3 will start at a later date, yet the Maasvlakte will be in nuclear ashes as Putin gave prior warning of. Well, maybe some other NATO target. We Dutch can’t strike back with the 22 nukes we only have if Biden indeed provides the Dutch with the keys. A situation Putin gambles on won’t happen. I don’t want to know the answer. Do you?

Is there any reason why Putin wouldn’t go nuclear in this way?

No, there are only reasons why Putin has no other option.

Putin knows if he doesn’t win he’ll probably die. I’ve met such desperado types as a lawyer.

So, that proves that acting now can prevent WW3 and a nuke on NATO:

First: Demand an immediate ceasefire by order of Putin and also have Putin immediately agree on a free federative state of Donbas toward and including Crimea. All Russian forces out and UN troops in under the guarantee of NATO. Otherwise, NATO will slowly use airpower to whack Putin’s forces in the air and on the ground. This is mobster talk that mobsters like Putin understand.

Second: To prevent a reigniting of fighting or blundering further into WW3 Putin and his ex-KGB mobsters must subsequently be immediately neutralized.

Third: By force of the sanctions, all suspects of war crimes must be brought before a UN tribunal/court.

Because points one and two take precedence over point three as a bitter pill Putin and his cronies as a raison d├ętat must be granted a golden bridge way out. Yet only by providing amnesty under the condition that they follow the demands for the rest of their lives. Life sentences are what they can easily get with all they have easily proven to have done. The bitter pill is, that they simply have the power and the will as far as we can see to go nuclear. Hoping that the Russian military will intervene after all that has happened is all the more probably an illusion.

Getting a new oracle senate test as proposed by me earlier is also an essential demand before lifting the economic sanctions. In this way, they then at least make some sense. Any future president in Russia needs to be prevented from being surrounded by yesmen. One of the actual causes of this mess.

This post again proves peace in a day is a piece of cake.

And also that the longer NATO waits, the harder it will become.

For Putin Will Nuke NATO!

Someone, please communicate this to our leaders that all have their heads up their arses.

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