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7 minute read, years to study,  easy to grasp in my interactive zoom session on 4 and 5 February or sooner if required .

Topics CCQM + PP & SCS = ‘Cosmos, Consciousness & Quantum Mechanics’ +  ‘Physics of Psychology’ & ‘Science, The Law & The Senate’

Face book  my dear friend Richard Gill stated on 03 01-2022:

Gerhard Ris I have reason to believe that you do *not* understand high school level physics and mathematics. Did you have physics and maths in your final school exam? Which level, which stream?

Regarding the bet, Bryan and I only have to agree on who may be considered a scientific peer. If and when applications for jury duty start pouring in, we’ll decide on a case by case basis and establish some general but not immutable principles as we go along.”

Well, to answer your question, I was top scorer by far in my fourth grade class on geometry. Every time when pictures where the issue. Yet I was below average every next class when the numbers were added to the problem. This is probably due to the fact that my personality type has relative dyscalculia. My form of idiocy with numbers. I derived this from a standard (idiotic) IQ test.  You either always have relative dyslexia i.e. idiot with words or as a new word relative “dystevelia” idiot at pictures. My dear mom in England couldn’t help me and only seeing dad in the weekends we both didn’t train arithmetic.

I guess due to some sort of mathematical committee or the Freudentahl institute decided that it was best that I not do geometry (Wiskunde II) because of not having a 7 / 10 grade for algebra. Indeed I know for a fact that that is the reason that geometry and mathematics in general has been steadily going downhill the last decennia. Kicking the ones with the most talent out of such classes.

I started final exam in both physics and “wiskunde I” in sixth grade after thinking incorrectly doing an integral that I couldn’t solve, for not seeing that I could divide by 137. I also now know that my mathematics teachers * with the best of intentions *  lied to me as if there are only four axioms. They should of duly stated that this was in dispute, but essential to believe in, if you wanted a carrier in exact science at that time. Dear Richard you fell for this BS and I didn’t.

 The same problem with physics. I didn’t understand why I shouldn’t think in terms of kg, m, s but in Joules etc. As I now know I was right. I dropped physics, flunked mathematics yet wanting to become an architect I again did physics and  mathematics as a conscript in the army. Tested by my dad it to be just sufficient,  yet I then decided to become a lawyer. Recently restudying mathematics I found out that the only difficulty in basic number mathematic is to have a very good  preferably photographic memory. And that you need a teacher to prevent you from learning the wrong methods. To unlearn mistakes at my age now is neigh impossible. Furthermore only all that what I had learn ’t via sufficient training in math’s and physics I still can do correctly.

Now you state that you have reason to believe I do *not* understand high school level physics and mathematics. Yes, you are fully correct thus.  I know and agree I don’t know the conventions, yet I do know there is something wrong in this science and the schooling thereof.

 Now I * know* and can prove  you and most other mathematicians and physicists don’t understand it either.

 I just tested you, and you failed.

The dire consequences are that the bet will probably literally even not end in something other than global nuclear war and genocidal winter. Thinking that good would be per definition crypto fascism. Either by action of default. Not seeing obvious inconsistencies as a problem, and inconsistencies being conflicts that inherently go from bad to worse. More on  that later on.

Simple proof: I was correctly taught that when you run into unsolvable problems and conflicts such as concerning this bet, you must go back to basics.  I.e. the axioms, definitions and conventions.

Well, I exist as part of the cosmos is the grand axiom of physics. The definition of science proper is the decent systematic search for all the laws of everything and all-inclusive bildung. This already falsifies current science in not having a clear definition of science. 1. QED!

 Science proper is thus Physics-Mayor split into Physics-Minor including Applied mathematics and Meta-Physics including Pure Mathematics. Physics-Minor can further more be split into college / Local Law level “Know How” and university level “Know Why.”

Concerning your bet it’s not clear to me or even you or anyone, in which (set theory) field the contest is to be held?  Now you are looking for peer jurors to agree on.

On the Social Contract with humanity any human is the CEO of their own life and thus also the juror you two are searching for in your bet. They all – including myself – may ask a professional lawyer and magistrate to resolve the conflict in a truly fair trial.

All you scientists are thus summoned before me Dada Easter Bunny Judge presiding. Mind, it’s a function requiring a certain personality type and intelligence ex the 4th Law of Everything the Block Model. Besides of course training. For instance Michelle Obama is also a potential Dada Easter Bunny.  You can register the proceeding on video and observe that as a > 90% truth the proceeding will be fair and render the same results. An exact science of these sort of free will robots.

Okay Richard you flunked test one: Objecting to my spelling of Physics-Mayor  even when to be pronounced physics-maior.  In first grade my mathematics teacher taught me that if I define that  “FQXY” is a “cat”, then that is so. It’s my bloody model. Especially correct if I want to show that given the definition of science and thus pseudoscience  decent science is a by humans and  for humans. Ergo physics Burgemeester as a leading human. All defined  on the instruction manual of the instrument brain.  The latter I was also taught in first science class was always to be accurately written down. Legally peer review is thus falsified having obviously failed that. 2. QED!

And no worries I did do that for you.

Then you flunked again not grasping that the norm in physics-minor i.e. the physics and mathematics that is only allowed to be used in courtrooms and schools, must be explainable to any high school kid. It is akin building a cathedral. Too much for any person and thus any kid. Yet every aspect can be taught.

Meta-physics in the sinister darkroom what you mathematicians want do there is of no direct bother. It includes also the occult and errors. Yet strives as part of science to become physics-minor. You agree I guess that science you included failed there as well? Rhetoric  question: 3. QED!

I also tested you on use of axioms. Starting with the definition. Most scientists I gather still doubt whether the fifth axiom of Euclid is indeed an axiom. I.e. that it probably can be derived from the four other axioms everybody agrees on are the fundament of the “cathedral of mathematics”.

Right, as a temporary ruling “We Dada Easter Bunny”, judge presiding, with the powers invested in me as representative of Our Father, Mother Nature and Spooky Cosmos on earth deem that science believes to be Boss of God. That is illegal arrogance and fraud: wittingly or unwittingly yet accepting the risk of fault posing to be something you evidently are not.

As second temporary ruling it is found that you scientists carry the burden of proof to show the theorem in which the fifth axiom of Euclid is derived from the other four. Seeing that in the more than – what is it? –  hundred years or so, it is uncontested * and not even claimed *!  Thus hence fourth, and until such proof by theorem is given, in Physics-Minor  ( i.e. schools courts of law and anywhere else of applied mathematics and physics)  all claims on the most fundamental truth as probandum, must comply with the fifth axiom as extra limitation. 4. QED!

Hence fourth as further temporary ruling all claims on proper scientific proceeding or pseudo-science based on the theories of Einstein are to be deemed Local Laws (LOL’s pun-intended.) And are thus falsified as even potentially elementary i.e. most fundamental in working towards any Law of Everything.  In other words the cathedral of Einstein is proven to have collapsed on that most fundamental  probandum for lack of the fifth pillar. 5. QED!

As yet further temporary ruling the current definition of axiom is falsified and corrected as to be a best practice proven hypotheses in meta-physics on the lowest possible norm of (always exact & proper) science namely that of circumstantial evidence. There is nothing democratic (as in 50% + 1 vote) about it thus.  Yet as functional democratic –  being all inclusive – or by proven completely consistent with Laws of Everything Local Laws of Humanity. I.e. broad consensus, also among all special minority groups,  reached in proper proceeding in a safe environment. In that way it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that the fifth axiom of Euclid is indeed an axiom on any most fundamental claim in science. 6. QED!

Final temporary ruling focus immediately within these confines on preventing World War 3 in the Ukraine and Taiwan for probably corona has  caused the collapse of the Ponzi style economies in Russia and China and thus caused  Putin and Xi to panic. I first thought it was indeed some internal problems and the sensed weakness of the USA in the way they left Afghanistan.

The predicted Ponzi-style economic crash is thus upon us. It might already have started to cause an economic global meltdown. As n = high history shows that causes wars.

This can still be contained when reasoning properly by organizing proper group think.

The containment is then to be seen as a dealing with symptoms in order to prevent worse. I.e. we must help Xi and Putin contain their economic problems a.s.a.p.! And we must stop endangering their positions for they personally each have the power to blunder us into a nuclear winter!

As I explained in the prior posts on this Doodle graphic as I was taught correctly always keep healthy (manic) oversight of the entire situation. Don’t get caught up in tunnel vision as you Richard obviously have been. Focusing on my spelling and grammar being a sales department focus on an R&D issue. That is a deadly error of the highest order. A standard error in procedure in current society science included. A major point in the movie don’t look up! You missed that “Schiedammer Park murder” error dear friend.

You also don’t grasp that breaking with the Ingo Piepers Amok Algorithm is inherently mostly an out of the box issue. That thus per logical dictate requires a radically different never heard of offbeat approach.

Again: The necessary key players to get this done before the end of the Olympic Games in China, hoping that we indeed have that much time, is to get the international focus of trust built on valid hope of the system keeping our Titanic  from sinking. This is quickly conjuring up broad consensus on getting off the shelf nuclear energy going asap! This in order to have the “Bitcoin type BS” going on for a bit.

As said professor Robbert Dijkgraaf must target Greta Thunberg and  Giorgio Parisi to change stance.

Environmental laws that slow down building safe nuclear power plants  in reinforced concrete are anti-environmental laws.  Yet no one is going to invest in nuclear energy under a simple inherent populistic four year majority vote direct democracy.

Then have Dijkgraaf also target Rutte in order to have the MH-17 case thrown out of court so that the Dutch King and Queen can accompany PM Rutte to Putin treating him as a Tsar. And start to broker a deal with the Ukraine and Putin on the Crimea and the Donbass. Yet in return get an agreement that Ukraine may join NATO and the EU as Russia in the future also. Ergo not a Sudentenland appeasement but a  Alsace EU scenario. On the strategic goal of three points of (also mathematician BTW) Bertrand Russell.

Again as an essential ingredient you must have the Quattro Politica solution test of the senator for life Oracle senate. My field of expertise and not yours. You simply don’t know what you  are talking about dear friend. And I indeed do and can prove it!

You stated this to be crazy Richard. Okay fair enough:  he who states position proves position.   Prove it!  

If you don’t throw all politicians in the world including Xi and Putin in focus disarray, then Putin will deem the MH-17 excuse as weakness and only instead of nuking Rotterdam and or Amsterdam nuke Antwerp or Copenhagen. Not daring to hit the US ships for fear of a nuclear counter  strike.

Putin certainly won’t believe that France, Great Britain or the USA  will go on fighting after that. No other NATO country has full control over nuclear force the frappe. And Putin knows that he can only probably even gain limited military success in the Baltic states and the Ukraine in the short run. So going nuclear * with which he has threatened the West *  is then his only bet.

Mind Putin like Xi is a literally suicidal gambler. What is good for Russia or rational is not the primary driving force. As we Dutch say cornered cats make strange  jumps. Ergo don’t corner him and his cronies. Deal with that later.

Again Richard I couldn’t of solved this without your help.

What you can do Richard and I can’t is get this under the attention of Robbert and Rutte.

Help giving it a better podium!


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    Euclid’s axioms of Euclidean geometry are not the foundations of the cathedral of mathematics.


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    As long as your spelling and grammar is such a mess and your remarks on logic and maths and physics are so daft I will not help you bring this to the attention of Dijkgraaf.

    In English we do not write “physics maior”.


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