THE “DNA” of DNA again a breaktrough

And some numbers too!

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Topic Cosmology, Consciousness & Quantum Mechanics (CCQM).

Having falsified the current science in overkill on the instrument between the ears, which will be dealt with further in the topic Physics of Psychology.

This is all necessary in order to show how to solve the urgent problems in the main topic of the blog: Science, The Law & The Senate. As per social contract with humanity:

Science is the decent systematic  search for all the laws of everything and all-inclusive bildung.

Doing science isn’t my job as a former lawyer and magistrate yet it is my job to point out that infringements on the social contract have occurred and to do what scientists should have been doing, in order to put them back on the right tract of proper mindset.

So first things first:

Per in earlier posts proven best practice of the largest all-inclusive i.e. complete inherently circular argument correct postulate being uncontested via valid falsification we shall for sake of the argument again start with that postulate.

In this postulate there is no “0”  or “zero”  starting point. The reason is that there has in this model always been something in interactive motion in a space of non-curved absolute nothing.  We can observe that we exist as a something in a cosmos having an obvious order function that is obviously repetitive. Defined in this model as the soul or in Dutch ZIEL of the infinite cosmos that has always been there and will always be there. Ergo infinite panta rhei.

In order to build this what we observe deeming all inconsistencies as illegal being real magic that is disproven as being extremely neigh infinitely improbable and contrary to my indeed religious belief in the more artistic (R&D) than spiritual (marketing and advertisement department) sense of the word.  Inherent out of the box questions, where we know that we can’t at the moment and in part never observe directly the deepest reality even whether or not the cosmos is indeed infinite.

Yet via the Bayesian philosophic formula we can deal with our emotions and intuitions in a proven best practice rational way. The mathematics of common sense.


Per postulate as a to be logically tested thought experiment having absolutely rigid atomos that in no way can be split, bent, warm up or whatever, then the laws of Newton already dictate a situation of perpetual motion.

The cosmos is then a perpetual mobile in the sense that it never stops or ever started, yet not in the sense that the amount of kg.m/s potential energy (straight movement) or Joules kg.m/ s^2 (circular) kinetic energy can come out of this system than is contained within the infinite cosmos or large enough local boxes. When you take a too small a box you might observe the illusion of a perpetual mobile. A set theory error thus.

Bear in mind that as a logically to be dictated consequence of the postulate all possible scenarios are played out all the time and the impossible scenarios occur absolutely never.

As I’ve shown in the falsification of science it’s a capital offence on the social contract with humanity to place  oneself outside the cosmos without accepting that such a mental move instantaneously, per logical consequence dictates that one has inherently an egoistic goal, say of bare survival. Only then does free will and fault analysis as part of the gameplay of life as tyrannical dictate ensue. That is of course thus a seeming contradiction and thus a true paradox. Contrary to physics using the hypnotic black magic trick of using the term paradox for obvious contradictions such as “massless particles”.

The massless particle concept may in science be used as a correct paradox yet only when not claiming anything on any most fundamental probandum or even a claim as to the the proper road to a deeper understanding of the cosmos. Diederik Stapel Pinocchio science thus disqualified as valid falsification.  

In this gameplay there are fundamental rules to be adhered to. You for instance can’t oppose any posed postulate at first. Nor can one do that during the  buildup faze or postulate faze. Whether every subsequent step is a true postulate, or in part, or in full an undeniable observation or indisputable logical dictate can thus remain an open question during that faze.

Only after all the required data including the logical tyrannical dictate via Bayes to fill in all hidden variables in one logically fully consistent complete description of the cosmos can valid falsification be allowed.

This via either showing any illogical reasoning, incorrect data taken as facts, or incompleteness of the model concerning any observations at the stated level  of description of reality.


So having taken as a postulate an infinite amount of atomos in an infinite space, taking these atomos as point masses is allowed as long as it’s explicitly acknowledged that you are either talking pure mathematics with no further bearing on the reality of the cosmos, or you are talking about a local truth that isn’t illegal scientifically for “if it works it works, don’t ask why” is practical. Yet then any claim as to be a best practice way to further science on the probandum of the most fundamental truth as to the laws of the cosmos is then a blatant Pinocchio lie. And thus falsified in a valid way.

Telling local truths that work is okay as long as one stays in the appropriate set theory box.

As stated earlier systematically we have number mathematics or number salad, best redefined as ‘Wise-knowing’ such as algebra without any use of words or graphs.

Then we systematically have picture mathematics or picture salad, best redefined as ‘Wise-art’ such as geometry and especially dynamic geometry having no fixed points at all, and lastly systematically other logics or word salad best redefined as ‘Wise-wording’.

‘Wise’ derives from the Germanic ‘Wis’ meaning “that what is shore” ergo done correctly scientifically Wis-art is an important integral part of science proper. Mind not all art is scientific unless art itself is studied. The focus or aim of wise-art is science and not art sec.

As such I could leave the following bit out.

(Here you see the correct algorithm in order to develop science as the D in R&D in an artistic scientific way. Mind this is a static two dimensional representation of the averages  of a multidimensional dynamically changing enterprise.

Forget that this doodle graphic concept version of an earlier infographic is in Dutch.

The correct algorithm for focus in de development department of the human symbiotic cooperating brain is in the top right-hand corner. The second of the left of the eight pillars. The blue DG i.s. development generalist. Most focus is of course on ‘D’ or development. Slightly less on ‘R’ research i.e. conjuring up new out of the box testable idea’s. Less than a third on red out of the box marketing and even less advertisement. Humble production and humble sales and least of all authoritarian production least of all HRM has hardly any focus. R&D is inherently artistic dynamic geometry requirement and thus DNA talent requirement. This also dictates the proper procedure and methods to be used. Mind this is an average and static representation of a dynamic intuitive process!)

Okay back on the postulate track. 

Akin the train station of Harry Potter all tracks lie parallel in a 3D space with all trains moving relative to each other.

As the Development algorithm shows in no stage may you at the most fundamental level of gameplay leave out any of all the languages.  Which is a logical dictate per postulate of completeness. Gödel including his correct mathematical proof has gone out of the scientific window for now (and ever). This postulate requires five axioms with which you can do all four axiom mathematics but of course not vice versa. With only four axioms you can only get very close to an absolute straight line which is per postulate required and proven to completely fit, as will be shown at an even deeper level of gameplay to be true. I.e. best practice proven thus.


Having now an absolutely rigid atomos the Socratic Yin & Yang Harry Potter formula of Bayes asks the common sense question how many sorts of different atomos are there?

In 2010 I conjured up a cosmos with only one identical rigid atomos sphere going to an order of what I then called a dynamic crystal. A mathematician told me I’d had better called that a dynamic matrix.

Mind it’s an undeniable observation that we observe much more order in the cosmos than the laws of Newton and current science can cater for. Hence DM & DE to incorrectly define these problem areas only providing conclusive evidence and even more proof of having forgotten the instrument between the ears.

Actually this model at the deepest level doesn’t have any disorder. For disorder is on any human egoistic goal. And only an observed fact via inherent at the same time much too little and much too much data. Furthermore as caring people are part of the infinite cosmos the cosmos or god / mother nature does care. As my dad taught me what makes statistics (probabilistic reasoning included) difficult is set theory. I know that to be because it’s dynamic geometry that not everyone has the appropriate DNA talented required  DG algorithm installed. So it’s always easy: you either get it, or you simply can’t compute it. You can only always check that it works and who’s who.

My first idea of the dynamic crystal was that far away from any artificial static wall in the center such spheres in the long run would go to order of which each sphere would stay in its own vertical cube of space for always hitting the adjunct atomos sphere.

Yet I then required at least two different types a large and a small faster one both made of stuff i.e. rigid mass. A nuclear physicist said it made him think of string theory and later on a noticed that these where closely resembling the graviton and Higgs particles.

Seeing this as a Crime Scene Investigation (or Air Crash Investigation) this was then a proven best practice prime suspect. I subsequently conjured up an in mathematically descriptive terms much more simple yet in physical terms much more elaborate cosmos.

I guess this came about in 2014 when I discovered the block model with the four actually five and even more precise ten algorithms of the mammal and later on ant and reptile brain, now to be seen as – of course actually – fully consistent with the fundamental workings of the cosmos. i.e. the soul or ZIEL of the cosmos must be consistent with that of the symbiotic workings of all DNA lifeforms such as humans.

In the most succinct form I like anybody else observe in the long run with anything I know be it a red-shifting photon, a decaying and reforming atom, a growing up kid getting angry or later on having a burn out or destructive psychoses or dying 5 dynamics.

  1. Same, Same                                        or A,A           defined as formation.
  2. Same, Change, Same                          or A,B,A        defined as deformation
  3. Same, Change, Same-Change            or A,B,B        defined as transformation
  4. Same, Change, New-Change              or A,B,C        defined as destruction
  5. Same, Change, New-Change, Same   or A,B,C,A     defined as reformation

Now please mind in this model we play with A,B,C,D. I.e. the four algorithms of the block model Mars (blue), Venus (red), Saturn (yellow)  and Rings of –us (green). (BTW erratum in the above info graphic I mixed up green and yellow in some cases. The error ensued due to the artistic liberty of showing difference in the tail end of the normal distribution.)

See in this Dutch concept doodle graphic the five forms of transformations of madness given an at first healthy brain: depression, manic, fear, anger & psychosis. The exact scientific way of measuring this with any human is to study the start of uncontrolled anger. The half head.  Forget the rest for now on these five anxieties. Do mind pro memory the other hand of the ant and reptile brain with the next five points of temper. These coincide with magnetism (>c in this model) light, electricity (<c), atoms (<<c) and molecules (<<<c).   

Now as part of minimal required bildung ex the definition of science please study the coding of DNA and mind that molecules are a whopping level larger than the even below atomos (inner workings) level we are at in this above ABCD coding.

Spot the  dynamic geometry consistency and form repeating striking – and this convincing – similarity? Four amino acids! The diagram even uses the same four colours. That is then a coincidence. The logic in having four of course isn’t. DNA is an inherent dynamic copying and testing mutations and registration of results machine.

Too good for not to be true.

As per logical dictated requirement I must have my prime suspect for any atomos as a construct of rigid stuff, for in no way can I have the soul of the cosmos not be reverse engineered into every atomos with my earlier model with rigid  massive balls. => Every atomos must be a construct of rigid forms.


Now that must be number 1 interlinked with number 2.

Of course the most beautifully elegant static start of one rigid ring in an unbreakable dynamic marriage bond with absolutely identical rings feels best. (BTW the model doesn’t require this absolute. The model only requires absolute extreme limits of quality of gods rings.)

We thus have a beautiful panta rhei binary system of two rings pushing sliding and pulling as per Law of Newton. Yet I can’t make this fit above mentioned observations. I need to add at least a ring to one of the two rings. Well, thinky, thinky with the artistic DNA talent of my DG4m* trained CSI brain as a kid trained ACI brain. Ah, I need at least four different constructs in order to build my identical and at the same time unique gods-particle.  (The latter per stipulated definition one sort of atomos)

Jokingly until now I  called it “1,2,3 many, this is more than that” mathematics.

Well I can now do better: as said forget “0”.

Again I can improve on the identical form of each of the infinite amount of rings in the infinite cosmos of this model. One side of the ring is square and the opposite side is a perfect circle. These to shapes in a very elegant continues for mathematicians and analog way for physicists transform in a static rigid formed way into each other.

As you see in this new quick concept doodle graphic you can mimic all this with you own body and mind. Four fingers between the index finger and thumb circle is a nice fit.

Now for even more fun:

The exact mass of each ring is one quantum mass.

m =  1qm = ? kg (the latter not my job as a lawyer to sort out.)

Volume = V = 1qv = ? m^3

Length = l = 1ql =?m

Radius = r= 1ql = ?m

BTW the Planck scale string size can be derived from these dynamics. And when already measured also vice versa.

The proven best practice concept of the total construct of the Lego Velcro gods-particle has 500 rings and needing at least two to tango makes 1000. Only with the deformation of the construct can I make a normal distribution when I use my strong gut feeling that all rings must be absolutely identical. Whether that is a logical fit is yet to be seen and again not my job. So we’ve got the mass and volume and form and possible deformability’s of our prime suspect.

So I’ve constructed a nicely binary (2) coded system in a digital (10) way (8 gluons + 2 Higgs & Graviton) both straight digital and curved 360 way with which all matter can be built by massive light being strings.

And, even nicer we’ve got the five speed ranges built in as a logical consequence of Newton’s laws of physics. I might be some more tinkering needed here but this is an inherent never ending Wikipedia style Bob the Builder testable fairytale  story.

Every particle has a relative static speed once you fix the observer (who isn’t fixed in this panta rhei cosmos). 0c static via 1c to max 3c for the tip of the “rotor blade”  in forward motion a photon. The mass of the photo excluding the weight (relative accumulated mass black hole) of the surrounding wave of Higgs and gravitons is 12 (2 x 6) Higgs.

0c to max 5c never to be observed Mother Mary dust collecting particle going to later order of the father and son particles.

0c to max 7c Higgs particle pseudo atomos deformable smaller snowball.

0c to max 9c graviton particle pseudo atomos hardly deformable smaller still snowball.

0c to max c^2 = 10c crushed to “death” max pressure at the start of going up and down building the hexagon honeycomb required pressure vessel. A moment of non-movement in identical form to all other gods particles. The point of Nirvana of that gods-particles timeline. (Maybe requiring lots of such Nirvana’s to truly reach all possible scenario’s seen within a level that we humans deem as the same history repeating itself.)

Of course we now also have the masses following the max speeds.

So my best educated guess is that we need 120 of each of the four combinations to build one gods-particle. That is testable if that is feasible. R&D is inherent trial and error tinkering.

The logical reason par laws of Newton follow the four needed constructs each one ring or quantum larger in the internal workings of this reverse engineered prime testable suspect particle.

Because the inner construct has four different internal speeds waving and changing form around the virtual center mass absolutely straight vector even when after the most cataclysmic end of our times in this hexagon cell flipping its lid, it will seem alive. Observed from our Dr Who Tardis where there is no light. Yet to be reformed on a much slower than already astronomically slow cosmic time scale.

And you must per logical dictate add a faster than c timescale wave for else it would be illegal magic. Only then can we marry GR to QM by elevating them to local laws LOL’s (pun intended) yet falsifying them on the fundamental probandum.

I’ve* done much experimental work on Lego.  You can build a lot but not anything.  

QED proven best practice we are living snowman robots living in a small Champagne bubble Milky Way slowly accelerating upward in a whopping beehive of dynamic ice lidded hexagons with snowballs in the crust of a glacier moving down. Non magic balance.

Or in another way QED I present a complete apple pie. Okay, my apples are hardly edible contrary to science’s apples. Yet I have an integrated pie to be presented. And not three separate bowls a GR one with apples. A QM one with  unbacked  flower and a Newton one with water. Algorithms are like backing a pie. DG is the correct algorithm here. QED first paint the whole dynamic picture and then test that with the numbers. So shut up and don’t first and only calculate. Falsified! Algebra doesn’t hack it at first! So on the social contract with humanity go do your bloody jobs!

We live in a symbiotic way indeed with flowers and bee’s in order to stay alive and mentally healthy until the inevitable end of our times. Carpe Diem. Old school. Consistent with all world religions including science.

*as a kid that is.

The testable implications can apart from testing the logic and completeness via indeed building such a Lego Velcro model with 500 such rings can also be further strengthened via having different sizes of graphene play in space. I predict that they will show a “musical” AA, ABA, etc. poetic order in time. How to shield them from all sorts of cosmic rays is not my problem to solve.,carbon%20contains%20numerous%20double%20bonds.

I need to update thus the form of this depicted ring. I can’t keep up with myself.

I can improve on this post via coupling it to this post in a more concise way:

Darwin as I do said we are apes, yet at the deepest level I give you Dada Easter Bunnies Snowman.

Anyway in order to eradicate poverty and thus conflict and war we need the four speeds of brain to build a decent base economy with four basic income levels and ten income scales. That requires a Just Proof rule of law in order to have fair taxing. That requires a Quattro Politica Senate. Hence:

Ceterum autem censeo Carthaginem esse delendam

Ergo: Ask Dutch politicians to test the new R&D Oracle Senate!

Any group of scientists or poor third world community can effectively do so. As long as it reaches Dutch media.

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