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    This looks to me like a nice example of the Dunning-Kruger phenomenon. Having been brainwashed by successfully completing a prestigious lawyer’s education at Leiden University, you think you are a master of the universe. But actually, your main skill is in drinking large quantities of booze and in talking hind legs of donkeys. As a lawyer, you only have to argue with other lawyers. This does not equip you with understanding the real world, women (as a male lawyer, women are the biggest mystery of all), or science. You are so good at this you think you are a genius and that you have the solutions to all the problems of the world, including the ultimate question of the meaning of life, the universe and everything. Remember: the solution is “42”, but the corresponding question cannot co-exist in this universe with the solution. Douglas Adams died rather young of a heart attack, while exercising on his exercise bike. I don’t think he had the answers either.


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      Well Richard you keep on falling into the Dunning-Kruger conmen twin trap.

      Actually the doodle graphic shows the correct way that I’m fully aware of knowing very little about anything. Yet I do know on basis of the little I do know that we humans are in dire straits heading for nuclear winter.

      Ergo I only use high school level stuff, and show indisputably and undisputed by you complete consistency at this level.

      Furthermore the way you debate who’s the one of us both who’s brain washed, is akin a Monty Python argument clinic sketch. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7h8goi

      More apt then your attempt at jumping to 42, and do mind, as I said, it to ultimately be a criminal offence warranting a proper punchline.

      For contrary to you I claim position, state position and prove position.

      You only state positions and prove nothing.

      We agree that Gödel’s theorem is correct mathematical proof of current incompleteness.

      And due to having drawn the doodle graphic via trial and error I’ve indeed first of all come across the better definitions for axioms and postulates.

      Postulates are indeed what physics minor (current physics) should be using as part of their Local Laws (LoL’s Monty Python pun intended.) Ergo postulates are part of the super set of axioms.

      So I punch myself over the head with this punch line and will duly correct my mistake in the coming post.

      The task of science as part of the social contract with humanity is to formulate the axioms being contrary to postulates most fundamental i.e. elementary. Indeed elementary high school stuff.

      After this punch line of me to you, you say WHAAHH! You’re probably good.


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        You state your assumptions which are that you are right and that you are judge and jury. You then show that you understand nothing about set theory, maths, or Gödel’s theorem. I recommend you take some time out to *study” Gödel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hoffstadter. Of course two persons who each perceive that the other doesn’t know something that they ought to know can shout Dunning Kruger at one another. But I’m a mathematician and do not claim to be anything more. You are a lawyer and claim to be everything.

        I say this because if you have good arguments for what we can do to prevent world war 3, then you are more likely to get them across to other people, and hence to prevent world war 3, if you *don’t* at the same time claim to have unique access to the ultimate truth in matters of probability theory, mathematics, physics, psychology.

        Less is more!


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    Four separate routes Richard:
    1. Indeed less is more!
    2. The Big Book Multi Media Millions
    3. ‘Conviction Intime Two’
    4. Just in Time Blogging.

    Ad 1. Route Less is more!

    Well, in one way you are right and you should know by now that I already know that you are right.
    So I was at the same time already working on “the less is more” route.

    Yet in concurrence with what I preach, I’m doing that with the help of others. I hope and believe to have something concrete soon. That’s the current paradigm sales department route.

    The only thing needed in that respect is to break the taboo in the Dutch media on a ‘senators for life’ test. Not my talent nor my expertise to not cross the inherently religious boundaries. I usually break all the rules in that respect. Call it a lack of that core competence. Yet knowing that, I deal with it.

    And contrary to what you think, my Yin ‘less is more’ is supplemented with Yang ‘As much that is needed.’
    Odd that you as a Buddhist continuously blot this out.

    And Furthermore, I’ve made more headway than you think. I for instance nearly had Rutte indeed do the test. There are several facts that as yet not apparent to you that prove you wrong that I’m convincing no one.

    Ad 2. The Big Book Multi Media Millions

    Contrary to what you keep on stating, I’m fully aware that I’m a complete idiot.

    That’s just the main bloody point.

    Proof: the last doodle graphic. We all are, yet different sorts of idiots that need to learn and subsequently organize literally all-inclusive cooperation. Everyone only hears want they want to hear. That is the current system that “works”. Indeed for it obviously doesn’t when no one is allowed to attempt to provide a healthy manic oversight in a Wikipedia style way. The cobbler stick to thy last paradigm as an earning model.

    Yet that is a taboo, even to a degree with you!

    So that requires a paradigm shift. That works via the authority of peer groups. As soon as your peer groups shove so will you even unwittingly. Yet easier said than done. Although it figures according to what I’m rambling on about, it remains remarkable that this doesn’t compute with you.

    In effect not having consistency in mathematics and thus completeness in physics as the two most fundamental axioms is exactly where it all goes wrong with humanity in general culminating in war.

    A garbage-in problem.

    This opening of new mental markets requires bashing. You can’t sell anything when there isn’t a (neurological) market yet. All soft scientists and sales departments will agree on that.

    You simply per logical definition can’t mathematically disprove axioms, old boy. Again high school stuff. I’ve got a high school diploma.

    Do you as a mathematician hold that you can mathematically disprove any axiom in mathematics?

    Do you as a mathematician hold that ‘completeness’ is a purely mathematical problem?

    The mathematics of Gödel is no doubt sound.
    I don’t dispute that for I trust you mathematicians blindly in that when a large majority reach consensus. That’s too complicated for me. So contrary to what you claim, I’m not in any way more in the field of mathematics than at high school level. The Kruger-Dunning conmen-twins can’t touch me there.

    Yet definitions are inherently taboo areas. Science including mathematics needs to clean up its act. Science in Transition acknowledges this yet shy away from addressing the ‘nature versus nurture’ debate. Leading to the incomprehensible division between soft and exact science.

    All science proper should be exact.

    To comply there is the same trick as no doubt in the start of the Lucia de B. case was done. With a weak case send a dossier the size of a library to bedazzle the uninformed. As you are fully aware of the Lucia de B. case in its core was less than one A4 text. Neatly done by Gerard ‘t Hooft, arranged via you in a newspaper.

    Otherwise Lucia de Berk would still have been behind bars.

    It’s all about authority within the respective peer groups.

    The fundamental problem is that deciding to do the test will at best only buy more time in preventing world war 3.

    It’s also essential to be seen to start to quickly eradicate all forms of poverty.

    That in turn requires people – even you – to learn to distinguish blue from green so to speak.
    Or to be more precise distinguish fast and slower thinkers.

    The thought alone scares most shitless.

    Yet what I’m doing is a litigation method of simply confronting as many people as possible with the idea. The same sound method I used with Rutte, via informing all senators in the month’s prior to his foreseeable political problems. It doesn’t matter that most think nothing of it, or some even deem me mad. As we Dutch say when one sheep is over the dam, others will follow.

    For without quickly by the new Oracle Senate subsequently building via testing a base economy in the Dutch Antilles, preferably even also at the same time testing it with law firms and the press as advised by me in the then new oracle senate experiment , it still won’t stop WW3.

    People need justified hope a.s.a.p. and you need to grasp the commanding heights of the legal system and the press.

    As any dictator also knows and you obviously don’t yet seem to comprehend.

    Yet now we contrary to the past dictate freedom, real justice via Just Proof and peace.

    In effect “bribing” everyone via a decent income that the rich will be glad to provide.

    Once they grasp that having a decent content life as a millionaire requires a decent way of living.

    No-one really wants to be a billionaire in private spending. Billionaires brains want esteem, to be in power yet no-one has a money gene in their DNA.

    They all fear letting go of narcissistic control.

    And unwittingly have sometimes traumatic even overriding gut feelings of shame and guilt.

    The same goes for getting the idea of a modern monarch across, getting the focus of dictators of a war solution and on to that solution.

    Humanity must learn to keep balance.

    No economic balance ends in war.
    No political balance ends in war.
    No military balance ends in war.
    No ecological balance ends in war.
    No well-informed durable advice to all no balance………thus war.

    A back to nature norm won’t work with 7 billion. Humanity has long crossed that Rubicon. It’s tantamount to genocide to do nothing and let Mother Nature sort it out via war.

    I’m not the no-all you make me out to be for I like the rest of humanity ultimately need an international well informed network advice on what is best.

    500 uranium nuclear power plants or not? Or do you know that answer dear friend?

    Ad 3 Conviction Intime Two

    In lieu of this the aim a ‘conviction intime’ mark two is in the making to get something along those lines going as well. Some of us are working on that as well.

    Humans like you and me are still apes on an ape-rock that ogle each other. Seeing how others react, is something that your brain – even unwittingly – senses , especially when sensed to be an authority. Your brain will automatically sway even your deep religious beliefs. Probably even the Babylonians before the Greeks and other ancient cultures in Africa and Asia knew and know this.

    Yet it must be done in a safe environment.

    The tried and tested subsequent method even the Romans and also the colonial powers used then as “parasites of the parasites that already enslaved others” is not to endanger any existing powers that be. Yet only as long as they play along.

    The new senate will very quickly become the voice of science proper via providing proper funding to science.

    Come to think of it, why not immediately guarantee all scientists a decent income until the day they die as well, when the experiment is a success?

    You simply let the senate give advice on the following:

    Take half the GNI. Yet when the 10% fastest thinkers don’t get the most they will first of all not to the required by all degree of > 90% be swayed to study the greatest pile of books. Have you ever noticed some medical specialists aren’t fast enough thinkers to grasp the under lying statistics in their own field having in the current system successfully occupied a job that they are formally yet not per talent qualified for? Never a truly happy monkey then. No-one then is. Especially the patients.

    In my model you can test that a below average fast thinker having had ditto education and job will have a nicer life and have much more chance in becoming a millionaire. By simply doing the stuff you’re good at and leaving the rest to others who are always better at that. A truth that testable applies to all.

    More Millionaires, No Poor, No War isn’t fiction but can be fact in the Netherlands within at the soonest two years even.

    Labour becomes cheap then. Most will think about the danger of capital fleeing abroad. That won’t happen. For they will be justly taxed.

    And they can delve into the other half of the GNI being a capitalist system with a true level playing field.

    The simple trick is to tax success. That never hurts anyone.

    And the other trick is not to kill the hen with the golden eggs.

    The community as shareholder -with no say – appoints independent counsels to the board of directors. As long as you pay dividend the firm can go on as the billionaire boss but only millionaire in private says.

    Yet this is all a “don’t bore me with the details” problem. Simply follow correct procedure. It’ll work out as of natural. At least that is the test.

    Oh BTW we Dutch sold the idea of shares and companies to the world. And I actually studied business law. And I have experience in dealing with participation companies and foreign investors.

    For the way judges work and the legal system will have immediately have changed fundamentally. Complete game changer.

    My field of expertise. mind you!

    It’s so bloody simple: take a truly free independent press. How to get that? Well provide a guaranteed decent income as the basis. Any idiot which they all are that doesn’t know how to then behave will quickly run into justified problems if everyone has a guaranteed decent income. That you can all test in the Antilles.

    These ideas can be tested before that in a conviction intime setting.

    Ad 4 Just in Time Blogging

    I’m practicing what I preach. Simply stating Wikipedia style how I see it. Trial and error.
    It’s all linked together. The four speeds of brain is classical quantum mechanical grand string-law of everything.

    I state position, that I can prove this position to be way better practice than anything science has at the moment. You can test that including the completeness and test the consistency.

    Several physicists have done so and every time after some adding and tinkering the model has improved. As it also does with experimental results in that field.

    The supportive evidence keeps on pouring in.

    There are people who start noticing this BTW.

    Like in any CSI case when in the right track.

    Others see this as well Richard.

    You carry the burden of disproof where I claim proof. The later doesn’t make me a know-it-all.

    You are the know-it-all then. Not I.

    I only claim a first flight of a prototype of only all tested parts by me in an otherwise unfathomable complex problem.

    There is a real and present danger that the harbors of Amsterdam and Rotterdam will be nuked next year, when this I see with Xi and Putin, which isn’t all in Dutch media, goes on further spiraling out of control. It is – maybe – still preventable.

    I can truthfully state then, that I tried my upmost.

    Yet I’m still shore I’ll pull this off in the nick of time. As I’ve done so often in the past.


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