Daring Science to pose valid falsification of the 1 A4 of the Block Model followed by a much needed advice to the senates of the world to do the test of a R&D Senate Oracle and win the peace and prosperity as by magic!

All, if not nearly all Dutch scientists read English. So all English speaking scientists can ask them to pose valid falsification of this presentation, claiming to have solved the political poverty and thus slavery problem via integrating all of science including the local laws of general relativity and quantum mechanics in the proven best practice Five Laws of Everything.

See the earlier post on these five Laws of Everything

This all in a way that every twelve to eighteen year old high school kid with proper schooling should be able to understand.

This can practically indeed save the peace in the nick of time preventing a possible nuclear winter in 2022 thanks to science having failed humanity in not doing their bloody job correctly.

The reason democracy at the moment can’t work this way. Just a quick scan.

Standing on opposite sides of a window  the mountain gout sees a real wolf who has pissed beside the pot (Dutch saying). Having a majority pass a democratic law forbidding that, infringing on the law of nature of wolves. The wolf is not frustrated as the mountain goat projecting its own image on the wolf, believing itself to be a healthy wolf. For the wolf is amused. The cattle agree with the goat yet for different reasons. This all happens mostly subconsciously.

This leads to naming and shaming from left and right of the ‘breaking all the rules’ wolf. The public and press to which we all – including wolves – belong understand this. For most have too little time to truly investigate, also due to diverse frames of reference. The diversity is thus not only caused by different experience and education, but more fundamentally  caused by a frame bandwidth provided by different DNA personality traits.

The baboon with a necktie seen in an earlier post

The judge trying to hold the reins and weald the whip sitting in a Bayesian inversion. “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” The Joker (in later concepts the wolf / Dada Easter Bunny) reads the verdict, yet doesn’t in first instance understand how you could write such an idiotic verdict? Human / mammal interaction.

Yet narcissistic not going with the flow humans even in practice crash high tech planes. Though the current paradigm points towards a predisposition of this copilot to overreact / panic. But seen from this model it is more likely a narcissistic authoritarian autistic personality type to be further investigated, having kicked the rudder exerting his narrow minded will on the plane. That is the most probable root cause taking this model as a fact.   

The pictures of our ancestors. The Lego particle not yet seen by me as a Lego Velcro and only after that developed into the ringed particle. We humans are still symbiotic bacteria as robots.

Human-Human interface in  a rowing boat. A few as the cox and the two on stroke are doing it correctly. They however not grasping what the hell is going on behind them. The Supreme Court judges on the bow are desperately keeping the balance in the way that befits a training but not a contest for even bare survival against the Devil in a skiff winning the death race. Compare the correct score statistics. That we are less bad than say Germany won’t help averting a nuclear winter.  

Right, we’ve seen this one. I need to correct Batman and take Snoopy out. B.T.W. Omar Bradley is also incorrect. He’s a stuffy Dowding. Anyway assessment isn’t always a hole in one strike. The main point here is that all twelve to eighteen year old high school kids can be taught to do this assessment correctly. The more people who can do this, the more everyone will be in agreement on who’s who.

For it’s an exact science on which many reactions of a person can be registered, painting an ever  more complete picture. Most people will have very strong intuitive gut feelings against this inevitable paradigm change. Akin the Germans in te war as depicted earlier. It isn’t a good feeling when all your dirty tricks in the past become known.

Al the more so when you don’t have the certainty of the Baboon with a necktie that your position on the ape rock won’t be threatened.

Dad and I watching Batman when I was six in Bottisham England. Him seeing an anti-hero and  I was seeing a super hero. On the same evidence at the same time.  And the subsequent coming out faze of myself as the real Batman in Lederhosen. This happened on a Sunday morning six o clock via escaping thru the locked front door. I only wore that suit once. Yet once a Batman always a Batman.  It’s a stigma. Per logical definition an actor performing a cunning deed before a public. Okay so I was six years old. Well, if that doesn’t count, okay, I’m also the real Dada Easter Bunny.

The third Loony Toon five still to go

The perceptions of others of me being a Batman. If I would get a burn out or start to lose my cool I deform. Ergo what happens when I become really angry. Usually when it does indeed happen, it is always a short burst. I don’t let it fester. The latter is nurture. This going mad, is when the stated deemed important goal or mission as a memory bank is threatened and I’m powerless. When I do still have power then I can control my anger in an effective way. I.e. play mad without really becoming it.

The perception of others of me as my psychologist as well as I self-have checked, is Yin in the view of that coach exceptionally the same and Yang at the same  time very different.

I see myself as the Batman the acting anti-hero that is mucking around and meaning well. Yet some clients view me as the grim one and others who are at the receiving end of an action see me as the crazy madman Joker. Some see me as the harmless joker who gets the party going. Few recognize the actual role of the Joker who – unwittingly – makes the King popular.   

The Power Point presentation of the pre fairy tale modelling of the Block model on a game of draughts. Ergo modelled on ten instead of eight chess game fields and so also taking account of the tail end of the normal distribution. Big Five assessment has in effect only looked at the two strongest algorithms, or the working of eight Gluons.  Yet add a Higgs and a Graviton makes ten in space time with indeed a chess clock. The distribution of quanta of the Red Venus and Blue Mars shows the wave length click, near click and no click shift in the different  ADHD types.  Only looking at the 10% speed 4 thus TGV types. “Nog niet gevonden” means not yet found.

It all fits like a glove as it should in physics.

BTW Douglas Bader was a White Shark narcissistic type ADHD-c4m. If we won’t less snakes and sharks then get more love and less stress in the system. Yet, given some bloody Nazi’s you need to eradicate, well then it’s nice that the Great White is on your side. Albeit most of the time. For he played an unfair roll, no doubt with Churchill’s consent, concerning booting out of Stuffy Dowding.

Mind Dowding like Newton and Ludendorff, had a knack for the occult.  All being stuffy autistic people being “black and white” all (occult) or nothing (inactivity) types. Just Google and check.   

The way the brain works in this classical QM model. Spotting my friend Hans my brain first just sees someone.  Akin a digital camcorder it makes a digital picture  in a memory bank. These being strings with mass that work like counter rotating gyroscopes that hold their position in space bouncing i.e. waving thru the matrix of curved space formed by the Higgs and graviton fields. We are doing some 100,000.00 km/h whizzing around the center of our Milky Way.

I.e. my brain stores information of my mini cosmos bubble. And via the synapse as chip of the brain compares that as being certainly my friend Hans. This via comparison of the stored digital algorithm strings in a memory bank. I thus recognize Hans.

This is done via storing with strong magnetism the code in the “new” video by flipping the spin in the correct code and reading the stored memory via weak magnetism. Akin a normal computer does yet then with slow electrons. That is why mammals react faster than normal computers to the environment in this model. Normal  computers don’t need sleep, yet need a lot of  energy. That would boil or protein brains.

So, seen from this model Mother Nature simply applies the inverse wave code, akin anti sound rules out sound. This must be done in a correct, as we know, day night rhythm. The pressure balance must be kept.  

For sake of the argument: 10110010 = Hans yet “inverse 1011” =  0100 means wing and 1101 means horse. Seeing Hans would then have me dream of a winged horse or nightmare. Turning me off via sleep doesn’t make me bothered of this scary thing.

When however – say stress – would get me into a psychoses the strange / scary dream state walks thru the awake state being both the healthy and then sick psychotic state illusions and thus indistinguishable.

Not so strange thus when seeing it in this fairly simple common sense way.

Like doing sports, warming up cooling down of the brain is important.  And it is also important in having a mental coach as your also opposite number in the team. Usually your partner.

Hear a doodle graphic with healthy manic oversight how that all links together towards healthy depressive focus on details. Yet keep the balance. Notice prowl state. Slightly higher state of alertness needed to adequately reaching higher levels of manic oversight thought and deeper super focus pounce. Only TGV ADHD types can perform those tasks. And only when they have properly trained to do that. Otherwise like sports it is dangerous when mucking about.  The long term and acute emergency tasks. Yet we ADHD types  can’t really compete in the intermediate tasks  where others reign. The (hypnotic!) suggestion is otherwise namely that when you can do more you can also do less the best. Not true! Dangerously so even not true.

Yes, seen before. Now study this! When I made this doodle graphic I wasn’t yet aware that it is indeed the proven Fourth Law of Everything.

The eight personality types coincide with the eight departments of the factory of life in this strongest of models. Any person is his or her own CEO. The first problem is to spot the problem bears. A criminally good model.

Seeing mostly females use female logic it is quite understandable that the Taliban have woman wear the burka. Only two things amiss with that according to this model. First of all everyone including all men should learn to wear  the burka. And secondly a virtual one suffices. Just learn to play the lampshade and await until a team member lights the light of science in you. Female logic is gender neutral HRM sales logic. Indeed deeply illogical on the stated goal. Humanity obviously needs good HRM and sales in order to survive on any goal.

Wearing to large pants means that you are trying to punch above your weight in Dutch.

On half of the game play chessboard of life everyone is deeply idiotic and thus can’t wear the string any higher than at heel level. For not infringing on the laws of esthetics the burka also plays an important part whilst in my case slowly and cautiously shuffling on the hypnotic HRM / sales communication rock. As a litigator in court however I can wear the correct pants and wear the toga of the wise. That being however an hilariously minute part of 1/64 of the gameplay board of life on which I as anyone can play my appropriate part.

Here the eight algorithms are split out via the Second Law of Everything the normal distribution. The talents coincide exactly with the eight departments of the factory of any desired way of life. The principle of the greatest common denominator is something that everyone should of learned in primary school.  Also after attended that school you should know how averages work.

These are thus eight algorithms showing the broad outline of a dynamic / interactive four dimensioned system with an undisclosed amount of parallel tracks in the station of Harry Potter. It shows the relative amount of focus required on average in each department. The bandwidth of which is provided by the personality trait.

Later on I had split the 16 ADHD types in two. The gamma and delta. All four types alpha, beta gamma delta are split into generalist broad curve and specialist steep curve. Later still I saw that all generalists are specialists in being generalists as a combined function as modeled on the chessboard.

Mind these eight split out in four train type speeds 1,2,3,4: stop-train (akin metro)- commuter- Inter City and TGV very fast train.

Actually these four speeds are the key to solving poverty and thus slavery and war!  Yet to establish the correct speed of the chip in any ones brain you must know their personality type and religious comfort zone in order to test and register that on video.

Knowing this it is just as easy / difficult to find out which sort of four speeds of chip in four different types of laptops have. All without having the manual or any other information. Just by testing via interacting with the machine and see what type of information is stored on the hard drive etc. and how much memory space has been used. Once you know what to look for that becomes easy.

Say a test with a hundred laptops given that you know that these speeds are in normal distribution. And you also know that all computer programs are known what chip they require. If you are allowed to ask previous users about the computer you can also gather data on who’s who given that an umpire can prevent the computer from reacting to input.  The latter is only to be envisioned at the start of this paradigm shift. Later on everybody will see their own interest to pay along correctly. It is robotics that is why.  

The end result must be a Normal distribution.  

Again why would anyone want to lie?  As a > 99% truth every TGV want to do TGV stuff and IC trying to be a TGV will get a burn out. Even within the stop-train / metro group there will be more millionaires than is the case at this moment and no more poor. 

Acting as if one has talents that one clearly has not, yet one does have a diploma or PHD even in such areas, then it’s a clothes of the Emperor fairy tale scenario. In the end they will all fall thru and accept the inevitable. When the peer group shifts, so then does any brain.

As said this is the most recent breakthrough. Coupling the Lego Velcro gods particle to the Big Five assessment model and developmental psychology and learning.

What do these words actually mean at the deepest level? Well study this for it is form dynamic repetition.  

I had already coupled the Big Five and the Developmental psychology to the DSM IV TR and later DSM-5 model.  I did that akin the way Leonardo da Vinci worked. Now don’t say that wasn’t scientifically correct as a method of Leonardo. Or that science has improved on that, having Science in Transition admitting in having run aground. As also the QM church now has. I indeed didn’t use brute computing power via the algorithm of Saturn. I used three quanta of Mars and two quanta of Venus for I’m a ADHD-c4 developer.

In absolute numbers we get 500 (=> guess 500 rings in the gods-particle) so Yin young and Yang old a 1000 senators are needed as a guess. A large battalion comprised of ten companies of a hundred that stay together adding two new members each year.

Study this!
This as well in an earlier post.

Easy to see who’s who and what bandwidth of talents are there in order not to induce burn outs and exploitation as slavery via impoverishment.

Wisse kunde translates into number mathematics or algebra without any words or geometry.

Wisse taal translates into verbal etc. logic no mathematics at all.

Wisse kunst translates into picture mathematics or geometry without any words or algebra.

Always test outside the religious comfort zone. The latter can also be tested / investigated.

All Gold, Silver and Bronze talents.

This model is only as yet validated within the four distinguishable speed of brain groups. Mind it is a cyclic affair. Consistent interactive intuitive gameplay that can be registered on video. Ergo an exact science. Even assessing any baby as a 99% truth yet calibration set of video’s yet to be performed thereof.  

Quick and dirty Triage:

  1. Clear resounding voice => > 99.9% certainty an ADHD type with ditto talents and lack thereof. Out of the Box minority. Mind it doesn’t work the other way round. I can switch it on and off my clear resounding voice. Then test extravert introvert putting different mental pressures on.
  2. No core competence for abstract logic => hysteric type.
  3. No core competence for irony & paradoxes => autistic type.

These tests can be done in a blunt like hell way. Even the simplest of abstract logic doesn’t in any way compute even with professors who are hysterics. The same applies for use of over the top irony. In an hilarious way as long as it is outside the religious comfort zone or recognized as having been experienced before.

Again speed of brain is also quickly assessed when Hussain Bolt bolts past then he’s given his game away as an also mental TGV. As I have done when you believe all these doodle graphics are mine.   

All observations can be classified as different sorts of illusions. Hense that psychoses seem real. The methaphore of the Ring of Desire as a physicle stringtype sort of gyroscopes of relative movement of mass bouncing thru the dynamic moving hardly spinning mass matrix as a memory bank.

Memory banks that have a via the personality trait different order of desire that can be defined as free will. Will that works like a muscle in a four way DNA logic. Biceps-Biceps; Biceps-Triceps; Triceps-Biceps; triceps-Triceps. 

A muscle works like a battery and can run flat and be recharged.

Every high school kid should know the working of the Galton Board. And thus the Normal Distribution and the way that Johnny Average (Jantje Gemiddeld) doesn’t exist other than as an average.

The Fourth Law of Everything the Block model can be seen as an old radio when you still had to dial the correct radio station frequency in in this case DNA preselected bands. FM, AM or in this case Mars, Venus, Saturn and Rings. Yet in each band you also have four preselected high low frequency. The preselection limits of the radio stations you can communicate with.

Sometimes with a click you can both send and receive. Yet with a near click you can’t knowingly yet only unwittingly send and only be conscious in receiving.

When there is no click you can’t send or receive anything other than via hypnotics or internalized hypnotics as religion. Via blind trust you can think you understand anything, whilst in truth you’re only able to go by the book or follow the advice of your teammate that does have that frequency.

Only when you are aware of what to look for and what to ignore can you start to see how this all works.

Such as the amok algorithm of Ingo Piepers. Only then did I spot that it must be seen in the average of all my cases in areas where the amok making partners couldn’t easily part. Not all elements are seen in full strength every time, and even if they were it didn’t yet register as relevant. For I was still ignorant on what to look for.

However I did notice the silence before the storm being mentioned by several males before an amok divorce.

The other way of looking at the same picture. The problem of seeing different things in the same data the conflicting inconsistent at the same time  QM duck or a GR rabbit. That is no problem when both are kept in their separate local law “in the box” set theory boxes.  Yet the Third Law of Everything Bayes lets you intuitively fill in hidden variables with testable implications.

Because the soul of  the cosmos as an order function is the same as that of ADHD types concerning out of the box questions i.e. R&D questions and the problem bear is in that department, than that are your team mates that are to make that to be tested best guess. Spotting it might be a never before observed hidden variable thus bat. A bat combining a QM bird wing to a GR mammal rabbit.

The best practice method via consistency is an inherent use of circular arguments. It is tested educated intuitive guess work and thus not always a hole in one.  The larger the circle the more ground is covered, the higher the probability of bumping into the way out.

Everyone must learn to understand that you inherently can’t understand everything other than via hypnotics or internalized hypnotics or religion always via blind valid trust in others or own direct observation of success. The later holds the risk what indeed happened in the Quantum church that is having success via an error in reasoning of the highest order.

As proved in a earlier post science has been falsified

The QM church is akin a Flat Earth society belief in magic. Focusing on the great success in small boxes and in denial of having been falsified in a valid way for foul play outside those boxes.

Not having formally written down what instrument between the ears was used in every peer reviewed publication was an undeniable deadly sin.  Had the peer review system functioned properly then it would of demanded to at least state every time that data are objective and that it is thus irrelevant. For as the data above show and convincingly and undeniably prove it does make an enormous difference when the problem bear is in the hidden variable or R&D department what you should start testing in order not to have a nuclear winter in 2022 or some years later maybe.

A problem science created and a problem it was primarily science’s task in the social contract with humanity to solve in a timely fashion.

Now see how seen from the viewpoint of this model Dada Easter Bunny sees the history repeating itself of Fascism, Nazism and Communism. Always  ending in amok and war. Look too close or not close enough and history indeed never repeats itself. Yet this is a between 90% to 99% thin red line that ADHD types with the talent to spot this see in a mass of data.

And in so doing also have the talent to force their own brains to put any complex problem in one A4 for healthy manic oversight.

This was a neigh end product doodle graphic in order to prove to my possible publisher that I could quickly produce healthy manic oversight fairy tales via the model on recent political events in a correct context.

Here we see the new Dutch “Forum for Democracy” party FvD redubbed by DDEB into “Fascists for Democracy.” For they embrace nationalism, egoism and a conflict-model being that per definition the core of fascism.

For they vehemently believe in freedom of speech and want full transparency in majority politics. DDEB when himself looking into the mirror sees Hermann Goering. And I so ask these two politicians to do the same for having applied  the Block model (only later discovered to be the  Fourth Law of Everything) we see that the talents of these dandy twins in expensive clothes are the same as for Baudet: Joseph Goebbels propaganda / advertisement department talent and (probably in this case for Hiddema shows little emotion, i.e. he wears a mask) an Albert Speer marketing talent.

They both unwittingly love to manipulate the social Multi Ego as populists. And thus show talent for that as well.

With the transparency whistle blowers can’t be protected for these unwitting and thus Dracula types.

Yet Baudet being the same personality type as the drama queen with an alas successful death wish Pim Fortuyn who was shot. DDEB urges not to harm these two in any way for it only strengthens these fascist ideologies.

Joe the Plumber and wife Henk and Ingrid via the media that is a new un-Dutch USA normal of working towards mass incarceration via the hard winner takes all loser mentality. A parasitical predatory Ponzi style game that will always, under ever mounting mental pressure, fail in the long run.

It’s okay to do that and still feel that you are a law abiding citizen who is justified in praying on the poor and sees taxing by the state as robbery. No, giving to charity is far cheaper and better for the conscience.

DDEB agrees that the citizens themselves are the best civil servants to distribute tax money in the most refined way for deepest level. Yet that should be organized on the basis of half the GNI. As a dividend of being in part owner of the BV the Netherlands (Inc.). At least if and when you want and indeed do play along.

The political majority rule  system with normal civil servants need of course to play a role as well, making shore that requests for money is always in a minimum and optimum being maximum way forwarded. Individual citizens can’t of course do that.

Furthermore really independent well informed advice by a thus R&D senate Oracle is the only way the required balance at the game play level of playing with nuclear weapons etc. can be met.  

The dream of FvD is that of our former VOC glory in the 17th century. With that mentality FvD truly believe that the bureaucracy of the EU can be thwarted  via Nexit akin Brexit. Forgetting that we are more a Dutch mouse that roars than a Lion. Furthermore showing complete ignorance of the required power play needed versus China, Russia and the USA. Albeit that the EU at the moment is indeed a multi headed monster that is in urgent need of an update via the proposed senate as well.

In the Meineszmurder case I noticed the police use a hypnotic trick by telling personal stuff, i.e. to expose oneself. Well DDEB having his pants drop all the time in court, under my toga made walking difficult. So shrink Sigmund uses the DSM-5 method on which I score 42 DSM points. I’m thus certifiably mad, after having fully exposed myself.

The lovable friendly Dada Easter Bunny is actually a Terrorris wolf in disguise. The Dutch politician Geert Wilders who loves to read Donald Duck is in effect diagnosed of having an anxiety disorder for convinced that there is a Muslim terrorist lurking under his bed.

Now DDEB will cure pore old Geert from this mental disorder. Maybe by myself or else via professional help. DDEB is much more scary than these Muslims under your bed Geert old boy.    

Actually the next strip shows Geert Wilders of the PVV party for freedom. In effect he being a crypto neo Nazi is an even greater danger than crypto fascists like FvD. Wilders already being someone that holds all the reins of power in his party.

Exactly as one would expect of an obvious far above average fast thinking narcissistic authoritarian hysteric…… now who would he see in the mirror?

Mind the Master warning has gone off for something has clearly happened that can’t happen. Dada Easter Bunny is too bloody lazy to be bothered to do anything of this sort, being not a person but an institution of Just Law.  When that has gone morally bankrupt, ah well, then the DDEB types start raising their resounding voices with warning. Alas it is difficult to convince baboons with neckties in time.  

I compare the fear of Wilders that he also spreads about Muslims with fear of a Panda bear. The concept needs to be reworked for it is now down left side up and down again. (Seemed like a good idea at the time.)  DDEB is somewhat at a loss how to explain to a mental toddler that even a cute Panda gets dangerous when kicked in the nuts.

Yet DDEB being a member of the Minerva fraternity is honour bound to first see if a talk and a drink would solve the problem. Now let’s say a terrorist in attendance indeed blows us all sky high. And after all three of us get to heaven it shows that the Muslims were right. Seventy virgins in burka, yet still some hope of it being vines so I can have my wine. Alas as the Muslim points out he was right.

Now that’s then too much of a danger and the fundamental reason that Wilders should be stopped dead in his tracks. The Dutch Supreme Court is looking into a penal case of Wilders offending the Muslims etc..

DDEB holds that it should for exactly the same reason as Hitler, never should of gone to court. For it is not a penal case. It should be deemed by the Supreme Court a disciplinary case for Chairman of Parliament. As long as true democrats hold a majority that can be enforced. And that way Wilders can and must be forced by rules – that are already in place (!) –  to make his heartfelt apologies or be banned from Parliament. Ergo also from voting until he does. No Fascist, Nazi or Commie inherently undemocratic talk or acts even outside Parliament can be in any way tolerated.

Of course the free press, the new Senate and the courts can apart from Parliament judge when a majority rule or chairman goes too far.  

The GDR showed that no formal definition of “democracy” works. Decency is in your heart or it isn’t.  

Geert will state that I DDEB is demonizing him. Indeed DDE demonizes everybody including himself. Simply my Wikipedia type understanding of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim way of  seeing the Devil on everyone’s shoulder. With the Fourth Law of Everything anyone can learn to put the correct historic faces in your or anyone’s mirror.  And hence learn to spot the danger.

Well, the leftist view of the Keynes church won’t work either. Either the rich get richer or everyone gets poorer. The independent judge doesn’t establish the independent facts judging poor who are on the social benefits. Always leading to more taxing and not lowering the wage pressure on the entrepreneurs especially of small businesses.

Losers become too depressed to  act, until organized by mounting malcontent always spilling over in amok riots. In effect a global problem in the USA, China as in Russia. Traditionally subsequently blundering into a World War.

Mind this doodle graphic was years before the recent Dutch “Toeslagen affaire”.  

Trying to keep the order in the copied from the USA way. Wanting less court cases in order to cut costs, well barricade the door of the court house via making it too costly. The PM honestly believes that neo liberal cost cutting is the correct way. Not grasping that trickle down doesn’t work.

Only a decent legal system in which the guilty a punished and the innocent hardly put to court can work. Yet that requires correct group think of an indeed in the Dutch case correctly formed team of judges. They just need to ensure that that team is always formed correctly on every individual case.

DDEB types can always check the written verdict if the reasoning is sound when what both parties state – providing of course their teams are correctly formed as well – have stated as what they deem to be the relevant data / evidence.

With possible advice from a new R&D Senate oracle the judge will also if need be given well informed advice. No longer a lawmaker, and fully in the know for whistle blowers are when required kept secret for Dracula, Darth Vader and the Mob.

No longer does anyone have to fear judges making rulings like Environment Defense versus Shell. This is legally speaking idiotic what these judges did.  Environment Defense was successfully barking up the wrong tree in legal terms.  That case won’t stand.

And wait what Environment Defense does when said Senate Oracle gives advice on how to save the environment.  

As said the Glass Ceiling is also a no brainer in this model.

Teach your kids and yourself to keep proper balance. Learn from history or you will repeat it!

The four of the five economic norms mentioned in an earlier post

In this Doodle Graphic it is shown how the eight departments both under pressure and not under pressure work out in providing a workable and a  fair normal distribution of a decent income for a base economy on which a decent capitalistic economy can be put.

A stop-train/metro simply can’t compete in the studying department. Yet it is the own egoistic interest of every metro that TGV do the university level study as a normally distributed truth of say 90%  to 99% truth. For which metro would want a lower speed than top TGV speed brain to be the neurologist, when you or your loved ones run into far above average complex problems only a trained TGV can solve?  Yet when such a degree is earned by a TGV student then there is also the valid expectation that a higher wage is indeed got until death. That is win-win.

And when disaster strikes like a meteorite than keeping the fundamental equality found most clear in this model in the working of the Mother Mary immaculate conception particle workings. Thanks to inspiration by Geert Wilders in his attacks on Muslims.

As stated earlier it is also immediately clear that there is no benefit for say a IC train to even want to study at a university at TGV speed level. Furthermore an IC train will have a higher probability of becoming / staying a millionaire with much less stress and effort when doing IC type schooling and tasks.

The feelings of guilt and shame of the past are an easy fix if it even arises. Forgiveness and if really need be a Desmond Tutu mark II solution with a truth commission.

I watched a film documentary  on the soccer player Johan Cruijff  the same type as myself. Non ADHD types find that it is magic what he did. We ADHD types only see a very good also otherwise DNA talented and trained from earlier youth on body and not only mammal brain at play.

Organizing via a test at the shortest possible notice in the Netherlands of the Quattro Politica is the ONLY way out in time in order to avert a very real and probable Ingo Piepers amok algorithm in 2022!

Even the test will work like magic for it is hypnotics at play in our new social internet game play. The virus of positive hope will spread like wild fire and even Putin and Xi will sit back and start to think what this means for their position.

First things first: Science needs to ask the Dutch Senate and all current parliamentary politicians if they want to become part time senators for life when the test indeed succeeds?

They absolutely can’t conjure up the test I sent to the senate in February for it would be political suicide. That is most probably also the reason as said that PM Rutte shied away of the plan at the last moment. It is not his talent to make the mistake of stating to come with something radical and not deliver nothing of the sort at all.

And of course Science will only do that when having tried to pose valid falsification of my claim of having by far best practice proven The Five Laws of Everything in a truly already in theory best scientific because Wikipedia Leonardo da Vinci style way.

So if you believe me a fraud like than falsification would also be in order. Once you see that it can’t be falsified in a valid way, you’ve won an optimal run for humanity until our inevitable end of times.


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