And what most scientists even don’t know on proper mindset

DSM done correctly

(Edit 03-06-2021 after critique by Richard on grammar and spelling.)

Not knowing proper mindset by scientists is not surprising when science forgot the instrument between the ears, that they also don’t know how to use that instrument properly.

How to choose the proper mindset in accordance with the ever changing situation?

As a long term lawyer and magistrate I’ve come across a great many people who had run into trouble. Sometimes even serious trouble. And then society tries to remedy a situation that shouldn’t have arisen in the first bloody place. Only then do psychologists in a far too slow earning model type therapy, start milking the patient. Akin earning models we all more or less use. Lawyers are no exception. Again, he who is without fault cast the first stone as the bible correctly states.

Just for the record I’m not a Christian yet have attended Christian schools. So after a Dutch politician Geert Wilders attacked the Koran, I being the personality type I am and a trained professional litigator have started to look into this dangerous inconsistency in my mini cosmos.  

 Shall we skip the part how I know all this, and cut to the chase?  This being a rhetorical question we shall. It’s best to first learn to choose the right mindset before trying to study the block model from which it stems.

This, alas Dutch, doodle graphic in one A 4  is in effect all you need to know. Like playing chess easy to learn and bloody difficult to get right at higher levels of game play. Ultimately higher levels of game play are required because humanity crossed the Rubicon long ago eating from fruits of the forbidden tree. I.e. we divided labour. We changed our biotope and invented nuclear weapons.

The fun thing is, it’s simple to get back across this Rubicon. You do that via simply starting with the correct Bildung.  Reset the startup mindset position of your brain by testing this yourself.

A short introduction on the DSM model.

Richard Gill https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_D._Gill  and I together with an emeritus professor neurology and a mathematics teacher wanted to place an article in newspaper Trouw in 2015. https://www.trouw.nl/nieuws/rapport-psycholoog-is-heilig-in-rechtszaal~b3666173/?referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.nl%2F

At first titled “Zwakzinnig en niet leerbaar” or “Feeble-minded and unlearnable” quoting the psychological rapport in which my client a Congolese mom was deemed unfit to take care of her kids. It was in that case that I conjured up the block model. Yet Trouw changed the title and only let Richard and me be the authors of this attack on the DSM-5 model. The bible of psychiatry.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DSM-5

In my “church / school of thought” if you state that something is wrong, it is an honourable task to then show how it should be properly done. Well, all it needs is this one A4.

Before I explain the five finger method, first let me explain one of the mostly unwitting hypnotic tricks in selling this bible. I’m convinced especially at the start of it all done with the best of intent by psychologists and psychiatrists.  Convinced of the necessity of a best practice white lie. In effect being an earning model for psychology, psychiatry, pharmacy and health insurance black magic.

A standard Lucia de B. murder case type error in reasoning. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucia_de_Berk  The case that brought Richard and me as a then D.A. together. Actually one of two standard errors of reasoning of humanity worth close scrutiny. The other case also concerns a murder case the Schiedammer Parkmoord type error in reasoning mentioned earlier.

The first of the many psychiatric & psychological rapports I read where based on DSM IV and later DSM IV TR. TR stands for text revision or something like that. It depicts a Diagnostic Statistical Model. Or so any systematic thinking person would think. So if you were to state that in a scientific discussion with psychologists, they immediately will spot that you are the fearful enemy.  “Clearly not in the know” and thus “really don’t know what you’re talking about!” At least that is the “appropriate” reaction you would get. You can test this if you like.

You are otherwise a danger to the hypnotic spell in order to keep the survival trait earning model of desire in that peer group intact. A desire that is more than just money, also esteem, providing meaning to their lives etc. It works like hypnotic intuition. I.e. an neurologically internalized reaction. Which is per stipulated (new) definition (jargon) in this model religious.

DSM stands for Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Systematically it should thus be DSMoMD. And the fifth edition should then systematically be DSM V.  Ah, no! Thou unworthy mental retard! It is of course DSM 5, oops DSM-5! And don’t you forget it! Anyway enough on that for now.

Well then to start to model DSM correct DSM stands for Diagnostic Statistical Model. Basta!

Mindset DSM 0

We systematically then via the five finger method start with Mindset DSM 0.

Only later seen by me as based on The Grand Postulate. No goal => God / Mother Nature and Holy ghost Cosmos are all identical and are all good. Even cancer is good. For the question then is does cancer being bad exist? Yes, bad things exist? Well taken as a fact correct answer then. God as the great cowboy in the sky and everywhere also in your brain. I.e. what you think is what god thinks. The cowboy with the white hat and no black dot. (I need to correct the doodle graphic)  Set theory for mental toddlers. As Einstein stated “God doesn’t play dice” determinism. The bases of this entire model per grand postulate. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_and_white_hat_symbolism_in_film (For the benefit of youngsters)

Mindset DSM 0 is to put your head snugly up your arse.

Pro Yin: Acceptance of the inevitable as Gods etc. will.  Peace of mind thus. Sound sleep.

Con Yang:  Lethargy and apathy

Mindset DSM-5 TR. TR not text revision this time but terminus depicted by a trashcan with a revision pipe attached.

All “heels over the ditch” statistics i.e. with a probative value of (in  the doodle graphic to be updated) and expressed as a percentage < 90% and / or not rising and not accompanied by a deterministic integral consistent explanation with all evidence / data in the appropriate set theory box, is to be trashed. Ergo DSM-5, all IQ tests together with the notion of “IQ” in effect all use of statistics in current soft sciences are to be binned.

Use the Fourth Law of Everything the Block Model instead. In effect train your own brain and use that as part of the correct to be distinguished team in properly organized group think. I should however change the doodle graphic concept in so far that it should be a cowboy with a very dotty hat.

Pro Yin:  Party Time! Carnival! To hell with it all!  Etc. To be done at least once every week just to stay in training.

Con Yang: Don’t fuck around on important issues! Not taking serious issues such as a pending WW3 and Dr Ingo Piepers algorithm standing before the gates of hell serious. https://global4cast.org/

I fail in my burden of proof to disprove his claim per algorithm that WW3 is most probable in 2020 and inevitable ultimately 2022! For it is consistent with my model. Ingo agrees me spotting this in many of my court cases and thus providing more evidence in support of his claim. It doesn’t mean that my model is falsified when it takes longer. For lazy me hasn’t bothered to check his data. I’ve learned to shoot from the hip when the situation is deemed urgent. It is!

Incorrect use of Mindset DSM-5 TR is the unnecessary use of an inconsistent and thus a conflict model. It will invariably in a Ponzy style pyramid game go from bad to worse. Akin a Galton Board that every high school kid should know. Many deviations make on average one large perfect n = high algorithm such as the Piepers Amok Algorithm. The trick to learn is how to combine the average rule of small set theory box law with the inexistence of a Johnny Average  specific case?

A Lex dur sed Lex? The law is harsh but it is the law? Yin yes and yang no. The wise judge has no loopholes in the law on important cases. At least in this my Church / school of thought. Via proper mindset you can learn to check yourself that what I state is true. And you can start to learn how to correctly use a small correct team for collective group think.

Mindset: DSM 6

Everyone an incurable idiot and mad.  The cowboy thus best with the black hat and white dot.

Alas a classic Catch 22 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catch-22 not playing along with society then you are indeed an idiot & mad. Playing along with an idiotic & mad society well then you are indeed certifiably an idiot & mad.

As my dad said probably quoting an American “To live is to prostitute your soul.” As a kid I thought “Okay, but as little as possible then.” It provided and still provides me with a wonderful life. I.e. tried and tested. It works!

Modelled correctly a society that has since 2010 and PM Rutte started neo liberal cuts on spending the amount of schizophrenics rose from 0,5% to 1% of the total population. I have still to find out whether this was in one or four years’ time. I.e. the global average being 1%. I still haven’t found out why it globally tops off at 1%. Ergo, neo-liberalism doesn’t work. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neoliberalism

Yet PM Rutte & neo liberals have a point when stating that socialist Keynesian overspending won’t work.  Yin, indeed true. Just now Rutte and Biden et al are doing just that due to corona.  It doesn’t change the problem.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keynesian_economics

I don’t hear much news on this topic since having taken general economics at high school.

As a stipulated definition (new jargon) this model sees a schizophrenic as someone who on earlier evidence of seriousness and or duration of any psychoses in the past has a significant higher chance of getting a new psychoses, than just having had a first mild psychoses.  What a psychoses is in this model I posted on earlier.

Anyway these are extremely damming statistics! Taken as fact neigh absolute proof that a decent income will cure this. For schizophrenia is extremely deadly even serious mental illness! Having 1% of the world population being schizophrenic is in itself already proof that humanity is globally morbidly overstressing the system!

There are many, many more depressingly damming statistics to be had. Yet as the doodle graphic on Trump & corona depicts 20% focus on the problem and 80% focus on a way out!

QED DSM 6 is most apt as a model to describe current humanity. Snafu on WW2 terms. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SNAFU

Mindset DSM 7

More than 99% of the population normal in a desirable way.

All fragile and fallible Eggheads as happy monkeys. A white cowboy hat with alas a little black dot. The black dot fact being that Humpty Dumpty, as being the DNA test pilot egghead in the best of cases invariably will crash. The reason that in this Air Crash Investigation Church they too as everything even the mountain have to be respected. For not showing respect for the mountain you will topple off.

Yet owing to the Second Law of Everything this is only true when in < 1% of cases the pareto optimum balance is cept. Even in the Netherlands we are at a > 25% even in the long run predicted > 50% of the population having been mentally sick before death. That is 50 times the non-Snafu DSM 7 norm!

The Law of Preservation of Shit Happens. (And sometimes it even hits the fan!)

Because as the Fourth Law of Everything shows that we are all robots, this is easily enforceable with no other conflict needed than the Holy Jihad against the fucking students. Being myself an eternal fucking student. The fight is primarily one against oneself. Anyway that is the place to start.

So DSM 7 is in effect a desirable and reachable goal. Yet only when you learn to always get the trained team in correct order. To start with that at least learn the quick triage.

Every human has the power to enforce this on any government or MT of any organization.  Make shore that the clear resounding voices are in concurrence. Always! The school of your kids no such voice in the MT with power to be heard? Get your kids the hell out of their! => enforcement! This alone will in short time bring the situation above the required minimum score of 50%. Yet DSM 7 requires a durable score between 90% and 99% probative value on that goal. That requires a long learning path yet to be taken.

So Pro Yin: Desirable and Reachable. Focus on the little black dot and enlarging it just enough in litigation that headless horsemen humbly bow their headless heads. Real Nazi’s on parachutes on the Moerdijk as in May 1940? Well then the black dot must enlarge. Yet it must always be kept as small as possible. Don’t pester or the negative attention of gender neutral Crazy Jim with the resounding voice, will be upon you! It has to do with spotting the thin red musical line in at the same time much too much and much too little data. Only ADHD types being a 20% minority can do that. There are sixteen of those “out of the box” types and sixteen “in the box” going by the book opposite numbers as partners in this to be organized quick and dirty triage.

And Con Yang:  The current religion of science paradigm prevents a shift due to – traumatic even -feelings of shame and guilt. For on a wrong focus neurologically internalized desire. Just imagine being Just-fully convicted and decapitated for having failed humanity. A fault of the highest possible order. As a quick and dirty triage with faults of the lowest order and of the highest order and faults in-between. Having invented tools to make planet earth indeed into a park. Nuclear winter as an undeniable maybe even nearly inescapable truth in 2022! If you think that is good then you are per logical definition a fascist.  I will show this Nazi problem in a following post on Hitler and prof. Porsche.

Mindset DSM 8

Chance exists for God plays dice between deterministic boundaries of a set theory box. I need to change the cowboy had of this god into the hat of the black and white hat of the cowboy gambler.

 The Bayesian  inverse that is a dictate of logic following the absence of absolute proof for lack of data. We have a free will and life has meaning.

Pro Yin:  Enjoy life! Carpe Diem! Take appropriate action when the mission in serious issues such as preventing WW3 demands it! Providing fun meaning to life.

Con Yang:  When like poor old Adolf Hitler you get stuck in that mindset of strong will. It has some serious side effects on which later.


The basics of which every high school kid should learn is for another post. If you don’t yet know how this works you should be deeply ashamed of yourself. In a Just State the citizen is expected to know the law. This is the law of common sense! Don’t break the bloody law!

The eight departments of the factory of God / Mother Nature / Spooky Cosmos. Spot the Bear game on which later.

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