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Rambler 13 Topic: Science, The Law, The Senate

Sprookje bloemkool in Dutch Cauliflower Fairy Tale. A yet to be inked concept. Explained below.

Hypnotics, Religion & Physics of Psychology as The New Exact Scientific Norm

Short term hypnotics and neurologically internalized hypnotics are defined as a religion in this model. Religion in the broadest sense of the word thus. More taken in an artistic than spiritual sense of the word.

Having falsified current psychology as an anti-scientific  pseudoscience and having psychologists all grounded for making any assessment or diagnoses.  For they all need to be rebooted and retrained especially the few ones with the DNA talent to get that right. Psychology infringes especially on the 4th Law of Everything / Humanity. That law brings the entire soft sciences above a probative value of 99% and rising with a deterministic reasoning based on all known facts to boot.

That some psychologists, I know, are good at diagnostics, is too bad for them. Akin grounding an aircraft type for several serious air crashes, before lifting the ban on flying a new pilots certification is required in this case for all with a psychology degree.   They should of effectively objected to standard dangerous ways of dealing with problems.  We need to be shore that they have unlearned what’s wrong and check they have learned to get it correct.

For the others it’s also simple, also in the future. No more diagnoses or assessment in any case unless trained people with the proper DNA talent have given their expert opinion. Most psychologists only have the DNA talent for being good hypnotizers in HRM and sales. Ergo only good at therapy. That know how the ancient Greeks et al already had. Everything that is worthwhile to add stems from exact scientific fields of science.  

Yet in this Air Crash Investigation Church it’s somewhat of a tradition to first get the R&D & Production problem of correct out of the box, which it always in part is, and in the box assessment and diagnoses in correct order. Only then sales can take flight.

Please note: With assessment you take it as prior odds that someone is mentally healthy and with a diagnoses vice versa. Yet it always remains to be seen whether the prior assumption is in part even correct or not.

The Exact Science of a Royal Family.

The human DNA survival trait has it, that it as psychological psychics is essential to have one focus point of unity in any community. Unity……One Focus point? Need I say more?

As such it doesn’t matter whether a King or a cauliflower has this appointed role.

But then again it does of course matter. Someone who since birth is properly trained for a role as figure head, will irrespective of personality type or intelligence be expert at that role. That is what this model teaches as proven best practice. Also a start of an exact science.

Because it’s DNA a majority of people when not under undue stress, will sense that this is indeed best.

The rational logic via this model is that only with an hereditary Royal family who are very importantly free to choose their partners, is it in time guaranteed that all personality types and all intelligences (stipulated defined as speed of brain sec in this context) will become Head of State.

Role of a Head of State   

Apart from a unifying figure head at home and abroad having much more cachet  without the extra cost of elections, providing things that need extra focus that more focus by showing up at openings of factories and what not, there is more:

Take the air crash of El Al on the Bijlmer flat. The hypnotic mental healing effect is hard to calculate yet widely acknowledged as priceless.

Queen Beatrix as then Head of State  visits the crash site. No politician can match that.



As head of state in a republican Parliamentary democracy we can go two ways. An elected President  with great power such as the USA and France, or you get a grey mouse politician with no power yet no one favors, for the norm then is that no one objects. The latter thus requiring a grey mouse that has little hypnotical healing ability. As pointed out: politician, not trained from birth and grey mouse.

Also when Royalty add their weight to a  visit abroad  I hardly think a grey mouse can compete with a royal grey mouse that invariably will sometimes become head of state.

Price to pay

The price Royalty pay is that they live in a golden cage.

In order to have Royalty keep their mental health they need to be allowed to within limits do what they want besides being a head of state. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monarchy_of_the_Netherlands#Importance_and_position_within_Dutch_society

Royalty undemocratic?   

In the 50% + 1 vote system as long as no vote has been made one could strenuously argue a case on formal grounds. Yet materially there is no case. For if it was deemed important the monarchy in the Netherlands as in any other democratic monarchy would  quickly end if the Royal family would not hold a > 50% popularity over time.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republican_Society

Yet in this model the Grand Law of Everything & thus humanity shows that  the 50% + 1 vote is inherently undemocratic because populists with that big Ego talent will always con the weak minorities. We know that monarchs of old failed miserably at that having too much power that corrupted them.

The Dutch Head of State only holds limited power.  

Limited power that in part again was taken away by having the monarch no longer appoint the informant and later on formation leader to form a cabinet.


Actually the new system has in effect already proven not to work at all. Hilariously so even.


Having a New Oracle Senate you can let them decide what’s best. This “democratic” in reality populist party political politicians infighting doesn’t work.

I could even envisage the R&D Oracle Senate advising to have the monarch do that job, as part of the monarch’s team that supports him. And of course gets advice behind closed doors from the Senate.

The Senate shouldn’t be seen to do anything, working behind closed doors in as complete as possible independence.  

These sorts of things simply can’t be done in reality in all openness. As the leaked letter of the Dutch minister causing a row clearly proves.

A direct democracy is no real democracy as this model shows. It will invariably be taken over by populists.

Then the case that the monarchy is out dated. This model shows that to be untrue. For it’s the physics of psychology.

Thus quite the contrary. For instance a monarchy can help curve the Ingo Piepers Amok Algorithm by having Putin and Xi put focus on what Napoleon Bonaparte also did: become a popular monarch. Yet if they want to stay in power it then must be a truly democratic monarchy  such as Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Japan, Spain. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constitutional_monarchy

Doodle Graphic Explained

The doodle graphic yet to be improved and inked depicts the fairy tale of the first and second Cauliflower day always to be held on April fool’s day. Our Dutch King on April 1st abdicates and makes the Cauliflower monarch. Cauliflower becomes the boss and responsible for everything from the year zero untill his death.  

Of course the best Dutch Cauliflower farmer is also the best Cauliflower whisperer who knows what the Cauliflower is actually saying to his subjects.

So Cauliflower decrees that he’s Emperor Cauliflower the First. Al taxes are stopped and everyone gets 100 kg pure gold and no one has to work anymore. Hurray!!!

No system can function without a scape goat. So, predictably on April 2nd after having for instance found out that the JSF F35 is a very costly lemon, Cauliflower is decapitated and one of Dutch best chefs serves a great Cauliflower dish. And of course we want Willem back, who humbly accepts.

That Cauliflower (actually it also works with cabbages I’m told, yet that we would need to test) gets the blame would make a project that is too big to fail, fail for not costing the minister his or her job, who is now responsible to take that blame. This so that the con job can go on.

Now my alter ego’s Dada Easter Bunnies shrink Sigmund states that I stole these ideas from Prince Carnival and the Christians  Easter festivities. That of course is not true for Cauliflower obviously didn’t have his team in order. Otherwise this wouldn’t of happened.

In the lower left hand corner is depicted that having culturally starting the game with the Big Five personality trait of a baby Openness the cultural differences don’t matter. This model inspired on the game of chess. The ego King and social or multi ego  Queen building the neurologically internalized  network.

Though different whether ego shame or multi ego guilt artistic religion is nurtured to be dominant both are equally functional and dysfunctional dependent on the situation. Yet working together this works even better. Best of both worlds.

That Tojo was the whisperer of the Emperor who spoke ancient Japanese telling pilots that the Emperor wants them to become Kamikaze. Pilots knowing that Tojo tells the truth. Do you know that history?

Cauliflower Training

Alan Greenspan as head of the Fed and the art of saying nothing. Both verbally and nonverbally. On a question of the press: “Are you going to raise the interest rate?” Answer “@##$%&**”


Correct Team Think

Healthy autistic Cattle, healthy ADHD Wolves and healthy hysteric Mountain goats need to learn to recognize each other and to know each-others weak and strong points.

Proper group think is a panacea.

Yet highly taboo at the moment.

Modern Monarchy to Save the World

Btw coming September 21st Piepers new book on the inevitability of world war three will be published. https://global4cast.org/

Yet unless we are already too late by simply making my rambler 12 go viral in one way or another and thus breaking the taboo in Dutch media, and subsequent simply deciding to do the test it could in the nick of time before the gates of hell be avoided.

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