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Wait for it!
His neutrino is different from mine. Yet observe my two stringed photon!

These images depict how I see my two strings of the photon build the standard model. Although I believe this Polish guy was on the right track, I also believe that this model of his has some issues. Anyway in my model the more strings are lumped together the slower you go thru the matrix of the Higgs field. The exceptions are particles that are smaller than a photon. Mind the Lego Velcro / Tachyon and Neutrino can’t penetrate the hexagon pressure vessel. See it this way: You can’t penetrate a thick Lego wall with a piece of Lego by throwing it against that wall.    

Given in this model that we know nothing about the probably infinite cosmos, we do know what we believe to be facts. My darling mother as part of that cosmos loved me, some might hate me, and most of the visible universe doesn’t care about my existence.

Yet still most of all the science was already in, concerning:

The physics of psychology

The physics of religion

The physics of the cosmos

The physics of economy

The physics of politics

The physics of War etc.

The new insight is that the physics of everything can already be understood only by studying the 5th Law of Everything / Humanity.

I.e. the life of one Lego Velcro / probably sciences Tachyon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tachyon

The idea that traveling faster than light means you will go back in time is a childish notion. Akin thinking that dropping a running sand clock slows down time, and accelerating it would reverse time.

The central error in interpretation of data stems from not noticing that even a photon interacts with the medium Higgs field. All current laws of physics since the M&M experiment think this impossible. This is so  since science extremely successfully assumed that no ether i.e. medium can exist. Well indeed not a static one, but a dynamic local one restoring the curved matrix faster than the speed of light. That is consistent with the M&M experiment. I’ve not seen any physicist deny that fact. It’s undeniable.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michelson%E2%80%93Morley_experiment

An atom clock slows down when accelerated thru the Higgs field in a way you can set your atom clock to. A silly interpretation error on the part of physicists who believed and still believe in objective measurements without hypnotic illusions in interpretation of data.

Obviously physicists have illegally gone occult. Proof honest belief in: Something from nothing. Curved space of nothing. Spooky actions at a distance. Infinite speeds. Massless particles.

Well if it works it works. Indeed yet, then systematically seen as Local Laws in small set theory boxes where they apply. This model also shows why that indeed works. Having been caught red-handed plucking low hanging apple fruit from the forbidden tree. The short cut using only four axioms in mathematics instead of the required five axioms payed off. Mathematician Louis Carroll was right, and science ended up running aground in Alice in Wonderland.   

Having on the social contract with humanity formally forgot and still forgetting / religiously refusing to state what sort of instrument as a brain they use and have used. Thus science and physics have been falsified in the sense of disqualification until they remedy also in the past this serious error.  

Simple High School stuff. Or > 99% Old School knowledge with a slight never ending Wikipedia style twists.

This post is due to two interesting articles on my Facebook:



The first interview of Physicist Lee Smolin  September 16th 2021 poses the question: “Are we approaching quantum gravity all wrong?”

In short wasn’t Albert Einstein indeed correct with his dream?

Well, indeed the problem in QM actually has lead science and thus humanity dangerously astray. This not being worried by incompleteness and inconsistencies that inherently causes rising tensions and ultimately nuclear war. As stated in several previous posts the instrument brain hasn’t been and still isn’t properly dealt with in science which is causing mayhem.

Not only QM, but due to that also science as a whole, the world economy, world food & healthcare & world politics have run aground.

This requires a paradigm shift on what we humans actually are as part of what the cosmos is.   

The second is an article from march 2021 Invisible Blue: The Color That Ancient People Could Not See.

Well that indeed is the physics of psychology at work. The brain simply doesn’t register where there is not yet need to distinguish things. There are several variations here on this theme. But this simple colour example already in itself proves the point. Several distinguishable illusions are obviously at play. Get this wrong and we go extinct.

The importance of the latter in reference to the first article is that I can by having learned to spot the four speeds of brain solve urgent problems. And thus knowing that this is something every high school kid also can and must learn to spot. Like learning to distinguish green from blue.

The fundamental importance of this lies in the fact that this is the *only* (in time !) way to organize a faire base economy built around these four speeds using ten pay scales. For it’s digital. This as a function of half the GNI of any larger  community. The other half of the GNI is for an as free as possible capitalist system. The labour costs no longer really burden any entrepreneur.

Failing to spot this is also failing to spot the Ingo Piepers Amok Algorithm. https://global4cast.org/ His Physics of War predicting World War 3 ultimately in 2022! I can’t disprove his position, for haven’t checked it. For doing that if he’s right I’d be too late.  

Like suddenly seeing blue besides green. I thanks to Ingo spotted the same amok algorithm in many of my court cases. Yet this strongly backs his and my case that these algorithms, though being blunt instruments, are to be taken very seriously!

It’s a tyrannical dictate of the model that individual freedom of thought and relationships, respect and selling (!) and indeed providing (!) certainty in a sustainable way are a bare minimum requirement! The certainty of hardship in any community can be pushed away in time until the (don’t worry about it) inevitable end of all times in this model.

As a, in the previous posts in this blog, proven best  practice grand postulate constituting the constitution so to speak of humanity, with the ten ‘break one you break all’ articles. That is seeing it as a lawyer. All logical derivatives are “the law”. A tyrannical dictate paradox of the physics of humanity  being the same ten laws as the physics of everything.  Then talking to physicists saying the same using different hypnotical wordings as a survival trait.

The main problem in science is that the conventions and definitions are mostly wrong for nonsystematic, incomplete and  inconsistent. It’s impossible to quickly solve this Babylonian confusion. (Biblical term BTW) It’s become neurologically internalized hypnotics defied as religion in the broadest sense on this blog.

The proper definition of science that not as yet is on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Science#cite_note-Heilbron-3

“Science (from Latin scientia ‘knowledge’)[1] is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe.[2][3][4]”

Well no, for this allows indecent Dr Mengele science and doesn’t focus on the correct use of the collective instruments of all our brains. This definition is not consistent with the third law of everything Bayes. Thus falsified. It furthermore is not unambiguous i.e. systematic clear if the scientist is an integral part of said universe? The scientist obviously is.

Furthermore it’s a ‘science for science’ vanity earning model instead of an open all-inclusive bildung of humanity as a whole enterprise.

And it tries to shy away from explaining all obvious hidden variables at play. This in an also  ‘testable only by logic’  best practice ‘all swans are white’ ‘greatest circular argument’ covering all undeniable facts way.

 Science proper should be:

The decent systematic search for all the laws of everything and all-inclusive bildung.     

As it is to be expected these rules of the cosmos akin chess are simple high school stuff. Of course you may oppose this definition, and come up with a better one. As it is, this one now stands.


Whilst visiting my friend Engel Wichmann, I again got inspired to further improve my model.

By simply focusing on my Lego Velcro particle it dawned on me that all the ten laws of everything should be reverse engineered into one Lego Velcro (probably Tachyon) particle.

Since I was a toddler my brain was trained in Air Crash Investigation, and my working life it’s been trained in Crime Scene Investigation. Actually it’s all Bayesian engineering as David A. Schum’s philosophy on the formula of Pierre Laplace teaches. https://books.google.nl/books/about/The_Evidential_Foundations_of_Probabilis.html?id=8PqsTNULCPEC&redir_esc=y

Simply profiling the proven prime suspect and at the moment ignoring the former prime suspect my model in 2015. The latter also with an order function for the then billiard ball type Higgs and marble type Graviton were depreciated towards a yet at a much later date to be fully falsified innocent suspect.

On the social contract with humanity trying to prevent war we do not need the opinion of a majority of peers that can’t prove to have the correct instrumented brain. As a metaphor in order to help understand the 4th LOE/H: Having such an opinion on the proven by measurement Voltage by > 90% actual Amp meters with at best a < 51% Volt measurement capability yet being Amp meters with a diploma stating they are > 90% Voltmeters. This model is not a Democratic Statistical Model with the ‘what you (i.e. the ones in power / majority) want statistics’.

Science should stop trying to fit nature into their mathematics. It should be the other way round!

Any high school kid should know that getting this mixed up causes burn outs.


A proof by thought experiment.

As a metaphor current science has number salad, word salad and picture salad as unambiguous languages.   

The actual question is can we bake a Classical Newton Apple Pie via completely integrating these three salads?

First off we need to get our definitions in order. As a tyrannical dictate following the definition of science we require one (1) definition for all three salads. I propose a literal translation of mathematics in Dutch ‘wiskunde’ into Wise-skill.

For which of the three salads are you scientists referring to when requiring “the mathematics?” “Shut up and calculate” is proven to be using the wrong algorithm in science proper on R&D issues as this topic is. And that adagium is thus falsified.

Now exact scientists will think I’m referring to Pi. Even though I’m explicitly stating not Pi but a bloody Pie. To bake a proper pie one must follow the correct recipe or algorithm. This is because they can’t compute due to the physics of their religion. They via internalized hypnotics as a religion can’t distinguish Pi from Pie akin not knowing te differentiate between green and blue.


Having rings of mass that are absolutely rigid i.e. don’t wear or break get hot or colder or even deform in the slightest, we already ex Newton have super conductivity.

Because we observe splitting atoms and bending and breaking etc.  our prime suspect thus must be a construct of sorts.


This Conway Game of Life shows that a set of simple rules can create life like structures. In the Lego Velcro I’ve reverse engineered  the four speeds of brain I learned to observe in the 4th LOE/H. This via four constructs of five rings.

Couple this to the Dzhanibekov Effect that I also reverse engineered in to the rings having the center mass outside the geometric center of the ring.

Anyway we get the Lego Velcro as depicted.


In the model it dawned on me that the ice sheet hexagon church pressure vessel could best now be seen as a coffin. A coffin itself dead yet creating DNA life within.  I.e. defined as the life algorithms crushed to death under great pressure. In other words the live music of the 4th LOE/H stops, temporarily.  Seen from our timescale wave in a incomprehensibly long time for slower even than the astronomical timescale science also clearly doesn’t understand. Being duped by easy to grasp optical illusions. Easy only when having the correct DNA instrument having been properly trained brain.   

The large walls of the coffin are extremely stationary relative to all other “ice” objects in the infinite universe. As soon as the pressure vessel coffin fails the Lego Velcro / Tachyon snowflakes spring back to life. Mind the max speed 10c is attained whilst defined ‘dead’.  Yet they are then no longer absolutely unique pressed as they are into sameness. The “music” stopped, yet starts playing again when freed from the coffin.  

I.e. absolute speeds and time relative to a stationary object in Euclid space.

How much number salad do I need for my Pie?

Minus infinity, the empty sign, (last billiards contact other Lego Velcro zero =>) 0,1,2,3, Pi, 4,5,…8,9.5…10, (100 ? for the spine), 500, 9.5c maximum Euclid space length renewed contact. Well maybe more, yet to figure that out isn’t my job as a lawyer, other than to point this out to science.

Actually in R&D it’s more 1,2,3, many. That’s faster than that. This is smaller than that, type of quick and dirty educated artistic associative guesswork in a testable way. That indeed works due to the 4th LOE/H. And proven by my family to work in practice in medicine, ACI and by me in CSI cases.

In this way I predicted in 2010 and in 2015 much that since then indeed has been detected. Far better and a bit worse every time than sciences predictions.  

For splitting Wise-skill this way, we’ve split the un-splitable. You always need all three salads for any dish. The definition of science tyrannically dictates that picture salad or dynamic geometry of change is the primary to be used Wise-skill language on R&D hidden variable issues.  Then comes word salad or other logics.

The use of number salad in the form of calculus is last in line in R&D proper. I.e. with tensors as only being Rubik’s  cube multi vectors at significant points in the picture salad is production department support of R&D. All a tyrannical ‘do or die’ dictate of logic based on the 4th LOE/H.


A Physics   B Wise-skill C Humaneness

The Ten rules: in short, as long as you live always strive for average between 90% and 99% score:

A1 atomos   B1 elements C1 always Completeness

A&B2     Normal Distribution (continuous & discrete) C 2 always Normality

A3 (non-) determinism B3 deterministic probability C 3 always Proof

A&B4 Order function C 4 always Soul

A&B5 Lego Velcro / Tachyon C 5 always logical Facts

 A&B6 Space C 6 always Freedom

A&B7 absolute 4 relative time speeds C 7 always due Timing

A&B8 Strong Interaction C 8 always hold Course

A&B9 Weak Interaction C 9 always go with the Flow

A&B 10 Sameness C 10 always Equality

Voila: a Classical Newton Apple Pie as depicted by the updated version of the painting ZIEL.

The Newton Apple Pie in 2018

That both unique looking accurately and identical looking not to accurately Pie as a cube with “music” being played on its sides  can be multiplied by infinity. Completely filling the Euclid geometry space.

The best there is, for science is disqualified. Just look at the messy picture salads they dare to present. Arrogantly claiming best practice. Bloody hell!

Take just for instance not naming the 2nd LOE/H The Normal Distribution. Always to be named that also thus in the discrete or continuous or biological sense. This in order that high school kids don’t think that mathematics teachers are aliens that have been beamed down in order to pester adolescents. Ergo per tyrannical dictate of the definition of science: Stop calling it a Poisson, Gaussian or Mendel  bell curve or whatever. For then the focus is on the vanity of getting  Nobel prizes instead of all-inclusive bildung.

Okay my Pie still probably has, unbeknown to me, holes in it akin an Emmentaler cheese https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emmental_cheese Yet it is a scientifically decent Pie! Every time a physicist pointed out a hole in my Pie it got better. An inverse Schiedammer Parkmurder case. That murder case was tunnel vision focus. The error of not weighing in the mounting evidence to the contrary. Falling in the illusion trap that indeed both pro and con are absolutely true ex the 3rd LOE/H Bayes. 80% of humanity under which most physicists as well, are especially prone to this error when not trained and teamed up properly.  

This Law of Everything applies everywhere in the infinite cosmos. Ergo you may multiply the Pie with infinity.

THE ETERNAL LIFE OF PIE “It’s Life Jim, but not as we know it.” Dr Spock dixit

It also dawned on me that the physics of the eternal life and death cycle of one Lego Velcro / probably Tachyon, after springing to life when the coffin fails, will conform to all ten rules of LOE all the time at the same time. As if it where DNA alive. Probably you’d need a magic high speed thought experiment camera to see it swim though the Euclid space at 9.5c. Waving around a virtual vector.

So the four forms of multi-music (= fifth by reformation) of: formation, deformation, transformation, destruction and reformation which I can register on video in a reproducible way in all DNA life, is also present in this Lego Velcro. These are relative and at the same time absolute terms. We have the tendency to bestow a definition on the strongest visible trait and thus neglecting the other traits that also all the time are playing along as well. And always play a role in the R&D long run and crises problems.

Another thing that is immediately obvious when we take this Lego Velcro as a fact, that the current scientific method and use of mathematics collapses.

For per systematical dictate the description of this particle must start with the most simple form: one ring as a clock face. This in a construct with one other ring as the hand of that clock. Being super conductive you may take the clock face as stationary in a Local Law (LoL pun intended)  way. Albeit both are in Panta rhei continuous varying (!) movement all the time. Ergo the arrow of time moves forward in this proven best practice model.

As a logical dictate even these two rings are in absolute unique (non) action and reaction, push pull, no contact, interaction.  This is pre determinism that can’t be reproduced even by God. It’s absolutely unique for a literally infinite amount of positions in even the smallest of time frames are possible. There is absolutely no sameness in this in any way. Only when you look at the complete particle in motion, or at one ring sec does sameness in relative and absolute terms apply.

This “simple” particle of 500 rings that are vectoring all over the place, around an absolutely straight vector at on average speed of 9.5c, relative to the beehive walls from which it stems.

It will thus also have had a unique billiard ball kick start at point zero. providing it the sort of music to start off with. Given a 2nd LOE it will incidentally have a maximum range before hitting another particle.

Yet that still won’t be one Nirvana of this single particle. Although at first it’s then stabilized into playing a formative music, ever so slowly deforming into a different sort of music, then different bands all start seemingly chaotically playing different tunes at the same time, only to stabilize again in nearly the same tune as at the start. Ergo reformation yet under constant ever so slowly creep until inevitable culmination point.  Still not one Nirvana for it might again end up several times in a dead wall scenario. Instead of a snowball or other scenario. Talking as we are then in a cosmological very low frequency wave time scale. Being the Lego Velcro / Tachyon in a > c timescale or high frequency wave. Study my earlier posts.

This all as a logical dictate fact for otherwise illegal magic. In effect the latter is the only assumption as postulate, for all the rest of prior postulates are completely consistent and thus proven best practice.

Science must learn the different norms of to be applied proofs.

Yet every Lego Velcro / Tachyon has as a logical consequence already experienced all possible scenario’s in its past as it will in its infinite future.

In order not to break these ten commandments of the Law you must use free will concept and that life can be made to have meaning. This due to absence of required absolute proof. Inherent convincing reasonable doubt thus that real magic does exist albeit that I completely per unproven postulate absolutely reject that. No problem as long as more than 50% of humanity indeed on average adheres to the ten given commandments of the law of everything, then  all will be in optimum alright. Then it will, as of natural as a dictate of this model,  slowly grow to on average durable 90% to 99% score.


The  4th LOE/H shows that and why it is that we humans simply can’t understand each other. As earning models we mostly unwittingly even successfully trick each other.

Wisdom is the degree at which we are successful in reaching a wise: ergo reachable in time goal.

That requires wise skill as wise numbers, wise pictures and wise words being wisely: ergo consistently used in a systematic way. Only via all-inclusive bildung i.e. lived thru training and interacting with the cosmos in trial and error can this be achieved.

On the social contract with humanity I as a magistrate lawyer, as any human, may demand of science, to put forward all their wise numbers in a wise picture and wise word way. And then integrate that into one wise skilled model.  Well, as far as I’m aware I’ve, for the most part, done just that. Science may attempt to pose valid falsification.

Being Wise skilled is like being able to like Harry Potter conjure up White magic.

The 4th LOE/H shows that 40% of humanity (of which 20% male), 10% of which (= 4% of humanity) far above average fast thinking, such as most professors  of psychology and law I know, simply are compared to the other 60% of the 10% fastest thinkers, are literally speaking absolute incurable idiots (one year old toddlers at best) when we start talking abstract logic.

The only reason they seem to be capable of abstract logic is when these dedicated followers of fashion follow a correct fashion that 4 + 2 = 6. Yet a wee problem when the fashion is 4 + 2 = 42. Which it indeed might be, yet requiring a different convention.

Anyway the same applies vice versa. We are all absolute idiots, until we find out what sort of idiot we personally are. Then you are no longer an idiot, for you can only then learnt to deal with that.

The use of White magic is only allowed and necessary in playful training.

Otherwise it’s only allowed in emergency cases. Mind that the success of White magic is addictive. Unwittingly it’ll turn into Black magic.

Black magic misuse of logic, statistics and mathematics. Numbers.

Black magic misuse of language via irony. Words.

Black magic misuse of optical illusions. Pictures.

 Always in the long run leading to war and a unpleasant feeling of unease with Dracula’s and other zombies who don’t recognize themselves in the mirror. And being an addicted slave Darth Vader  when they do. Not having been turned to the White magic side for lack of Wise skill including the Wise art of dynamic geometry use of Wise pictures.

Observe Black magic result via undue mental pressure center low part of this doodle graphic.


Again QED proven best practice at yet another new higher therefor breakthrough level. Study the ten commandments of this model! Yet better take a leap of faith follow the post scriptum below.

Footnotes: https://grisblog180460.wordpress.com/2021/08/31/my-blog-post-reader/

(yet to be updated.)

Post Scriptum

Ceterum autem censeo Carthaginem esse delendam https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carthago_delenda_est

Ergo: Ask Dutch politicians to test the new R&D Oracle Senate!

Any group of scientists or poor third world community can effectively do so. As long as it reaches Dutch media.

It will then quickly, and hopefully still in time, work like a viral domino effect preventing WW3 as per Physics of War Ingo Piepers Amok Algorithm.   

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