A Quick Doodle Graphic Inspired by Netflix movie “Don’t Look Up!”

Rambler 27

5 minute read, years to study easy to grasp in my interactive zoom session (see rambler 26).

Topics CCQM + PP & SCS = ‘Cosmos, Consciousness & Quantum Mechanics’ +  ‘Physics of Psychology’ & ‘Science, The Law & The Senate’

Oeps spelt Ukraine wrong.

The great must see movie on Netflix “Don’t Look Up”  Although it might be the intension of the movie makers to only have a satire on climate change via the metaphor of  a super comet destroying earth whilst simple quick action based on common sense could avert the danger, the same is true in the even more urgent problem of a possible nuclear winter due to WW3.

In this quick Doodle Graphic how seen from the block model and quantum mechanical robotics as a simple Newtonian issue of the collective mammal brain works.

The Alice and Bob quantum entanglement problem stems from having used filters that hide the hidden variables at play observing only half of the picture in different set ways.

The metaphor of the IKEA ball pit. Different personality types as being different bandwidths of intelligently compute data. The physics of psychology makes the interpretation of the same data inherently different.  Only via hypnotics and neurologically internalized hypnotics as religions in the also non spiritual sense can valid blind trust be built.

As stated in earlier posts on this blog. Mind all definitions here are Jargon! They all have a special meaning in this model! So maybe different from what you think it should mean!:

Blue algorithm Mars is goal orientated to be used on R & D issues.

Red algorithm Venus is relationship orientated on Marketing and Advertisement.

These two sec in any combination doesn’t follow the book as dedicated followers of fashion. Wolves come from Mars and are very difficult to hypnotize i.e. domesticate.  On R&D issues that is not bad but even essential! Survival of the fittest is inherently rewriting the book!

Yellow Saturn is the authoritarian leader DNA who go literally mad in a suicidal way when  the subconsciously sense that their reputation or desired position is threatened. All the more so when also like Putin a narcissist even under the slightest pressure already in tunnel vision and all the more so when pressure is exerted on their positions. Authoritarian people are gamblers narcissists even more so.

It is NOT what Russia wants or should want but what Putin and his cronies want.

I just depicted four of the eight personality types most at play in this problem.

60% of the population comes from the Green algorithm Rings of –Us. They under pressure WILL robotically start humbly looking for CERTAINTY.  Even scientists and TGV professors even both as cow and mountain goats (see rambler 26 Debby and Dobby) WILL go mad and follow the leaders in “Good News” averting the focus on the unwanted scary truth.

The same goes via gut feelings of shame and guilt for ALL personality traits in more or less the same way.


FOR HUMANITY NEEDS TO SEE ALL 16 BOXES (actually 64 but what the hell.) Yet in truth you only observe a fraction by DNA talent and even less due to the choices you had to make in what to study with those talents.


As shown in Rambler 26 the bloody serious situation we are in at the moment with Putin having a 100000 troops on the border of Ukraine, that “exercise” won’t last more than half a year!

Putin’s internal position is in danger. Instead of  putting that position further under pressure you should do exactly the opposite. A Bayesian inversion of the synapse of the brain at play.

And alas history repeating itself for > 90%.  60% of humanity are easily doped to put focus on the 10% that war won’t break out.  

As stated in rambler 26 a seriously real scenario is rapidly unfolding:

Smelling blood of weakness after the way NATO left Afghanistan, Putin and Xi are deflecting their internal problems by desperately looking for successes elsewhere.

The standard idiotic response is to focus on what “the Russians” would / should want. That only marginally comes into play, for please learn to grasp that it is what Putin and his crony friends want being his power base.  Economic sanctions only aggravate the problem of Putin clinging on to power internally.

Furthermore it’s also no good mourning over spilt milk such as what NATO and the EU are doing in the back yard of the Russian bear. These are now all irrelevant bygones the question what the EU & NATO should of done and who’s bloody fault it all is. So we can skip that.

MH-17 Puts Holland on Top of Putin’s Shit-list.

As stated in Rambler- on the 7th June in Dutch why the court case of MH-17 is both legally and otherwise stupid. Recently the Dutch prosecution office has asked life sentences on terrorist charges. Applause from the victims at this public show trial.  

It simply glosses over the question on what a passenger plane is doing in sector of AA defenses in a war zone? Apart from that, then our father of our fatherland the Prince of Orange would have been a terrorist also. As a German fighting for Dutch independence in the 80 year war.  

But even  when these suspects where indeed guilty as hell, then still the Dutch government should use their power to instruct the prosecutions office to ask the judges to throw the case out of court, as a major interest of the Dutch state  and people of not being the prime target on Putin’s shit list at this moment in time.


The way to deal with Putin is to frame him as the best Tsar of Russia. That is what he actually probably unwittingly even craves most.

Had this been put to me as a lawyer, then I would of interpreted the (idiotic) demands and threats of Putin of starting a nuclear war that  NATO should leave all of the former Soviet Union, as a desperate cry for a deal. He wants to be taken seriously and wants some success.

A scenario in which he  colludes with Xi is in fact what I hope for that will buy some time until after the Olympic games in China until end of February.

What we absolutely don’t want is a replay of the same blundering into a world war as was the case in the Sudetenland & Poland. The comparison with the Donbass and the Crimea is striking!


As a Hammerhead narcissistic tunnel versioned shark he will probably want to maximize his chances of success in getting all of the Ukraine. The Baltic states are nice to have and attacking Norway is only a way to bind the limited resources of NATO. Same goes for attacking the Baltic states.

As I’m since I was four years old very interested in everything concerning avoiding a next war.

Seeing the disparity in conventional forces at the start of such a conflict I guess Putin’s forces might at first indeed make a lot of headway.

The great danger is subsequently that in order to consolidate these gains he will make true his earlier explicit threats of going nuclear.

Well how would he probably do that?

Easy: not threaten again but simply strike the harbours of either Amsterdam or Rotterdam or both with a nuclear strike just before the US troops land on their way to the Ukraine in order to liberate the Baltic States.  

What do you think that Putin will be convinced of what effect that will have?

Do you really believe that he will think Biden, Boris or the French will use their Force the Frappe nuclear weapons? No other NATO country has say of any nuclear weapon when Biden doesn’t grant that.

Mind this is already a lose-lose situation.

80% Focus on the Way Out!

Contrary to what you think YOU have the power to HELP put this taboo of a mere TEST of a New Senate with senators for life on the agenda of the Dutch Press. They are mostly unwittingly scared of the same taboo costing them subscribers otherwise.

You simply ask to falsify via the test the correctness of the model via valid falsification.


A wolf is an idiot cow or mountain goat and vice versa! The same goes for all speeds of brain.


Trust me I’m a lawyer. (Okay bad joke.)

As soon as YOU have done this IN BLIND VALID TRUST!

I guarantee that peace will ensue, in the bloody nick of time.

It’s tested by me robotics.

Yet coaching a client or group of clients including the Ukraine to be practical and accept the losses instead of going all out.

Have the EU & NATO asap agree on a deal in which the Donbass and the Crimea are given to Putin and in exchange have Ukraine join NATO & EU if NATO and EU at later date reach an agreement with Ukraine. Give this mandate to our PM “Mr Teflon” Rutte  and have him together with our King & Queen toast to Putin as if he was a Tsar already.

Ultimately Russia will also become NATO & EU with Putin a modern monarch. This is when the world grasps the urgent need to get a global neural network of New Senates as Oracles.

Having thus organized proper group think.




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    1. Check spelling of Ukraine again, throughout the post
    2. Remove reference to Alice and Bob
    Anyone would think you want everyone to ignore you … (and you certainly give your target audience a good excuse to ignore you). I thought lawyers were smart people…
    Apart from that, nice post.
    Happy New Year!


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      Also delete “quantum mechanical” from “quantum mechanical robotics”. It’s plain robotics. Run a spelling and grammar checker and have a few friends pencil corrections on a print-out. The only weakness is the idee-fix of the new senate. That’s *your* idea of a long term fix. I think it’s a crazy idea. You shouldn’t tie your wise advice on preventing WW 3 to your off-beat solution to the failure of Dutch political system. Attract attention to your Putin ideas first. When you have attention, you can start pushing any other of your idee-fixe Theory of Everything. You have to break your TOE into independent modules. Like a theorem has lemma’s and propositions. Which needn’t be in the same paper. Publish some enticing lemma’s in order to get famous. Publish the theorem later.


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        Thanks Richard for the positive feed back. I’ll correct things in a new post.

        And of course Happy New Year!


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