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    It dawned on me that I forgot to mention that apart from the fact that 19 of the 20 predictions have come true with the one still looming that Putin will go nuclear unless he’s stopped, it now is also proven that my prior advice is also proven correct. Proof via the benefit of hindsight.

    Putin together with his ex-KGB mobsters must be neutralized via a golden bridge and new tribunal.

    Everybody including myself needs timely well informed advice on all serious issues. only a new oracle senate can do that.

    Furthermore, this article sent to me by a Facebook friend shows that my analysis of the different scenarios of what Putin can do is shared by the Daily Maverick. https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2022-05-08-9th-may-2022-vladimir-putins-very-own-d-day/

    Yet if my first reading is not a mistake the Daily Maverick only gives a good analysis of the problem. And not as I do also give sound advice.


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    Okay, Putin hasn’t as yet made a choice in his speech this morning. He presented himself as a strong leader who isn’t sick. Whether this could be the use of drugs is for MDs to ascertain, why we now don’t see the puffy old man we saw a few days ago?

    Drugs, or something else for instance that he isn’t sick at all?

    No planes over Putin’s head due to clouds? No money or means to seed the clouds away making them rain out as was used in all other victory day parades?

    They do have the planes for they flew over in the previous days.

    Well, the withdrawal in the north of Ukraine even with the blowing up of bridges I heard state. Then they are not planning on coming back in the short term in the north.

    I guess he still hopes to gain some ground near Odessa. Cutting off Ukraine from the sea via Odesa is strategically best, and any ground gained there can be used as a trade-off to get the whole Donbas and route to and including Crimea.

    As stated when Putin is going tactically nuclear he doesn’t need to mobilize. I guess Putin is planning in ending this by getting his minimum requirement without a mobilization. Declaring war doesn’t require a mobilization. The perception of Putin concerning the two black boxes at play needs information on the weather and condition on the ground in the battle areas as well as what weapons can still be brought to bear by both armies. that is information I don’t have.

    Yet it’s absolutely certain Putin is going to double down on his bet in order to play a winning bet. That is what mobsters like a desperado will do when cornered. Putin is clearly betting that playing on, for now, is in his favour.

    Putin clearly hasn’t as yet been forced to play his trump card.


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    Putin is now playing what NATO should have done in 2014.

    In his parade speech, he played ‘good cop’.

    Just a glorious parade presenting the strong leader in a conflict caused by the bad NATO.

    Ominous is the switch in expectation caused by threats of going nuclear in the past.

    Not a word or even a hint. Putin’s air force one that was to be one of the 77 planes to join in “couldn’t” fly. All possibility of saying that he again is bluffing is blocked.

    His people don’t yet know or believe the romours that the bad NATO and neo-nazi Zelensky Putin portrays are spreading an enormous amount of 20000 dead in this short military operation. Leaving his dead in Ukraine so they don’t count, gives him more time before his people grasp the blatant lie.

    As long as he’s making ever so slow progress in the Donbas or near Odessa Putin doesn’t have to declare war. Because as soon as he plays that bad cop, that most idiots hope for and thus expect that he wouldn’t dare do that, this bad cop has a far greater scary effect. No longer being seen as bluffing.

    Even when using a small nuke near say probably Lviv a town that is already getting conventional missile strikes with missiles that can also carry nukes, will get nuked.

    As I showed in an earlier post other analysts are catching on as well.
    Putin whether his plan succeeds or not will play this bad cop when he reaches the inevitable end of his tether.

    Desperado mobster Putin won’t go nuclear any further in Ukraine when NATO doesn’t budge to the ultimatum to NATO to declare neutrality given directly with the strike.

    When NATO doesn’t, Putin will hit Maasvlakte Holland. This mobster will certainly escalate.

    Putin thinks no doubt that this show today will buy him time for making a coup more difficult.

    I Hope Putin is wrong and ousted together with his other mobsters by decent people.


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