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    What do you mean by a “test”?

    “where grinded” -> “were ground”

    Still no grammar check????


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      A disconcerting thing is I was not made aware by the system that you posted something.

      What I mean by a test is the proposed test that I forwarded to Rutte and the Dutch Senators. I.e. to have by a “noodwet” or urgency law and a normal majority and thus not the required two thirds majority in parliament in order to change the constitution on the role of the senate. And the way they are chosen. I’ll add a link to Wikipedia if available in English how this works in the Netherlands. yet I guess most democracies have a senate and a house of representatives.

      The proposed one is more akin the House of Lords, yet differs in the sense that it is not hereditary. The test starts off with the already chosen senators. The test will show that as soon as they as per tested requirement renounce their party allegiances as part of becoming as independent as possible the test will be a success when the will be observed to change the way they think. A per snap of the finger of the hypnotizer.

      As stated in an earlier post the same happened to my granddad Iest. When he became owner of a garage he changed from a communist to a social democrat over night. Repeated history and current psychology already shows this to be true. Ergo, what you get is a collection of mind set of senators like that of Pieter Omtzigt the mayor player in the mentioned fiscal scandal.

      That is the required fundamental change. Not a senate guarding the interests only of the rich but of all citizens. Via proper research being a power that the senate already has. That whistleblowers for instance must have the possibility to be heard in secret. The probability that they will be honest then rises substantially. For they know the consequences of consciously lying can be severe. As is the chance of being found out. No one whistleblower is ever the only one to be heard.

      It will even break the mob. For what can the mob do?

      This test will show that everyone including judges will start to behave on a Just norm. I.e. the wise judge has no loopholes in the law on important issues. that is the central problem of the “toeslagen affaire” as is in many other cases. The judges need to be allowed to establish the facts yet do so in a correctly formed team working together. That team is to be formed and tested in this test in the senate.

      The test will be successful and thus copied by going viral. For those that don’t copy the actually probably immediately successful test will become losers.

      The senate as representative of science proper thus will be successful. For it will quickly deem that poverty should and can via Just Proof be abolished for being forbidden slavery.

      It only can work if an authority like the senate is thought to deem it wise after investigation and the people see and experience that it works. Just taxation requires wisdom only attainable via the power to truly investigate.

      I did BTW do the grammar check. I’m still a Dutchman with L plates. Actually I also make this mistakes in Dutch, but don’t tell anyone. I’m too focused on the topic in order not to have backing by someone checking and correcting me. Something BTW is a key point I’m making.

      After breakfast I’ll make the changes. Were grinded into the ground, indeed. Where? Into the ground.


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    “neigh impossible and not in ones own” -> “nigh impossible and not in one’s own”


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      Thanks, Richard I’ve changed the grammar.

      And I’ve placed an edit to the required positive test-results in order to ascertain whether the test was indeed a success or not.


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