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Probably and convincingly again new breakthrough  best practice proof prime suspect gods-particle

Topic Cosmology, Consciousness & Quantum Mechanics (CCQM).

When I posted rambler 6 & the forgotten 4 that was as this one is all in somewhat of a hurry. It’s of course as stated quick and dirty work in progress under the Ingo Piepers amok algorithm timeframe of preventing world war 3 erupting ultimately in 2022. A worrying development.

Yet as per free will of choice within our robotic power still preventable in the nick of time.  

You may join in and witness myself as a developer artistically doing what types like me do best: R & D especially the D.  

And yes I need help being the idiot I am and we all are as this model best practice proves. Others are much better at communicating with the herd than I. The model shows this.

A WW3 situation I too can’t believe to be true emotionally yet rationally or as the physics of psychology of this model shows, when I use all my emotions also the very weak where I’m an idiot, that’s markedly different. Yet that always takes time and at least a night’s sleep. And it always needs the input of a as large as possible and small as needed correct team reaction on my action via this post.  Urgent action is the appropriate mindset.  

Given the way I modelled the rings it’s a logical consequence of the laws of Newton that ever so slowly an underlying finesse working creeps up to a culmination point and wham! Destruction. After posting it dawned on me that this even would be the case before any inevitable external collision. Before this new insight  I only had given as the reason for “destruction” earlier. Yet that too remains as one of the many different possible causes for the systematic description of “destruction”.

Because the point of center mass is offset the center of the circle in an absolutely rigid ring, creep is inevitable. The given change in form and connections result in inherently varying speeds with different large and small mass akin biceps and triceps.

The order of wave will only have a limited timeframe even if it is seemingly the same order over millions of years. After having passed the culmination point two different orders clash in the same particle. Causing a start of transition being defined as chaos for in fact twice order logically stays order in yin perspective and chaos in yang perspective.

This is the way the cosmos at any scale is viewed by set theory boxes that are outside our sphere of focus. Whether extremely small or large the same shortage of evidence to see the whole picture problem is inherent. Yet given the block model best practice proven order function easily solvable at all levels of gameplay on any goal.

Here as well we run into the anxiety hypnotics of definitions.

The correct focus way to judge the model is to take in the described form and movie that ensues and then systematically bestow stickers as definitions.

Use the practical what my dad called “Crazy Jim” method. If you see the snowballs thrown by Mother Nature always  strike outside your definition of “free will” then place the definition thereof around the point of observed impact. A practical workable systematic definition towards any probandum ensues that repeatedly is proven to work.

The gods-particle modeled in this way via reverse engineering already has a proven best practice free will of its own and is non DNA alive, and only in an exasperating long period on a much slower than already very slow astronomical timescale namely a cosmological timescale will very shortly maybe die. Then defined as being (if that ever happens that is, the model doesn’t as yet require it) dead. No rings move relative to any of the other 499 rings. And also not a real as yet requirement but total symmetry in one to be defined instant.

Yet most of the more than billions of years-time between two defined death periods or instances all the hands of one observed face dials of the clock move at more or less different speeds.

Now please bear in mind that we are metaphorically a snowman with a trillion or so synapses comparing at least two memory banks with at least two gyro’s in spin holding position in a dynamic matrix of an external matrix  of curved space glacier. The brain whizzing in a spiral thru that matrix at, at least 100000 km/u.  having the order restored in reorder of the matrix in an instant, having gravity waved passed.

The Lego Velcro gods-particle is like two sorts of atoms H (two ring say) and O (three ring say)  being combined to for H2O water. In super conductive form of ice crystals or one unique snowflake. That’s how this model can build two identical hands on your body when you don’t look closely with too much focus. Zooming in we see a binary difference of a left hand and a right hand of the snowman. Ten fingers? No eight Gluon (& Glu-in little black hole) fingers, yet looking more closely two thumbs. Okay some snowman are born with no hands. Mind that too is a logical dictate of this model.

Zooming in even closer the finger print of the snowman on the crime scene is unique in an all swans are white claim with no known exceptions of any black swans, after rigorous scrutiny on claims thereof.

Given the absolute rigid rings any position of another interlocking such ring will logically be absolutely unique.

So it can’t be ‘determined’ in the literal sense of the word prior during or post even if we stopped all movement. It logically leaves no traces on the crime scene. There are literally an infinite amount of positions to “chose”.  Apart from that it is always also moving for logically super conductive. Literally  an infinite liberty of movement in an absolutely confined space.

That infinite liberty of free movement with consequential sometime enormous butterfly effect is thus best defined to indeed be ‘free will’.  Yet this free will precedes our possibility of knowing prior what our free will is. That indeed means that predestination is indeed not inconsistent with free will defined this way.

Yet it works both ways! => We can still do something about it!

DSM 0 absolute Determinism best redefined as absolute prior positioned and DSM 8 Absolute Free will are both completely absolutely true at the same moment all the time. Most best practice proven probably and to my now changed current conviction.

Not being very religious in any sense of the word I can quickly change my stance on these issues. I’ve no feelings of guilt or shame even trauma’s that seriously hinder my open-mindedness. Why that is please see earlier posts on what my instrument as a brain and manual is of use thereof. The same as 1/125 of humanity as the underlying blunt skeleton DNA algorithm of a wolf wanting to protect its wolf pack called humanity. Only belatedly noticing other personality types such as cattle and mountain goats. Being thus incomprehensible beasts if bluntly split in a system of three boxes.   

 That both determinism and free will in best definition belong together is new for me as well, for up till now I  thought it was DSM 0 absolutely true and DSM 8 absolutely untrue. Yet using the formula of Bayes deeming absolute proof impossible of an absolute truth that does exist, just by taking the inverse in order to be safe solved that problem. Bit of a crafty trick really.

Because all the evidence was already in and known for quite some while I again need to whack myself verbally with a stick, on not performing correctly. Well that done we can continue.

The only thing I claim is again having strongly strengthened the probative value of my already since 2010 best practice proof on a probandum of the per definition only one Law of Everything. The latter actually only concerns the physically reverse engineered 10 most fundamental rules of the gameplay of life on any egoistic probandum.  

I’ve noticed that it means for most much more and also much less than is actually claimed. The hypnotics of a survival trait at play of use of words.  It’s the psychics of psychology / neurology a psychiatric problem akin anorexia nervosa. To prevent and cure that one element is to switch the Catch 22 situation of a mostly DSM 6 mad world into a DSM 7 mostly sane world.  I.e. non Barbie doll imaged earning model due to poverty world. The amount of definitions that require a slight change is staggering. Up to a degree we are stuck with jargon that pulls you off correct focus to understand the model.

We change as earning models our biotope faster than our neural networks can cope with. Being in this model both metaphorically as literally in a symbiotic relationship with the flowers and the bee’s for food and also individual and collective mental health.   Inherently it will always remain uncertain whatever we do or don’t do whether it is best what we do or don’t do. Inherent doubt thus will fore ever remain. Yet selling certainty is a must for 60% of humanity will go mad otherwise. That is the actual reason why R&D proper should be done behind closed doors in a safe environment. The looming of war urgency requires me to break that rule.

Let me first repeat for the benefit of the newcomers to my blog.

Having falsified the current science in overkill on the instrument of the brain, which will be dealt with further later on in the topic Physics of Psychology the quest for the most fundamental truth continues.

This is all necessary in order to show how to solve the urgent problems in the main topic of the blog: Science, The Law & The Senate. As per social contract with humanity:

Science is the decent systematic  search for all the laws of everything and all-inclusive bildung.

Okay, newcomers welcome.

To try and fathom what happened during and after my last post needs some philosophical clarification on my part.

A mathematician who looks at the waving curve might think: “Oh first a function then a combined function, then mirror mathematics, then sharp rise in complexity and finally the same as first yet described in a continues way above the vector and in a discrete way underneath the vector.” Mind all in a double description of five boxes.

Yet as stated at the end of the post it’s a metaphor via a only given one sort of example of the many in order to define the different changes systematically.

Formation simple order, deformation temporary slight change in higher complexity, transformation in one particle as in real life always causes destruction as a very shard rise in complexity, after which a transitioned phase will hold, yet most of the time when not externaliy hindered the most simple phase order will prevail untill chaos creeps up again. Either externaly or internily. That’s life Jim but not as we know it. And also life as we know it as well.

To understand this it’s important to note that we are talking of as yet thought experiment that could be performed and tested via computer added design of the whole or parts of the Lego Velcro  particle. R&D is trial and error tinkering.

Dependent on the amount of available computing space see how two interlocked rings interact. Albeit that pure analog continuity won’t work using any digital computer. Yet simulating how the two interact outside any field should be possible.

Best of course have a Lego Velcro of 500 rings simulated.  It’s simply an intuitive educated guess that that should be possible using the four different  connections. Why 1/500? Well Einstein ADHD-i4 m/f & Shakespeare ADHD-h4 m/f types are together with the slow thinking same personality types a 1/500 affaire in the block model.

Anyway there are several testable implications via the model. And also please note that my predictions since 2010 have performed brilliantly.

Yet it’s also a simple thought experiment that you can perform by using the instrument brain. Provided it is sufficiently open-minded as a DNA trait personality and not religiously biased in any artistic (more focus on the ego goal than relationship) or religiously biased spiritual (more focus social or multi ego relationship). Only in a group in a safe environment working along the lines of a Theory U type of method will this be possible.

Even highlighting the in some ways correct criticism for as my model shows it’s dependent on the correct forming and training of the moderator and team in relation to a specific topic. A team of all HRM talented mountain goats on a R&D wolf  DNA topic won’t work. The mountain goats need to see that others they trust change their minds.

Having enough people with clear resounding voices and High School level bildung on basic physics  and willingness to study open mindedly will be seen to concur even in a simple thought experiment.


Now let us just take two rings that are massive and absolutely rigid joined together as depicted in this doodlegraphic in an absolute void non-curved space. A dictate of the laws of Newton is that it would be superconductive. 


It’s only using the two strongest algorithms in four speeds in only two situations and neglects the other two. As such the block model applies in a system of 64. Adding the weak two we get a system of hundred boxes in which to place all DNA life yet also all most fundamental particle “life”.

Yet that too is inherently blunt.


So the choice of any particle or snowman robot to go the way of Alice or Bob is not just the working together of 10^18 synapses comparing memory banks, every synapse is mad up out of god knows for the moment how many little rings as interconnected clocks at different speeds.


We must learn to apply the ten commandments so to speak simultaneously all the time on serious issues, or we will fail in the long run on any goal.

That mathematician Hans Waalwijk states that the block model can be more elegantly modelled I believe to be true yet that’s not the job of a lawyer. Nor is it the job of an artistic Leonardo da Vinci type like Sir Hooke to do the job what the first wife of Einstein could of done as she did for Einstein. Or a mathematician akin Sir Newton who stole the ideas of Hooke should put the numbers and formula’s to the model and test. That is not my job. My job is to point this out and do others their jobs if they fail doing that on the social contract with humanity.

Ceterum autem censeo Carthaginem esse delendam

Ergo: Ask Dutch politicians to test the new R&D Oracle Senate!

Any group of scientists or poor third world community can effectively do so. As long as it reaches Dutch media.


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    Nobody has heard of Ingo Piepers. Put in a link or write a separate post discussing his ideas.

    You think other people should work out the details of your brilliant solution to the quest for the Theory of Everything. Well then, you have to make your initial sketch as attractive as possible. Well written. Written with attention to detail.


  2. ·

    Will do. And correct some typoids in the process. Have to cook now. As said work in hasty progress. In science improper at the moment not an honoured quality: working on a deadline of time pressure. There are more links than just that to be put in. Even the pencil concept drawing is far below requierd level but the best I can do if I want to post asap. Apart from that anyone who is indeed interseted could just f google it. I’m not in sales or HRM but in R&D. This is how it realy develops. So if and when others are intrested they can follow and indeed interact if they want.


    1. ·

      But nobody will be interested when it looks such a mess. You want to prevent WW3? You think there’s no time to waste? Your effort will be completely wasted unless you take the time to make it legible. Stop making lame excuses. People in R&D who can’t document their findings like a grown up shouldn’t be in R&D. They’re lazy or crazy or both. Too bad if they were actually right. After WW3 nobody will know, anyway.


      1. ·

        First of all your statement that nobody is interested in such a mess is already disproven via the fact that I’m meeting someone tomorrow who is highly interested in this mess.
        Secondly the mess is evidence and even proof of what I claim via practicing what I preach.
        Everybody should start doing what they are good at and only in dire straits do what they are very bad at. You let that be done by people who actually like doing that. The model shows that everything worthwhile doing is covered by the appropriate personality and intelligence. Yet these aren’t the people who would read this sort of stuff anyway, unless written by someone who can actually literally BTW write on their wavelength. I could just about cope had I become a journalist instead of a lawyer. So your conclusion on how to assess who should be in R&D and who not is indeed current very wrong paradigm. Something I’ve set my sights on to change.
        It’s like your wager a teaching device. I learn ’t this BTW from my rowing coach and captain of my eight. Who’s also a teacher for the Dutch language. The problem of solving problems where they are at, for those who are the problem, doesn’t help. When he as a former Dutch champion was teaching me to row. Me being an ex horseback-rider cigar smoking whiskey drinking non-sports type. He said he had to prevent himself keeping the balance in the 2- oar or else I’d never learn. I was instrumental he said in the team of some twenty rowers some thirty years ago who have won the Head. Via a miss stroke, so we’re third year champion of this prestigious regatta. (yeah, yeah, yeah, don’t ask how)
        So no, in a way it’s not a lame excuse. It shows what should be done. The alternative would be in current paradigm to publish seeming perfection in say five years.
        Or a middle way and only publish neatly worded and fully researched articles. So then being in a flow of discovery at the moment I’d have to be silent and publish nothing at the moment. Yet hen I wouldn’t have had the meeting tomorrow either.
        I’ve worded my plan to indeed get this mess sorted out in a professional way. Because blogging is new to me I’ve not figured out how best to do that. Also what I was taught. First think it thru then act. And when urgent shoot from the hip. Always act in due time. Well I’ve done that.
        For instance placing a link to Ingo Piepers yes but I’d better link to my own assessment of that. Anyway, I’ve already tested the effect. As a > 99% responsive test either I’m preaching for the converted that a world war is looming, side tracking them in possible critique I also have on Ingo. Or I could just as well try and convince a lamppost hoping that some authority will turn on the light, of people who are in denial of looming disaster.
        The people I need to reach are the ones who would grasp good ideas even if they were written with shit on toilet-paper. When I’ve sufficient of those, then step two will come more easily even without effort.
        I nearly had our PM Rutte do what is needed. Yet it’s too taboo even for this mr Teflon. Something the model shows he has and I don’t have the talent to spot. So already much effort of lazy me has already been put into it.
        And yes I’m as lazy and crazy as they come, yet that in the positive sense of the word. For I work highly efficient on my goal. Which is lazy and crazy indeed. You are judging a case observing only part of the movie.
        Furthermore as you know by the way I need to take it more easy. Which is difficult owing to my personality but still. That too is no lame excuse.
        Well, I’ve been taught to which I also agree not to be Atlas, taking the weight of the world on my shoulders. If we all die in a nuclear winter then so be it. Mindset DSM 8 stoic. Until then whatever happens don’t panic & carpe diem. And as I was taught as a boy scout: Akela I do my bloody best, and be prepared. I’m doing just that.
        So indeed this mess needs to be cleaned up a.s.a.p..
        Prime or second topic for the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting.


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